Who Here Is A Cusp?

  • Is anyone here a cusp? If you are, which two signs do you share, and what about traits? Do you lean more towards one sign, or the other?

    I am a Leo/Virgo cusp. On the plus side, I've inherited Leo's warmth, charm, loyalty, friendliness, sentimentality, courage and good taste (so I've been told). With Virgo, I've inherited service to others (I'm a retired firemedic), attention to detail, cleanliness, analytical mind, practicality, and being down-to-earth.

    I've also heard that cusps tend to find other cusps in real life. What's really strange is that my ex-husband is a cusp, and our only child, my son, was born a cusp. My ex is Aries/Taurus, which seriously explains the divorce as he literally ran with the worst of both signs, and my son is Pisces/Aries...mostly Pisces mellowness, but can get fired up on occasion.

  • Libra/Scorpio can't you tell? But I have a multitude of personality going on. With Sag rising and Taurus moon. I am also analytical and a perfectionist mostly for myself. But that was a learned trait from my dad who is at the other end at Sept. 25th and an alcholic and that is one of their traits. I have the sharpness of the tongue of the Scorp. But I am not secretive like they are. I am a homebody and like things simple and non materialistic. But have a love for the outdoors and the beautify it all. Very practical and I am more like hisbablov in my thinking and she is a Virgo.

  • Hello, I am Virgo/ Libra. I always considered myself Virgo. On this forum I am learning I do have more Libra traits than I was aware of. I am also learning more about the effects of the moon and planets and other aspects on my personailty. I still assocaite more with Virgo. I have not found others on a cusp, that I know of. I am told I am a perfectionist. I like beauty, harmony, and I am diplomatic. My life has been full of service to others. Mostly I have been told that I am strong and independant. I don't follow the crowds often I will go my on way. Sometimes this is because I the tensions of others emotion throw me off balance. Still mostly I am Virgo.

  • I'm sagittarius/capricorn cusp and since I've paid attention I notice running into other cusps. Although, I did try dating a leo/virgo and must say it didn't go as well as I thought it would. I caught wind of her attempts to analyze me, as well as the over-inflated ego. So, I just threw up those 2 fingers and "PEACE!" Others I've ran into are cancer/leo, gemini/cancer, aquarius/pisces, and sag/scorpio and loved being around them. They were all very unique.

    Also having moon in cancer, venus in Scorpio, and sag rising. I usually get comments on being weird(eccentric when they're being nice) artsy, bluntly honest, sarcastic,funny, warm, charming, jealous,generous, caught between optimism and pessimism,moody, strong-willed, and charismatic. I love to entertain. My life revolves around creativity. mostly writing music and poetry, sketching, fashion, and applying concept to them. Then comes the philosophy, Theology, and the analytical mind that ties the pieces all together.

  • Out of curiosity, I was looking for some information about my youngest son's sun sign which I think/thought is virgo (9/21/2001), but one site I looked at said he could be a libra depending on the year he was born. I'm thinking then, he must be on the cusp, but could anyone explain why one site would call him a virgo and the the other a libra..depending on the year he was born? I'm totally confused!

    Thanks for any replies!


  • Sacogirl, I think it would have to do with which sign the sun was in the year he was born. Cusp dates tend to fluctuate, and they are usually accepted as running from the 21st - 24th. I think the 20th is also acceptable. Whenever I look up my horoscope by my birthday, sometimes it comes up that I'm a Leo, and sometimes that I'm a Virgo.

  • Good Afternoon, Darkness Angel!

    Thank you! I appreciate your explanation, but now I'm wondering how do I find out what sign the sun was in the year he was born? Can you point me in the right direction..lol?

    Thanks luv!


  • Hi, Sacogirl, there are folks here who do natal charts, and they'll be able to tell you exactly where the sun was in his chart when he was born. Probably the best bet would be to start a thread in the forum asking for someone to help you figure out his natal chart and sign. 🙂

  • Good idea DA! Actually Highpriestess3 is working on my chart now, but she is SWAMPED...lol, so I'll browse around and see who else is skilled at natal charts and see if they would help me clarify!

    Thanks again for your direction 😉 Hope you have a great evening!


  • Thank you Sacogirl...I hope that you have a great day, too! Have fun learning more about your son through his chart! 🙂

  • I'm and Aquarius/ Pisces cusp. I'm an emotional mess but my heart doesn't rule my head. I wish more people would reply to this thread! I've never really understood the whole cusp thing.

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  • hi. i'm on the cusp of virgo/libra. accrding to the charts the sun crosses into libra a bit after 5a.m on the 23rd september.that is my day of birth born 5a.m so i am actually just in the last degrees of virgo. i do feel like i have quite a number of libra traits too though.anyway, it might help to check the actual time of birth to get be more accurate.

  • Hi, I am a Leo/Virgo cusp. My sun is 1deg.35min.Virgo. I was born at 2:22 pm and, as luck would have it, I also have a 22 Life Path in Numerology.

    However, I'm pretty much a mess, for all that cosmic potential. Maybe I'm still waiting for my rising star, in which case, since I'm getting close to my 6th decade, it better "git-a-gittin'" !

  • Yay, another Leo/Virgo! waves to kentuckywoman

    So...how many virgin lion/ess jokes have you heard? I think I've heard them ALL, lol! 🙂

  • Sacogirl, I checked three different ephemeris sites, and without knowing your son's time and place of birth, the sun was approx. 28 deg virgo on Sept. 21, 2001. Since each sign has only 30 degrees, your son was fairly close to the end of the sign. In fact, by the 24 Sept, the sun had moved to Libra. Generally, most astrologers don't pay too much attention to cusps, since a thorough planetary analysis gives a much more detailed view of a birth chart than just the sun sign, cusp or no.

    I'd say the "big three" are sun sign, moon sign, and ascendant. Astrodient (astro.com) has an ephemeris, plus you can get a free astro chart by plugging in the birth info - not an interpretation or a report, but the birth chart only. At least that would tell you where your son's planets are. Time and place of birth are definitely needed for the most accurate info (as well as date, of course).

    As far as different signs for different years - maybe, by a day or so, just because there really isn't a full 365 days in our calendar year, and so adjustments must be made. It's been awhile since I've calculated a chart by hand (God bless technology!), but I might also mention that there are many different systems that astrologers use, so that might make a difference in some instances.

    However, according to most western systems, I think it's safe to say that your son is a bonafide Virgo - 3rd decanate, and you could say a Libra cusp. But keep in mind that the closer one is to that 30 deg/1deg changeover, the more the individual would have traits of both astrological signs.

    Again, though, the moon sign and rising sign are, I think, more important overall to your son's personality than the cusp thing.

    Have you ever considered having your son's chart done professionally? There are some astrologers that have specific programs just for doing kids' charts, and your son is probably old enough now that it might be worth it.

    I think my son was around 9 or 10 when I first had his done. Numerology is also uncanny - sometimes I think more so than astrology, even. Check out decoz.com. They have a neat little gadget for finding lost items that really works!

  • kentuckywoman, thank you for those links! 🙂

  • kentuckywoman,

    What part are you from? I'm from western Kentucky. I never studied numerology too much until I saw that movie " The Number 23". LOL My name added up to the number 23 and so did a couple others in my family. The people of my family happens to be the ones I am closest to.

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  • I too am aries/pisces born March 23. When I was younger I was a more dauntless passionate

    sort always on the move now in my 50's I use my energy differently .More compassionate than passion and sensitive to others. I'm still able to be gregarious but I'm using my intuition and energy more for self nurturing and taking care of my daughter and the few elderly folks I help vs doing & going all the time. When I was younger for years (decades) I rode to work ,worked 8+hrs rode to dance class for 3 hrs and then jumped on my bike and rode home if not "out" for more. I still enjoy exercise and sometimes miss the self expression and release but I also can give myself permission to just "be" A lot of my behavior was ego. I found I was running from myself always going going. Now I'm a bit of a hermit, I don't enjoy the social games much, small talk, but I try to be friendly and helpful to others especially those w/ less energy, usually the elderly or handicapped or disabled. I have a few loyal friends.I prefer relationships w/ people I can learn from. Some have called me intense. My twin brother is very intense. Bipolar.

    I'm an avid reader for years i worked in bookstores I found learning eclectically more comfortable than academia.

    When I was young I also felt misunderstood but age has helped me to be ok w/ my being eccentric and my uniqueness. Never could conform to the "norm". I am disliked by a lot of women I've never understood that. It used to hurt me in school, dance class, college workplace there always seems to be a woman or group who decides to single me out w/ attitude. Always dumbfounded me and catches me off guard. I've learned it's a given and do my best to give them a wide berth and accept it. May be the intensity I've heard about so I try to project a positive energy. I aspire to be kind and do good in the world.

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