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  • I am thankful that the art of Feng Shui is really catching on of late--a friend who used to dismiss my Feng Shui advice recently begged me to draw up a PaKua for him so he can study and assimilate the 8 directional elements to apply to his living space. On the fly, we began shoving pieces of furniture around the room until he sighed deeply and said, "Ahh, I can already feel the difference." I think this may have incurred in part by my gifting him with a lovely citrine crystal, used as a Feng Shui cure. Citrine is used to attract prosperity, and to draw in the earth element. My friend is a Taurus. (An earth sign.) Thankfully, I can report that healingcrystals.com features a wide array of awesome crystals at wholesale prices...as well as articles on crystal healing. The website is a must for anyone who is serious about instituting Feng Shui cures in the home.

  • Hi, that's really interesting. I have been attracted to citrine lately, but I am an Air sign, a Libra. Perhaps there is an effect nonetheless, haha.

  • Violeta74 I just came to this forum this evening and you may have already gotten an answer to your attraction to citrine. Citrine is a cleansing stone but it also can bring abundance to your home or a cash box. If you stand and look at the door leading into your home. Then walk in and go to the farthest left hand corner that is where you need to place citrine. And it is said to bring abundance into your home. It also has a calming effect on some people that I have introduced it to. It is a stone that I give to anyone I know that is a diabetic. Its said to cleanse the kidneys. I hope some of this information was helpful.

  • Hi, I'm just now trying to learn about Feng Shui,and I really enjoyed reading about the citrine stone. Is there any other sites or books that I could be more informed..i'm turning 50 this year,and I'm a virgo....my life is really starting to change...I think for the better!:) Thanks for any info! God Bless you all...:)

  • You might look for the book that was recommended in an earlier post. I found it on abebooks.com. It was called Move Your Stuff,Change Your Life by Karen RauchCarter. I don't know enough on the subject to help you more than that.

  • Thank-you for the book info, I'll check that out, any information is informing..i appreciate it..:)

  • i have heard that painting your front door red can bring wealth& good luck to your home!

  • Thanks for the advice! I just now noticed, as I hadn't been to the forum in awhile 😉

  • Ooh, that's kool. Ooh, I have a door that is red, but its not my front door. My front door is green. Does that mean anything?

  • Hi, the website healingcrystals.com is so awesome, because you can find out which stones are right for your astrological sign--I don't have much knowledge on this, as I still look things up in my book on crystals. I can say that since I've been making purchases from this website, my feng shui situation is at a whole new level, and I feel pretty excited about the changes. The website gives so much good information. If you have a specific trouble area, it will tell you which gemstone you need to purchase. The prices are so reasonable and the quality is quite good. I'm so happy with the results, I started buying gemstone beads and making my own jewelry as well.

  • Hi, thank you for mentioning the diabetic thing, because my friend was recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I feel better knowing this.

  • Hi, I just learned some things about colors and the elements--if your front door is green, that means you are invoking the wood element into your home. (Health and Family). So, it might be a good element for you, depending on circumstances. Red is a lucky color and so associated with wealth. In using a cure, you are supposed to first think of that which is a bother to you in your life, or challenging, and then use an element to correc the issue. I also just learned that a combination of rose quartz, aventurine and citrine (tumbled gemstones) can be placed in the wealth gua in the home (southeast for compass feng shui, or the far left corner from your entrance for Bagua feng shui) as a wealth enhancer. If you use directional feng shui, aka compass feng shui, then you could find out what direction your front door is situated in, and color the door to match the main element in your home, the direction your door faces (looking outward, I believe. I always get confused by this). I found a really nice book on compass feng shui in the One Spirit Book Club catalog--i'm sure there are others at Amazon.com. Compass feng shui seems to be getting increasingly popular, like a more advanced version of the Bagua method (aka Black Hat Sect school of feng shui.)

  • Hi Virgo--I looked up a bunch of stones for Virgo, but accidentally posted it in another forum--so sorry! (I think it was the other one on Feng Shui cures, or Candles and Feng shui). But today I got a book title for you: American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing, by Luc Bourgault. If you go to healingcrystals.com, you can search for your astrological sign and get suggestions for gemstones. You might also want to get their free enewsletters which show up occasionally with all this good info and links to specific gemstones and sales and such. Incidentally, in astrology, citrine (either crystal or tumbled gemstone) relates to the planet Mercury, which is Virgo's ruler. Also, if you're in a new phase of development, you could try a space cleansing ritual--either use a sage smudge or stick of incense, to go throgh and clear out the old energies in the home. Or, mix up a bowl of salt and water, and use the mixture to sprinkle around the place. In either case, go heavier in corners where the energy accumulates, and also at doorways. Ask Mother Earth (or preferred Universal energy) to absorb negativity and fill the room with light and love. Just a thought. Have a wonderful new cycle of positive experience.

  • Hi


    Its been a while. Yea, that Virgo stuff you posted it on the Fen Shui Cures where were discussing cures on my house. I was wondering why? Its OK. I still used your other info on the Quartz and Citrine and Aventurine.


    Peace and Unity

  • Hi,

    I just did a mini Feng Shui Report here on Tarot .com and it said on Chapter 6. Which is the only free-bee. figures they 'd give ya wealth so if you can come up with money You'll buy the whole report.

    Any who it said I need to put Fire Opals in my wealth sector in a blue dish. And it had a lot of other interesting things also.

    If you can afford it, it looks like a pretty good report based on your birth date.

    Peace and Unity

  • A couple of posters have mentioned putting crystals in the far left corner of the entrance of your home. What if you have two levels? Should you place it in the upstairs corner or the downstairs corner?

  • Hi


    I don't know what the experts say, but I have been putting crystals in every room. They are good and positive. And I think good and positive should be in every room.

    Peace and Unity

  • Hi, I believe that if you are using a Feng Shui cure, then the bagua is superimposed onto both levels of the home. The far left corner from your entrance would be the Wealth gua. So if you put crystals there, you are activating chi to come to this area. If you can locate directions in your home, try placing crystals in the Southwest and Southeast and also in the center of the home --the

    location on the map is related to the earth element. This is if you are activating chi for wealth. If you wish to activate another gua, move the crystals to this area. However, I have heard if you are doing compass Feng Shui, don't use the bagua method--don't mix the two. I have used both, and they seem to overlap a little.

  • My son and I have moved into a new home recently i.e. about 2 months ago. Our main door is located in the N/E which according to his Kua No.9 is unlucky for him. As there is no way in which we can change the main door location, I would be happy if someone could suggest some cure. Since the past one month i.e. from around 5th of this month, he has been falling ill frequently and his work has suffered. This has caused some issues at his work place. Besides. due to his health, his performance at his work place has dropped and this is a cause of concern. I placed a 6 metal rod wind chime in the north area, to remove the ill effects of the yellow stars, but this seems to have brought more bad luck instead of alleviating the situation. The wind chime is suspended from a piece of wood. Could this be the cause for problems? Today, I told my son to remove the wind chime and watch what happens.

    The home we purchased was a brand new one. However, the builder placed a family in our flat temporarily. Could it be due to their energy that we are facing health and other problems. How do I clear the home space. Can I use incense sticks to purify the home ? Will washing the floor with grain salt water help?

    Can someone give me some tips on what I should do ?

  • To Flo2008: Burning some sage in the Center area can be very powerful and helpful in dissipating negative or unlucky energies. Yes the wood in the north area can definitely be creating problems, though you could try burning some cedar incense or sage in the Northeast area.

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