• I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with reincarnation.

    My beloved cat, Sushi was hit by a car on the 12th of this month.

    I did a tarot reading and the card that came up was the Hanged Man, which to me, seemed to symbolize his death and rebirth.

    I honestly feel like I have had him in my life before, perhaps a past life.

    Will he come back to me in this lifetime?

    I've attached a photo.

  • Well, the photo didn't work.

  • I'm so sorry for your loss of a beloved pet. For what it's worth, I believe that pets reincarnate and come back to us. Maybe you could contact a pet psychic to give you the information you need. I hope you find some answers. Take care.

  • Im a not a pet psychic or phsychic b any means. Bu maybe next time when your looking for a pet and you its the right time in your heart. Youll find him. Look into the eyes. It will most likely be random. He might go into another color or even a k nine. But dont look for him, he will come back to you forsure :).

    Love and hope


  • Feel it in your heart, youll know.

  • Thank you for your responses.

    I appreciate any insight and you have provided me with some.

    Much love and light to all!

  • Hi again Blu lotus,

    I keep thinking about you and decided to come back and post.

    So, i don't tell many people this because it makes me sound kind of "funny". I believe that my cat Marv is a reincarnation of a family cat I had while growing up....and my normally sceptical family believe it now too.

    The family cat was named Chrombie and he was pretty high up the totem pole in the family heirarchy.....just beneath my mom but above my dad and us kids. Lol! Chrombie was so well loved and had such funny traits. One of them was that he had to drink his water out of a tiny little soap dish in a certain bathroom. Change the dish and he wouldn't drink. Move the dish to another area of the house and he would walk away to "his" bathroom and sit looking up expectantly. I would find him there often just sitting and patiently waiting for someone to come along and fill up his soapdish even though he had perfectly good, normal sized water dishes all filled up and waiting for him in not one but THREE different areas of the house. Chrombie died at the ripe age of 18 and we all mourned him and decided we would never bother getting another cat because no cat could be as wonderful as our Chrombie. Well, there I was 10 years after Chrombie died and I broke down and decided to check out the cats at the humane society. I don't know why it seemd so important to get a cat. I just NEEDED to get a cat. I had recently ended a long relationship and moved back to my hometown after years of moving around to different countries. I wanted something in my life that was permanant. I looked online at the cats up for adoption and decided on a pretty little white kitten. I went to the humane society and asked to see the kitten and while we were on our way passing other cat cages, a paw reached out from one of the cages and a claw stuck to my sweater. I looked into the cage and saw the spitting image of Chrombie inside! Thoughts of the kitten pushed aside, I asked to see the cat and found that he had just been brought in that day so his picture hadn't been put up online yet. Anyway, they took the cat out of the cage and I went into a little room with him to get to know him. He jumped up on my lap as if he'd known me forever and started kneading away. I took him home that night. Every single person (family included) who has seen my new cat ,Marv, does a double take and says "wait, that can't be Chrombie. He passed away years ago! but he looks just like him...and he acts just like him!" Marv has also adopted this funny little habit. He will sit and wait in a certain bathroom for me to serve his water out of a certain little soapdish. Move the dish to another part of the house and he will walk over to "his" bathroom and look up expectantly. Change the dish to a normal sized water dish and he will not drink. I suppose it could all just be a wierd coincidence but anyone who knew Chrombie swears up and down that Marv is very very very similar in appearance and behavior. Marv also appeared at just the right time in my life when I needed to feel some type of permanance and comfort. This is why I believe that our pets will find us again when it is time. Hope that brings you some comfort. It is absolutely true. Also, i googled pets and reincarnation and was astounded to find pages of stories just like mine. Take care. x

  • Stony your so kool! 🙂

  • Stoney, your story really is very encouraging. I now know to listen to my intuition and heart.

    Thank you again for sharing. 😃

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