Lis1, could I please get a reading?

  • Lis1, That was really nice what you did for Littlespacemonkey and what a reading! Your words from Yates were great. I have had a pretty bad time for the last couple years from Divorce after 30 years and most recently cancer (hopefully it has all been removed, next test 3 months. I am an Empath and so have been trying to work on dealing better with that. I have intuition and not sure if I can read or do anything else, still working on myself and trying to sort it out. 2010 has gotten off to a bad start and yet I am still hoping that things will get better. I have only one love interest and he is a gemini and does the pull/push (don't want to hurt you) he was born 6/10/64. My birthdate is 2/26/61, and I do not know what else you need for a reading. I would like anything you can tell me (what answers the universe gives) or if you can love, finance, job, education, finance, and of course health. If you have any information about any gifts that I may have besides being an Empath and if I should try to develop them. Thank you again for your support of LSM and others on the forum.

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