Would appreciate someone with real psychic abilities pretty please

  • Hello, would really appreciate it if I could speak with someone that can help me figure out what to do. I had a reading today and the lady kept back tracking..I am a Leo and had been dating a Virgo. This wonderful man of course lovingly nit picked me into submission which as a leo is hard for to do. He recently broke things off and I am having such a hard time accepting that its permanate because I feel it in my bones, instinctively that I have met my match...in all senses of the word. He doesn't understand how I could care so much after only 3 months. What I would like to know if I should continue to give him his space and he will come back or if I should take the wonderful experience and move on. I appreciate your help thank you.

  • Okay, well I feel as though I can offer a little help here, not in a psychic sense, but as I know a thing or two about relationships and attraction. A situation like this is never hopeless, but you have to be careful and keep a cool head or else you can, in fact, act in ways that do not help your cause. It's understandable to want to get back together, but you can do things that will blow your chances. There are lots of resources out there, I don't want to "advertise" any specific one, but you can do an online search for ebooks that specialize in getting back with an ex. There are also good ones and bad ones, so I also recommend after finding one, do another search for reviews on that particular one. Remember that either way, no matter what happens with this relationship, you have the power to be happy. All the best...

  • Thank you very much for your kind words. My head thankfully is in a better place now after thoughful guidance. Its time for me to move on and be happy.

  • You know the one "He Just Not That Into You"?

  • Giving him space and moving on are the same thing. Don't fear the truth. You can't TRY to make him love you--you accept too much responsability. Be your true self--the good with the bad. You can't blame yourself for his lack of interest. He either is into you or not and if it is not it doesn't mean you are not lovable. It just means you haven't found the one. Don't settle for an attraction that has you feeling like you are not good enough. Move on in a big bold way and love yourself . If he follows and brings roses ---good for you. But don't be looking over your shoulder be confident and walk tall and the right man will notice. Say it to your mirror every morning out loud "I AM LOVABLE!"

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