Would anyone kindly give me a reading?

  • Just to throw it out there my name's Melissa and I was born on February 19th 1994. Sun sign in Pisces and it says my rising and moon sign is in Gemini. Weird combination if you ask me.

    If anybody would do so, I'd love a general reading done for me. I was born in Memphis TN but live and was raised in Pensacola Florida.

    I wonder a lot if I'm ever going to be fully happy with myself or happy with my life and the way I was raised.

    I also wonder if I'll ever be able to get out all my emotions/thoughts and feelings clearly to people and for them to understand why I feel the way I do and why I am the way I am.

    My emotions run deep for me, being a pisces and all. Everything run deeps for me. A lot of the times I'm too caught up in myself.

    There's this guy I like Twan. He's a Taurus. We mess around a lot & I know there's going to be an affair when the time comes. There's a lot of physical attraction there. But I want his love. I want us to connect on more levels. I think he's amazing. I'm wondering if there could be a relationship there?

    Anyway I love to get readings so if anyone could do that for me I'd appreciate it.


  • Baby, you are not even sixteen yet. You have plenty of time to do everything you want to do. You don't need any readings in order to live life. If you want something, stop your Pisces dreaming and get out and do it! The things you wonder about are not up to chance. You can make them happen if you just get real. You - and only you - can make yourself fully happy. Your Gemini moon sign tells me you're quite able to express all those thoughts and emotions - you're obviously a spiritual, talented, and sensitive person. You're probably a good writer. Use that imagination of yours in the real world rather than seeking refuge in escapism. Have you actually tried asking this Taurus guy how he feels about getting closer?

    Pisces girl, don't dream it - do it.

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