What's Your Craft?

  • We all have hobbies, and so I was wondering, what is it that you do? Do you make furniture, quilts, draw, write poetry...what?

    I dabble in a little bit of everything. I'm an artist, and have been since I was a girl. I write stories and poetry, draw, paint, do calligraphy, make jewelry, am an amateur photographer, make candles, potpourri, embroider, and do needlepoint. I'm sure I'll think of something else later on, lol. I do alot of different things, just whatever strikes my fancy, but those are the main ones.

    So...what do you do? What's your craft?

  • I too make candles, work with beads, did write poetry then after my Dad passed away seems

    I have a block, then I wrote a couple of more, Mom passed in 08 and it seems many things are block. I am working on refinishing a rocking chair for someone, I have 2 more pieces to sand and put back together. I just made some plaster bullentin pins earlier. I scrapbook, have not done to much of that since Mother passed. That was something we liked doing together. I did do plastic canvas for years that was something my Dad taught me. I like finding new uses or recycling things into craft projects. I have a book started struggling to get it completed along with getting craft room back in order since Christmas.

    Thank you and what a nice topic!

    Love & Light

  • Let's see. I do decorative painting. Started taking tole painting because my business was restoration of furniture. We worked with the insurance company's. We farmed out the decorative painting repairs because my husband who could have done the painting was just too busy doing other repairs to do that too. So I said why don't I take lessons and it's deductible for the business and I always wanted to learn how to paint. That's how I got started on that. I do some leather tooling. Make jewelry with semi-precious stones. Mostly give away stone. And working in my yard. Growing roses.

  • Little jealous that I don't apply my self better reading these. I do projects (love HGTV) --- strip, refinish, furniture; paint& re-decorate mine & anyone elses who'll let me in the door; gardening - anything outdoors. Can handle a jack hammer as well as a chainsaw, : )

    I do oil paintings and see it as a form of meditation - Do any of u feel like that too? Isn't it nice!

    Besides, the above my greatest joy is backpacking. I saw u live in NC --- anywhere near the AT ?? : )

  • This post is deleted!

  • I paint anything that i can get my hands on,i have to take a little more breaks now that i have a wrist injury,but i love to paint,for me it relives a ton of stress.I started years ago when i was 17 i used to work for my older half sister in her ceramic shop and ever since then i was hooked as well as with plants,i have what you call a green thumb,and love to grow plants of all kinds,i have a 2 foot mango tree that i started from a seed of a mango from mexico that i ate.I love my plants so much and sence them,recently we had a huge freeze down here in fl. i of course brung my babies inside but when i was able to face the cold and go for my walk ,i was deeply saddened and cryed at all the plants,trees and grass that had died from the cold. I also collect seashells of all kinds and my next project is to make something out of them. oh and i love to write and have journals all over the place....

    Thank--You for starting this thread,Blessed Be....

  • patricia1970libra -- when the freeze first hit your area, we were rooting for the temp. ( at that time ) Not to fall below 29* for the crops. when it did ---what a sad mess. Can understand where your hearts at.

  • Patricia1970libra, I also collect seashells, interesting rocks and bits of sea glass. What I do is fill mason jars with them and then put them on display around my house. I don't know what else to do with them, besides return them to the sea, lol!

  • Laie4 so I get that your some place on the east coast. Where? And I have you all beat I collect dust. LOL

  • I have been off and on from work so much that that's how I feel. Oh well s*it happens. At least I am still a live to talk about it. LOL

  • LOL ~~ Dust !! LOL !! Still can't stop laughin' sent me into a coughing fit >>> LOL !

  • OH forgot Ma.

  • Hobbies--play guitar, draw , paint, photography garden, ceramic tile work, decorating. I like to work hard. Made extra money when sons were small--furniture refinishing and repairs. Chair caning and rush seat repair, art restoration. I'm a builder and fixer so it extends into a list I'm probably forgetting, oh yes sewing--I've done costumes for drama dept. I'm a professional poet. Have a book some awards and been in two anthologies and several poetry journals. Don't ask my name!

  • I don't want to know your name for poetry. I want it in case I have some chairs that need new cane. I had a woman in Calif. when I had my business and she moved back up to Washington state some place. She was going to teach my son but she moved before he could learn. Not in the business anymore. But we would by it by the sheets and recane chairs that way. I don't care for it that way but a lot of people don't want to pay for it anyway if it has to be done threw the holes. They used to teach the blind to do it to I heard. That is something I would even like to learn myself.

    the rush never really appealed to me.

  • I wouldn't even attempt to do chairs again--not even if I really loved the chair! It was some of the hardest money ever earned. It really doesn't pay and people are shocked at the price because they usually paid less for the chair. The inserts are pretty easy but the by hand weaveing is tedious and takes muscle. I learned from a book from the library and a chair to practice on. If you don't keep things tight the seat sags. You have to soak the cane for hours to make it plyable plus it shrinks after drying and keeps the seat tight. The hard part is the tedious pulling of the cane taught but not breaking which they do and then you must pull that strand out and start over. I would stay up late while the kids slept and work in front of the TV. The rush was easier money and made up for the caning!

  • Yes we had to soak the inserts too and when the chair originally had the holes we had to use a dremel tool to make a new groove for the reed to go in to hold it and you have all that glue mess you keep cleaning off and then clamping to hold it in place till it's dry. But there is nothing like taking something and making it look new again. My favorite wood is mahogany. I like walnut too but I love the red in the mahogany. I hate hard rock maple. If I refinished one table and chairs in that early American cr*p I did a hundred. And spindles. Oh I have to stop before I go into shock again.

  • Laie4 are you calling me Ma or do you mean Maine?

  • : > ) Sorry Mama ( as I have seen it put )

    ready for more confusion, lol Maine is Me. So no Ma I wasn't talking about you, just Me.

    Ma. is Mass ... where I live part time & part time in RI.

  • dippiy-do i am >>> should read So no Ma I wasn't talking about you or Me.

  • See that is so confusing some states you use the second letter and others you use the last. I can't will for loosing. Oh well I won't lose sleep of it. You really think your funny. Keep your day job. Or get a new writer. Oh my are you a real blonde or one of those brunettes that give us a bad name?

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