Anyone want to guess my rescue dog's estimated birthday??

  • Maybe I should also post under the psychic thread to see what I get!

    Long story short this female, spayed, and very FAT Rottweiler was an owner-surrender at the Humane Society, supposedly a no-kill shelter. WELL, they soon filled up and needed to "get rid of" some animals, which meant euthanasia unless other options could be found. So they contacted United Animal Friends, a rescue organization I've worked with before. Long story short, we fostered her for several months, didn't find her a home, so decided to keep her. I got to a point where I just really liked her!! 😉

    So -- I'm trying to get an AKC "Purebred Alternative Listing" number for her so I can compete in AKC events with her: you know, agility, herding, and the like. (She's really a cool girl and I know she could be really competitive!)

    On to Maddie. They guesstimated her at being "about 4" (what they tell everyone about every dog.) She has oodles of energy, jumps straight up into the air when I'm home, gently grabs my hand, and is EXTREMELY vocal. Makes all kinds of funny noises if I or one of the other dogs has something she likes or wants -- very demanding and pushy and kind of in your face, but she also cuddles and has a very sweet way about her. I just love this dog and think we could work really well together!

    I wanted to guess December -- she struck me as a Sagittarian or some kind of fire sign. I have another two other Rottie girls who are energetic and fun, but the one has the quirkiness of a Pisces (she is) plus she stresses out when we go to compete in things -- she literally falls to pieces! And then my other is a Libran, and sadly, she and I work together like oil and water. 😞 (She's my husband's dog!)

    My male is a Cancer and he's just a riot. He and my HUSBAND were cut from the SAME MOLD, but the nice thing about the dog is that I can shape and control his quirks... 😉

    Anyone get a feel for her?

  • she feels like a Gemini to me.....verbal and energetic, but lovable. Altho Gemini's are "supposed" to have an alternate side......I feel hers has not awakened yet.....let someone get between you and what she feels is safety and believe me she will respond.

  • Hey thanks! I didn't think of that, but I like it. 😉 Thanks again!

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