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  • Hello, Ive been feeling like everything I try to do is failing lately. We are possibly loosing our home, vehicle is good as gone, I cant find a job...and my knee replacement still hasn't healed from last year and Dr.s dont have a clue whats wrong. I feel like my life is spiraling down the tubes and their is no light at the end. I see my husband struggle to put food on our table or pay bills. I know their are alot of other folks out there in the same situation, its hard, very hard. Is their ever an end?

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  • Yes. Been through a ringer this past year and I'm still here and beginning to understand that what you're not ready to let go of, the universe will rip it from you for your own good. This could be attachments or old attitudes and ways of thinking for the purpose of new perspectives and even a new life to emerge. It also allows you to know what is truly important to you. The Chinese have a saying that goes something like this, "The opposite face of crisis is opportunity' . There is a certain amount of freedom in losing everything.... One thing I've learned is that life is like riding a car through a mountain--it's up and down. You know the Beach Boys song, "Catch a wave and you're riding on top of the world" ? All you can do is ride the wave for all its worth while you're on top 'cause the law of physics says whats up must come down. I can feel that I'm on the brink of riding that wave again Hope you'll soon be riding that wave, too.


  • Yes, this too will pass. When we can't change events we learn to change our perspective. You will be alright. Spirit shows me a picture of a woman reaching out trying to feel her way around wearing a blindfold. She is frantic and nervouse. Fear and worry are very toxic on the body. Your body is in a constant state of exhaustion from the fight or flight hormones flooding your body. Your knee is the manifestation of all your pain--the voice that screams releasing the energy you have flooded yourself with--it has to go somewhere. Spirit says a year from now you will look back regretting you worried so much. Houses and Things come and go. You will see more things to come in the future--what gets left behind is not permanent. As you go through this time of letting go you will discover a strentgh you never had and you will survive--by the seat of your pants. Spirit says you must embrace change. Embrace and dwell on what you do have and count your small blessings everynight and displace the worry time with a energy that will draw prosperity to you. Fear brings no good to you. September will bring a brighter job prospect for your husband. I see someone coming to your aid in May and you begin a trend of hopefulness. Again by next year this same time you will look back realise what the lesson was through this scary time. Blessings. Think positive.

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