How Can I Reach My Late Husband?

  • Dear Darkness angel,

    Thank you for your insight again! I did ask for protection and guidance from the spirits that love me and whom I love. I lit a white candle, as you suggested. I didn't officially say a prayer though, per se.

    I am not really afraid if this is indeed an entity that I attracted inadvertently. I am strong in spirit, and know that he could never really harm me.

    The woman who passed here just pops in from time to time. I don't feel her here all the time. The stove will act strangely, and then it will be just fine again. It's not a danger, just one of the burners that won't turn down sometimes when you adjust it. (It's an electric stove.) It used to happen to my husband a lot when he was alive, especially when he was angry! It stopped when he died, but has started up again only occasionally though...

    I will try the sage. I have found websites that sell it, and I'm aware of it's cleansing properties. I may just talk to this entity too, to tell it that I am not so desperate anymore, and it's time to move on now. I am actually considering moving from here too, closer to family, so I may not have to deal with any of this in the near future anyway.

    Thank you for the sweet descriptions of what it is like in the afterlife. I believe this too, and have faith that my husband will always be near and watching over me and my son, and loving us for eternity. He did leave too soon yes, but he deserves all the rewards of the new existence he is living now. I do so want to let go of him, and let him rise to the highest planes. I hope one day soon that will be easier for me to do.

    Peace and Love,


  • Glad to find this here.I lost my 1st husband of 20 yrs. and my 2cd husband of 10 yrs. just last year, 6 months apart.Lost a couple best friends recently and they come to me.As my mom and ancestors have.Just wish that my 2cd would come thru.He took his life , so I wonder , but I try to keep faith that alls in heavens hands ...

  • To all who have posted on this topic:

    I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you for sharing your insight and your experiences, and how grateful I am for this website! I have referred to these forums for support and information for awhile now, and I can say that I have met such wonderful and giving people here...

    To rooster5: I can tell you for sure that I know exactly what you are going through, and what you are feeling... I lost my husband last August, and I can tell you that I have had so many moments of desperation and of feeling lost, and that my life had lost all meaning since he died. I can credit my 7 year old son for keeping me going really. If it was not for him, I don't know if I could have functioned at all, let alone carried on without him. He inspires me to get up every day and live my life so that I can provide him with some semblance of normalcy here at home. I have grieved for not just myself, but for him as well. Because he is so young, he does not know the full weight this loss will put on him just yet. I grieve for the day that he realizes he has no Dad, and what that will mean to him.

    I believe that when we are so overcome with despair and grief, it is hard for us to open ourselves to our loved ones who have passed. After my first visitation right after his memorial service and a few brief dreams of him, I had a long period of feeling as if he had left for good. Rest assured though, that if you open your mind and heart to them, messages will come! He eventually almost bombarded me with them! I was getting very specific and personal messages from him all the time for awhile there. Then they tapered off, and I yearned for more. I felt guilty though, knowing that he had work to do himself on the other side. That's when I started almost begging for more, and when I had my strange experiences of feeling someone other than him near me. Last night though, I had a very sweet and vivid dream of him, cooking a big wonderful meal for us. I got to hug him, and thank him for being there. It was just a brief moment with his spirit, but it was so very fulfilling...

    I wish for you to find an inner peace over this, and for messages to come through from your husband. Be patient, and try not to feel too desperate. They will come, but you have to be very aware of them and open to them. My husband and I were musicians together, so he knew music would be the best way to reach me. His messages were songs we used to play together, playing all over the place on the muzak at stores I shopped in. It was impossible to ignore! So rest assured too, you are not alone! Reach out to friends or family for emotional support when you need it, and retreat and feel your grief when you need that. Try not to give into it completely though! That would be easy to do, but your husband would not want to see you do that...

    Peace and Joy,


  • Dear Darkness Angel,

    Thanks for giving me pointers that I did not let my home become a commonplace for negative spirits to hang out. It is tough enough for me dealing with the loss of my husband, Keith and desperately wanted his spirit to give me comfort. I do not need any negative spirits to give a distorted view.

    Again thanks for look out for me.



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