The aquarian phoenix spirit.


    The Significance of the Phoenix

    Various tales abound concerning the mythical firebird, the Phoenix. From east to west, and north to south, many have caught a glimpse of its unrivalled beauty, but few have heard its undying song. Its colour is crimson (Mars) and gold (Sun) with a plume of purple (Pluto). The flames of its funeral pyre are fuelled by frankincense (Love) and myrrh (Law). Eternal symbol of Physical Immortality, the Phoenix makes its nest in the top of the Everlasting Tree of Life.

    The Phoenix is the higher frequency symbol for Aquarius, the Bearer of the Cup containing the Waters of Life. The Phoenix of Aquarius represents the collective or planetary gaining of Everlasting Life. Those who have the Seal of the Phoenix upon them are the torchbearers of Immortality. They have discovered their Highest Purpose is to attain Physical Immortality in this Life and dedicate themselves to directing Immortal energies for the Evolution of a New Planetary Structure capable of supporting Greater Expressions of Life. If you are one of these beings, then visualize the Seal of the Phoenix upon your brow, or third eye, chakra. The Spirit of the Aquarian Phoenix anoints thee! This Touch of the Fire Bird upon your forehead ignites the pyre that consumes all Chains of Mind and creates Perfect Freedom. Life can not confer the Seal or Grade of the Phoenix upon you until you take the conscious Vow to overcome death and to dedicate yourself to the communication of the Immortal Way.

    The Truth and Way of Life Eternal is a most precious Gift to share!

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