The Devil keeps coming up? Help!!!!!!! Thank You!

  • Greetings friends,

    thank you for your time and any input, anything.

    Ok, it's about Tarot...a 2010 11 card Celtic Cross free New Years Gift from

    I did it, and as you all can guess---got the Devil card in my "Higher Power" position...

    The whole reading is pretty spot-on.

    So, there's a free daily 3 card reading on this site, plus on another site, as well.

    Which I do like every couple days. I have gotten the Devil card in almost every reading!

    Maybe once or twice in about 12 or so times (!?)

    in case it matters, dob 10/30/55 5:36 PM. New Orleans, LA. USA

    very grateful for help,


  • Oh geez...idk how to edit my post, I meant the Devil card has shown up in all readings except for one or two times.

    Thank you!


  • Lisa

    I don't read Tarot don't know about it

    I will do your chart next week Thursday the latest

    how are things going with you and your daughter?

  • The devil represents addiction. this can be either sex or substance. It can also represent lust...If you dont mind me asking whats going on in your life right now? I might could help you with what "the devil" is getting at. The important thing to remember is that his chains are loose and easily lifted if we will but try.

  • Hey Thank you both so much,

    leoscorpion my dear, you are a very kind soul...

    my girl is maintaining at the lowest weight that Dr. says is ok, well she's got to gain a bit, a rec AN myself...I'm feeling lost, as to how much more can I help? Or am I totally PTSD?!

    Y'know....sigh. Call me crazy, I feel in my bones that the Devil appears cuz Anorexia Nervosa is a truly demonic disease!

    Anyway, it's ok...I try to be grateful and have faith.

    Sending BIG ((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))) to you, my friend, Thank you.

    Dear KarmaComa, I love your username!!!!! 🙂

    well, right now I realize that you've:

    1. Given me much to process and to condense it all too much going on, past almost 3 yrs.

    2. Now I'm considering re: addictive-ness in general, in my life

    3. The Demonic element re: Anorexia Nervosa

    my daughter ( ironically, Ana. Anastasia) recovering

    I went thru AN at same age ( 14-15 or so), but had a miracle type recovery...

    Oh I've got to go! Thank you so deeply...



  • I love his chains are loose...

    Easily lifted... If we will but try...

    Get thee behind me Satan!

    Yes! 🙂

  • The Devil appears in your case as a result of your fears--that there is a dark presence invading your life and you so want it out--you struggle with it This struggle has taken up a big space in your everyday life and you wonder if it will ever finally let go and disapear--it keeps coming back. It becomes bottom line because it ripples through and affects other areas of your life. You have thoughts--how much better everything would be if this evil would just go away. You try to shut that voice up--keep your chin up but it's too real and you are in pain and it comes out--wether in dreams or the cards aches and pains in your back or bouts of depression. Spirit says you are pain--could just scream with it sometimes.

  • Should of read "in pain" you are not all pain in fact you have a healing touch most of the time.

  • PS-it does speak in terms of addiction as well in that you do have the power to give him less power by not letting him in as much. The fear is yours to temper and banish from thought so as it not being frequent enough to be an addiction--and having a hold on you. Thats the devil when somethings got a hold on you. What you feel is shadowing your life right now you need to either give it a different name or limmitt the amount of fear you let yourself expend over it. Let it go more. Take care of yourself.

  • Blmoon,

    I am at a loss for words. Which is rare. Thank you, it is just how you described.

    I am going to give it a try- I will not give it power, and ask for help with the fear!

    You are a blessing, and gifted...

    With deepest appreciation! And love,

    Lisa XOXO

  • Good luck Lisa. I think that you, and your daughter will be fine. STAY POSITIVE, perservere. Easier said than done I know. Again Good luck. Do not fear the Devil, He is strong but not wise.



  • Thank you so much, Danielle!

    YOU are a very wise lady.

    I will keep positive, and no fear allowed!

    Easier said than done but I will do my best...

    Thank you, from my heart,

    love and bless you!

    All of you, my friends...

    Lisa XOXo

  • Btw, leoscorpion lady,

    thanks girlie pie!

    How r u?

    Poor highpriestess!!!! She's booked!!!!!

    Love you gals!


  • Score

    thanks for your patience

    here is what I found, it's more about you but not necessarily related to the card

    You are intuitive and may even possess quite a powerful psyche ability. You can rely on your intuition to save the day, for you lack practicality and common sense. Your emotion is deep and strong, but often misleads you and cause you despair, herefore nurture your psyche, for it will show you the solution. You can achieve success in creative, art, and spiritual fields. You tend to fall for addiction or scams but your heart is pure and you do have strong urge to help others. Sharpen your intuition, it will help you avoid manipulation and traps set by others and show you the way to achieve your objectives.

    You are now in the cycle where the elements are here to help you. Your past efforts will come to fruition and current effort will bring results as expected or maybe better. This cycle will continue for the next 15 years. Money and job may fluctuate, but with the help of the elements, any effort you make will help you stay afloat. You will also gain help and support from friends and relatives. Keep on working on your objectives in life, be it family, career, education, love etc.

    Hope this helps lighten your day, Score.

    And I hope the best for you and your daughter. Don't give up. Keep up with the protection and cleansing. For simple cases it takes 2 months to clear it up. For heavier, it may take longer.

    Your effort is supported by the elements. On top of it, friends and relatives too.

  • 🙂 thank you, leoscorpionladyfriend!!!!!!!

    Wow, I'm absorbing your precient info...

    I ordered an amesyst ( sp?!) tower crystal for my Mom's 75th BDay,

    Jan 23 ( 1935, hehe) Boston MA

    she's a real piece of work...

    Thank you for your advice, I am unable to not be vigilant wth my daughter! That's actually been a concern to me...( like in " does my daughter need or do I?)

    I've been unsure re my crystal, I have cleansed it wth sea salt a couple times, kind of intuitively?

    I sometimes hold it, pray with it.

    I gave Ana hers by leaving it for her. We had talked about it all.

    So I left it in God's hands.

    She's doing a good job, maintaining/gaining (!) weight!

    It's like the more I let go the better she does...

    I'm grateful to have met you girlie pie!!!!



  • OK Lisa

    did you do the sage and visualization too?

    I think I mentioned as much as I know on your thread

    but yeah do what you feel is best

    those tips work for me, been doing them for 3 years now

    but to each their own

    if you feel like praying with crystals that's fine

    I don't pray with them but that's just me

    take care now good luck

  • Hey ls lady!

    I agree completely...

    Went to the ocean today ( yes, I know Cape Cod in Jan??!!)

    truly cleansing...

    You take care, dear friend!


    Lisa 🙂

  • wish I live close to the ocean Lisa

    LOL I would go there every day for cleansing, it is water and it's salt altogether

    plus the sun to energize it

    it would be a dream come true if I could move to an oceanfront view property

    anyway take care

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