What's Your Craft?

  • heeheee! neither ---- 30 yrs. of coloring, ugh ---- chopped it all off and its almost a lovely white, not quite tho.

  • Yeah I have the white in the front. Which is strange cause blond usually turn yellow and then white. But my mom did the samething.

  • Blmoon I write poems too though have had a block for some months now.Nice thread!I like gardening and cooking

  • That is a great idea about the shells,Darkness Angel, I once lived in this beautifully decorated apartment and in the bahtroom was a mirror and all around the mirror was shells,it was so pretty and i thought someday i'm gonna make one of those. Well i have a tone of shells,shell pieces and other neat things that i find on the beach,i have the mirror,the hot glue gun,the glue and then i moved and it was in storage for awhile and still more than half of my stuff is packed away,my apartment now is way to small so we are hopefully moving yet again sometime befor october.And then i will finish that mirror,i miss all my craft stuff. but i have been painting,when i moved into this apartment everything was white,i said oh no i can't have that and went out and spent over one hundred dollars in paint and suppli. and painted all hours of the day,my boyfriend is a pro. painter and would sit on the sofa at night and smile and shake his head,LOL.but in the end it all looks good and when we move i will do it all over again.My latest paint job was i just redid this cute shodow box that is a house,picked it up at an estate sale for $1.00,it was a dull looking weathered wood,not anymore!

    Libra that is so ,so funny about the dust! i always wondered,just where the heck does all the stuff come from?! I can dust everyweek but yet it looks like a bunny when i sweep under my sofa's,LOL....

  • LibrasLair, that was hilarious about the dust. If that's truly considered a collectible, then I am an expert, lol! 🙂

    Patricia1970libra, gluing your shells around a mirror sounds like a beautiful idea! I love it! I'm constantly thinking up creative things, but right now, 90% of my crafts stuff is also in storage, victim to an ugly divorce. Someday, soon, I hope to also have a place of my own where I can "let it all out" again. I love to create. 🙂

    I remember years ago, my mom found an old dollhouse sitting next to a dumpster. She was leaving the grocery store, and saw it at the apartment complex next to the store. So she took it home, then called me, and asked me if I could paint it for her so that she could sell it in a yard sale. It really needed painting. I told her that, no, I can't do that, but I can paint it so that I can fix it up. So she let me have it, and I've been working on it as a steady "Haunted Dollhouse" project. I painted it all purple, with black trim, and bought dollhouse shingles and glued them to the roof one by one, then painted the roof black, too. And now I am working on the 9 different rooms. It has a little "side yard", too, so I'm going to make that a cemetery.

  • Darkness Angel,

    OMG, that doll house sounds awsome! what a really neat idea... painting is great and a really good stress reliver too...

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sandran your cross stitching is really pretty. I don't have the patience to sit and count and do that. Your to be commended for being able to sit that long to have a pretty picture at the end of the project. Good job.

  • Sandran, I love your KISS project...that's awesome! I'm a huge KISS fan, lol. The rest of your work is beautiful. I especially love the lighthouse one, too. I do cross stitching as well. I find it very relaxing.

    Patricia1970libra, I'll see if I can't dig up photos of my dollhouse and post them here.

  • Libraslair>>Sandran your cross stitching is really pretty

    Sandran712>>Thanks Libra..I have gotten ribbons on these at the fair.It's relaxing> I can sit all day in my spare time.I do have alot of tendonitis and carpal tunnel to go with it.But,Thankfully I have not needed surgery.I've had a nerve conductor test.I thought was painful enough..

  • darkness>>that's awesome! I'm a huge KISS fan, lol. The rest of your work is beautiful

    Sandran712>>Thanks Darkness>>The KISS..I had someone in London England make it for me.It is a real Bitch because...all the colors change very frequent.It's computer generated.I've had 7 different colors threaded on standby stitching in one sitting.The lighthouse is Thomas Kinkade.

  • I know all about carpal tunnel I have had it since the mid 80's and I can't straighten my right arm out like the left one. They told me back then that I wasn't bad enough for surgery that from the surgian but the neurologist said why are they waiting it just getting worse? And I have it in both hands. I live with it and spend a lot of the time with numbness. But I refuse to give up and stop living. Anything with a motor aggravates it I know and gripping, twisting and turning. I can't paint if they am numb because I will drop the brush. They're times holding the phone is difficult. I love to work on furniture and work in my yard. I do what I want and pay for it for about two weeks. The worse part is the ache that will wake you at night. I am glad you can do that still. I am trying to do some leather tooling and yesterday was hammering the tool that makes holes so I can put my pouches together I didn't do a lot of them but I can tell I was holding the leather hammer too tight. Do that for as long as your able. I do what I want and what I can.

  • LibrasLair>>Anything with a motor aggravates it I know and gripping, twisting and turning

    Sandran712>>I have to be careful sometimes in summer I ride a bike.I have lost feeling in the arms and fell off.I wear both wrist splints at night.

  • LibrasLair

    seems I'm not the only one with worn out parts! Somedays I get up and say I need a squirt of WD40 to get all my parts moving. This body's done some living! Getting old bites.

  • LOL ! I have said I needed WD40 for years too!

  • Blmoon I have done mostly very physical jobs in order to raise my kids. They paid better than an office job. The one I got carpal tunnel from I was the only woman and we assembled air tight parts for machines that put components in circuit boards. The super in that dept. called me a sissy because by the end of the day I had no strengh. If I had parts that leaked air the guys could hardly get them apart and I said well now whose the sissy? There were times I tore the braces off at night cause I couldn't stand anything on my wrists. But I never complain I do my jobs and they don't know I have it cause I have to work. One of the trials of life and so I am like a timex.LOL

  • As promised, here are photos of my haunted doll house. I couldn't find any recent ones, but these are from when I first started the project. At this point I have not painted the trim or roof in black like it is now. I glued the roof shingles on one at a time, overlapping them carefully. And yes, it took forever, lol! This is the front of the dollhouse, and you can see where the little side yard is on the right, that's going to be the graveyard.

  • Whoops, photo was too big...let me try that again. It was too big by 4 pixels...sheesh.

  • As you can see, I wasn't done with the shingles yet at this point. They are all finished now, and the entire roof is painted black. This is a photo of the inside of the dollhouse, before I started on the rooms. The room with the door in it (second story, left side in above photo) is going to be the witch's bedroom, and the little door and patio are going to be her liftoff pad for her broom. I even have a monster that will live under the bottommost stairs inside the house! 🙂

  • This is the witch's landing pad. I was thinking of painting a big "B" on it inside of a circle, like you see for helicopter landing pads. And I would have a broom leaning up against the wall on the outside. The trim above the doorway stands out in relief, and has also been painted black.

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