Anyone feel the pull to live in or visit a certain place?

  • Hi LeoScorpion, Would love love to chat again. I understand about not getting too much and missing replies etc. Things move fast here! Also, thank you so much for telling me about wingedwolf. I love her website. See you again. Take care.

    Icearia, So glad you are here! I'll look forward to chatting with you again too. See you again me matey. 😉

    Serious7, I always fall for that English accent too! You know, I lived there for a while and am also a Californian. Maybe I'm your soul mate?? lol! although, I don't sound at all like a brit. Follow your dreams. 🙂

  • Oops, leoscorpion, I meant Iunderstand about not getting ONLINE too much. Must proofread. See you!

  • stonyeye

    you're welcome. hope you find what you seek. Feel free to contact her if you have any question or needs tips. she always replies. It might take a week if customers want her to travel to their place, usually when it comes to animals.

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    don't worry about proofread, I su ck at spelling and grammar myself LOL

    I used to fall asleep during class anyway LOL that's what happen if I sit too long LOL

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  • lol, maybe stony :).

    And yes l I might just gogogo. Be a random pub in england in no time!

  • Hey stonyeye ... look forward to chatting with you. Cheers O Sailing One. icearia xxx

  • stonyeye - is that your Stony? If so, he sure does look A LOT like my Princess. 🙂

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  • i have a constant pull to live in spain and when im there i always feel like im home. i often wonder if i lived there in my past life.

    jen xxx 29/06/71

  • @Amantin: You absolutely MUST go to see Stonehenge if you've never been. And please pay the extra $ to take the tour that allows you to actually walk up to and in between the stones. It is a feeling I will never forget.

  • Hi Stonyeye,

    I'm new to this forum and found your thread to be very interesting. I've lived in OH all my life and have certainly felt the urge to live and visit other places. Who in OH doesn't. I've traveled in the states and in europe but had never felt the need to pull up roots and move. But that was until I visited the sandhills area of NC. I felt such a strong sense of belonging & for some reason was convinced I had relatives there. I know it sounds so weird & with no reason other than a feeling, to think that is where I should live. I've always been intuitive but skeptical. Has anyone on this thread felt that way?

  • Sorry Stonyeye. I guess I killed your thread. What.... can't the sandhills of NC be as spiritual as Stonehenge?

  • One last email to your thread I feel a stong pull to leave New York altogether and live in the Florida keys on a remote Island. I have felt That for a few years and funny thing I want to hike and sightsee in the Tennensee Hills. I wanted to do the Tennessee trip for over 27 years and Have not made it there yet. Not to say hey you never know things change and. I dream about it often. Learning to turn my dreams into reality.

  • Haha. Hey Litllelioness. This thread just got lost in the shuffle. I totally understand your feelings. I don't know much about N Carolina but if you felt the pull and that you belonged there then I believe there is something to it. Have you been able to go again? If you can, I would go for it! You never know what might be there for you. 🙂

    BlacknBlonde, same thing with you! I've always wondered what the Florida Keys were like. i've never been there but imagine it would be really nice. Let me know if you get to the Tennessee Hills! Sounds like you need to go there for some reason.

  • Stonyeye, my husband and I've vacationed in NC many times past two years & want to retire there. I could find a job there easily but not so for him. But you never know. We keep hoping. It's a great feeling when you have this connection to a place & particularly, if you go, everyday there seems like an adventure. BTW, there are some beautiful horse farms there. I enjoy reading your threads. Take care & have a great day.

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