Who Here Is A Cusp?

  • My son is also Pisces/Aries born on March 21st. He can be very calm, peaceful, compassionate, living in his own world, but then he can also be very fiery, persistent, confident, passionate, impatient, and aggressive. Most of the time, though, he displays the more calm Pisces traits, and the more common Aries traits for him are impatience, persistence and being passionate about his hobbies.

  • I was born on the cusp of gemini-cancer. It is very interesting to me that most of my close friends are either cusp people or air or fire signs. I was wondering if any of the other gemini-cancer people are ambidexterous? I have two friends that are and both are ambidexterous. Just curious.

  • Hi All ! I use to identify with Aquarius when I was younger but as I got older wasn't too sure. I had my chart done years ago & that explained things --- Something like 6 plantets are in Aqua. I have major Capricorn energy ( Mars ) backed by all that stubborn, confusing Saturn/Uranus, fixed air, Plus, Fire > Leo/Leo. Things just didn't add up as to what was seen by others & what was going on inside. : > )

    I agree with Pfree in how all this manifests as we age. Afterall, as our hearts & minds mature we tend to incorporate our Moon, Asc. & Sun better -- Thank goodness! I tend to do well with other cusps also. (TheCaptains reading if u had them done may show this also.)

    Mellove- My daughter is Gemini-Cancer cusp & ambidexturous ~ Cool !

  • Hi there I was born on the Cancer/Leo cusp, I recently posted my chart if you would like to take a look. I agree with some of the other posters on this thread, it seems like I was more of a Cancer in my early years, and over the last 3 years or so, I've felt more like a Leo. I tend to see-saw back and forth, (must be my Scorpio moon and Scorpio Rising) and cusps seem to run in my family, my grandfather is a Libra/Scorpio, and my mom is a Scorpio/Sag

  • Hi, good post!

    Leo/Virgo cusp 🙂 If I remember right, when I was young the cusp was Aug. 21st. but since I grew older it was Aug. 22. Dunno? I do have an older pendant bought online that has the 21 on it, but think it was made in Italy. Would that make a difference?

    Anyways, Def. Leo as far as the looks (Hair 🙂 love my big long curly hair! Love fashion and make-up, love to spend money on luxury items & not because they are luxury items just because I like them! I do buy if I just love it and it's not higher priced but good taste! Love the better buy! Virgo quality? I don't like pay retail If I can get something cheaper my purchases go farther 🙂

    Virgo, have always wanted everything spotless and in it's place! My kids toy box was even organized, nothing thrown in, or on the shelves lol! & other mothers would remind their kids not to run on my highly waxed floors~slippery! Standing joke ha! And as soon as company left, I had to get out the vacuum and vac the footprints out of the carpet, they Drove me nuts lol! Have lightened up a bit on those clean freak issues due to lack of time, not much home much so I don't see it often anyway ha! Also very logical and analytical. Have worked in healthcare for 20+ yrs. now.

    ?Question, I was born at 6:35pm and I am a night person "Totally"!! Mornings are not for me at all (Tho I work 7a-7p) it's very hard for me to go to bed when I get home and Even Tougher to get up!. Seems that when I ask people what time they were born, people born in the morning are "Freakin' annoying Morning!" people lol & the people that are born at night are night owls. Does or has anybody else noticed this? Maybe it's something well known I just didn't know about. I may have missed some posts here that talked abt. that. Thanks, fun topic!

  • I'm Leo/Virgo, 24th August 1988.

    I totally feel the effects of the Exposure cusp, I often can't resist telling/discussing with everyone the latest developments of my life... unless it's something that needs to be kept secret, in which case I do keep it secret... but with massive effort.

    I'm also very prone to getting addicted to things... especially GAMES... although I do NOT play any games of luck, or games that involve winning/losing money... since I discovered RPGs I have been addicted to them... both offline ones and MMORPGs. I've tried to break free a few times, because they're very time consuming, but after a few months, at most, I end up playing again.

    The real problem is really MMORPGs, since they consume time which I should be using for other things, like going out, going to theoric classes(I usually skip them, since they're not obligatory... and that causes a need for increased amount of effort in exam season) putting the house in order or even studying.

    I often manage to ditch MMORPGs for a long time, but then in some night when I'm feeling lonely and have no one to talk to, and my friends are busy or something... I end up logging on just to check how the people there are doing... and bam, I'm hooked again.

    I don't know much about Leo, but about Virgo... Although I hate dirtiness and untidiness with a passion, I'm usually way too lazy to keep my little house tidy(well it's more like a suite), and it tends to get me annoyed at myself... but then some days I have a revolutionary feeling of ''THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, I HAVE TO CHANGE THIS NOW!!!!!'' and after a couple hours it's all impeccable.

    I'm also highly analytical, and I tend to overthink things. I'm also extremely(and by this I mean super-extremely) shy, and can't really speak out my feelings to person I like, even when I really want to.

    I also often put others' well being ahead of mine... and I have always had the virgo characteristic of feeling the pain of others, although when I was younger it was stronger... I believe I am kind of blocking it partially, although I still notice it.

    Even when I like someone, I keep my feet on earth... it's happened to me to think like.. ''yeah I realize she's not too good looking, but still she's the best in her own way, and it's her the one I like''.

    And I'm defenitely not very Virgo when it comes to being happy about being alone... I've never had a real girlfriend(unless you count those ''girlfriends'' you have when you're 6 years old), and it's something that has always pained me.

  • I am on the Gem/Can cusp as well, but I'm not ambidextrous! LOL

    Although I know of 2 people born on the Sag/Cap cusp who are.

    I feel more Cancer than Gemini - sensitive, shy (almost reclusive at times), quiet. If there is any Gemini in me, it must be buried deep down!

  • I'm Sag/Cap cusp and only found that out a couple of months ago so I don't know much but I did find I have a lot of Capricorn traits.

    BroneDalit, although I am Sag/Cap cusp I am not ambidextrous.

  • Im a cap/aquarius cusp and as i age(Im 84) tend to become a more conservative liberal. I think this is fairly common as we age to become more interested in family genealogy,to see the big picture and to question how people can get so excited about what seem to be trivial things and people. I am idealistic and in my younger years was most impractical...never could balance a checkbook,didnt care and still do not care about material things,quit my job too early to write a book and am living on a shoestring but have enough for my needs. Have lots of wonderful and interesting friends, cannot stand to be bored, still enjoy groups and like to show off. But, I check my finances carefully and am more Capricornian in that Im organized and pretty set in my routines. The study of astrology is fascinating!

  • I suppose I'm a cusp, because when I look up my horoscope in some magazines or online, I sometimes appear as a Pisces, and other times, an Aquarius. When I signed up on this site, I saw that I appear as a Pisces on the main page. All the astrology e-mails I'm getting from Tarot.com are for Pisces. Yet, when I took a look at my Cosmic Profile page here, I am listed as an Aquarius!

    Years ago, I had my birth chart done, and the report said that I was an Aquarius.

    I guess I am an Aquarius, in some ways. I love science fiction, for instance. I also tend to be very open-minded about other cultures and religious beliefs. On the other hand, I'm a very romantic, sentimental person. That would be a Pisces trait. I'm also more of a dreamer, an idealist, than a realist. This, again, would point to Pisces. Not that I have anything against Aquarius. It's just that I do get confused at times.....

    I was born on Feb. 19th, at 1:00 AM. Would this be considered the cusp?

  • Hello,

    I am a cancer/leo, born July 22, 1965 at 20:55 pm. Its kind of different being a leocan,(i call myself). My first 20 yrs of life, I found that I had mostly cancer traits, and then i shifted into

    leo. I am very outgoing, love, love, the attention, drama queen, need to be the boss, and

    then.......somedays I am so into my shell. I will always move sideways, almost like a lioness

    stalking her pray. Very emotional, but I hide it most of the time with the never ending chaos/drama in my life.... wait, i think my emotions might sometimes be creating the drama!!!

    aaahaaaa. I am very loyal to those who are worthy of my loyalty, and will fight till the death for what I believe in and what my loved ones believe in. I have only afew loyal friends, and most of the time I watch from a distance before i join in on the group. I am very competative, love Martial Arts, and pushing my body to the envelope.

    Does this sound anything like a cancer/leo?

  • i think im a leo/virgo cusp. im not sure though i was born august 26th.

    i feel more like a virgo though lol 🙂

  • Leo switches into virgo on Aug. 22nd (I think). My birthday. So Sara I would say you lean strongly on the virgo side. My moms a virgo also. I lean strongly on my leo side, but I do have some virgo traits. Mainly acid reflux that gets worse with stress, ect.. Stress makes me physically sick.

    aponnacross: You remind me of my friend, unsure of her exacts but she lived the first half of her life in a shell and then came out of it. She's gained alot these last few years. Being a leo myself some of your traits remind me of myself. Hiding my emontions, loyalty is a huge make it or break it cross I bear. I'm ok with not being the boss, as long as everything is going the way I think it should. LOL. Nice and smooth. But if it gets bumpy I'll jump in and take over. Love the attention also, but shy away from drama. Will also fight to the death for what I believe in, and never, ever diss someone I care about infront of me. I live for intensity and good times and good feelings. I will do some wild things for the thrill of it, and relish the moment long after the event. Sometimes when I'm up to something I find wonderful, I attempt to commit that moment to memory. Sometimes its something big, like the time I went sky diving, or sometimes its something smal like a special look someone has given me. Dunno.. that's just me.

  • alright thank yu 🙂 yeah i like being a virgo anyways lol..but how does it make yu physically sick?

    that doesnt happen to me

  • This post is deleted!

  • I am a Taurus/Gemini cusp. I was born on 5/21 at 1:15am. I believe that still considers me a Taurus with one foot entering into the sign of Gemini. Until I really got into astrology, I always thought I was a Gemini. However, I do believe 100% that I am a Taurus with Gemini traits. I noticed that as a Taurus, I believe in justice and equality, love art, nature and beautiful surroundings, especially when it involves my home. I always seem to attract Libra males; sick of that; they drink too much. With the Gemini traits, if I am buying something, I sometimes have to have two of the same. However, Gemini is more of a communicative sign, whereas I am not . And yes, I am stubborn when I am pushed and believe that it is not right in certain situations. If any would like to elaborate, please feel free to do so. Thank you.

  • Yes, I'm a (border-line) Aquarius/Pisces Cusp. 22 Feb 1991. I have more Pisces than Aquarius (and I'm proud to be a (main) Pisces!).

  • Admin:

    Since I don't see any "Contact Us" link on the home page, I'd like to ask you about my sign. I still don't know exactly what sign I am. I've noticed that, when I log in, I get a horoscope reading for Pisces. However, when I went to my Cosmic Profile for the first time, I saw my sun sign listed as Aquarius. So does this mean that I'm on the cusp? Why don't I have the same sign on my horoscope page and the Cosmic Profile page?

    I do believe I have personality characteristics of both signs, but I'd still like to know for sure if I'm a cusp.

    Please explain. Thanks!

  • Hello Mariangeles,

    You can always reach Customer Support by emailing:

    support@tarot.com or you can visit:


    for the support form.

    Jeff Jawer has written an article regarding being born on the cusp and what it means. Please use the link below to read this article.




  • Thank you so much, Admin! You're the best!! XOXOX : )

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