Water signs!!

  • On looking through the relationship pages, it does seem alot of people have trouble understanding water signs. Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces come up alot and, being a water sign myself, I would like to know if people do actually find us difficult or perplexing in relationships. If there are any men out there who have dated a Piscean woman I would also like to hear stories from a Male perspective.

  • Well,as a man involved with a Pisces woman I'll tell ya.First off,I it is very hard to make herself accountable for anything she says or does.And not the most honest woman either...by that I mean her "perception" of things is what matters,not facts.Extremely jealous yet claims not to be.Very indecisive about everything,but never tell her what TO DO! Emotionally immature yet takes on adult roles.Sensual and seductive when she wants to be,rough and aggresive when that suits her.I believe it all to be a front for trying to remain evasive and to be made vulnerable in any manner.Good heart and love animals,but selfish and materialistic,or should I say just likes nice things...

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