Anyone feel the pull to live in or visit a certain place?

  • Hi icearia!

    So glad you have joined us. I am new to forums also, but its like going to a party where you don't know anyone. OR drawn to good energies as we've been discussing here. We have had a mutual admiration society going on & it has been on a personal level too ... Many here support each other in our individual walks. I like this from your post as it is a stance I take also .. you said it Extremely well :

    "However, I advoctae learning from self so much more. We all have answers we want, sometimes desperately so, to various things in our life. In many ways, this is why we use, psychics and the like ... but they can never be definitive because we are infinitely more complex than that and, the more answers we get ... the more questions we have. Use these places and others as guidance ... you were lead to them for a purpose ... and they will allow you to intuit what feels right and move away from what does not. That, for me, is their whole purpose. "

    Stonyeye -- Ya know my 2 cents r coming, lol ! I know of 3 of my past lives These came to me without any prompting -- I didn't even believe in reincarnation then ! Years later I went to someone who channeld past lives and she gave me others. To this day I don't remember really what she said ( LOL! k, not totally because of lost, aging, brain cells) .

    I believe it is because all I needed to know For This Life was contained in the ones that were revealed To Me.

  • H E double hockey sticks ! Didn't finish ....

    Anyway, you must have a reason .... I have faith in you following your intuition. Just want you to be careful, k? Anyone can tell you anything --- Truth is in you --- or your pirate eye!

  • Africa, Egypt, Spain, England.

  • Hi Laie4,

    How sweet are you? Thanks so much for your gentle kindness ... a nurturing, supportive place is perfect for the right souls.

    Art thou a Bowling For Soup Fan??? I gathered from the h-e-double hockey sticks you know it? They are extremely clever are they not? My daughter actually introduced me to them when I was painting her bedroom one day. I hadn't laughed so much in a long time and now own all they have done and think it's so sad that they will never tour Australia. Never mind ... this is a big aside isn't it? Back on track ...

    The search for past lives depends on what you want to do with the knowledge too. If we ask ourselves what it is we want to know for, we can often understand our inner need to know. Many past lives have no bearing on present lives too. However, if the personal call to a specific place is established by one's soul; then there is great meaning inside it.

    I know of a few past lives, particularly in Canada, and through hypnosis ... my time there surrounded healing, plant wisdom and animal healing (in one I could walk amongst any animal wild or otherwise and commune with them ... they actually came to me for help). I completely understand why I belong to wildlife organizations in this life-time now ... I have belonged to Defenders of Wildlife in the United States for more than a decade now. I was left with a clearer understanding as to why I just seem to know things about plants too and I was also clearer on why I have been able to remove stuff from people in healing sessions. Are any of these abilities important in this life? I believe so because things make more sense. I also was shown a few really important aspects of my present and future life in this session ... I say future to reflect me years from now, not life-times from now.

    I saw myself having to decide whom to choose to marry ... one was my current husband. I did not choose him then but did, now. This is truly simplified but you get the point. The other saw me in a cottage by a river, with loads of animals in a past life and then, myself a few years from now living, interestingly, in the same cottage in the same place I had before. I had even placed a rock with a special symbol on it to remind myself of my past life for when I came back ... for when I finally go home. It was amazing - hence, my recommendation to you, stonyeye.

    Whenever a call goes out from the soul, be it a place or anything about your life ... if something truly moves you to feel deeply, then it is important to pursue and uncover. Your soul can only speak to you symbolically and in ways that make you feel (because that's the language of the heart), so when it does ... it really wants you to know something. It speaks to you in a way that only you will understand fully because it is meant for only you. This message (like all messages from Spirit) is there to help you, to guide you and to bring a new level of understanding to your awareness.

    I find it helpful to really listen and to spend as much time as I can meditating or even just being quiet with music to work out what different things mean ... to piece the different signs together to move forward with more knowledge than I had before. This piece of mine is already really long (sorry lol ... it's a huge topic) but if I could explain all of the encounters I had with orcas, bears, wolves, eagles, deer, elk, chipmunks, squirrels, osprey, big horned sheep and the like whilst I was in Canada ... encounters that locals told us was so rare and so unusual, it would help explain what I mean by messages and signs from Spirit. Maybe one day ... if anyone's interested ... lol! I never met a moose though ... we came back to Australia thinking them to be a myth. It was funny.

    The past life report on was also quite an eye opener and explained a lot of stuff for me ... especially after some research. Has anyone else tried it? Love to hear what you discovered.

    And Laie4 .. you were spot on with your comment on not remembering certain things for a reason ... what is relevant will be as it leads to the next piece of the puzzle for each of us. Well pointed out. By mutual admiration society though, I meant the places and countries everyone had listed ... sorry if this wasn't clear ... I wasn't refering to 'the friends' on site, just the patterns emerging. I also wasn't planning on staying on this post but really wanted to thank you for your welcome ... that was really lovely. So, thanks.

  • Hi Laie4 and Icearia,

    I understand what you are both saying and understand and truly value your comments. I've had a few things come up and am curious to see if I might learn more about them. For me, a reading might be a good way to go about it. I know that a reading is but one way to go about this and trust that if I'm meant to know, then something will come out and it will feel right to me. I think I have a pretty good bull shizz detector about these things so if it doesn't feel right, then I'll admit ... ok...maybe that wasn't the best avenue to pursue. lol! Anyway, I've followed a lot of LeoScorpion's posts, think highly of her comments and and have been considering contacting her for her recommendation for a while now. Quite some thought is going in to this. I sincerely thank you both for your responses though. I am also very interested in the stories of the way your past life information came to both of you. I've had dreams and "feelings" but have not felt that certainty you both have had.

    Laei4, You know that you can give me your two cents worth anytime! By the way, with all these joking references to my being a pirate lately, I am beginning to suspect now that i WAS a pirate previously! hahaha ..... Arrrr.....I just need a parrot and will be all set.

    Icearia, I didn't know this was the first time you visited the forums. Please don't leave already. I have gotten a little "prickly" a few times after reading a post and then realized that no offense was meant. A lot can get lost in the black and white of written word. I'm sure you understand that. Anyway.... welcome!

  • stonyeye ~ I am glad to see that intuition is still well & alive between us --- glad u got it : )

    Just a thought -- Have you looked into southern european countries? Also, I had the same silly thought right after I posted the pirate crack. Be well !

  • icearia, Hope u see this, keeping it short. You were clear about patterns concerning places. I did understand that, sorry, to mislead you. Lately, I've noticed emerging patterns in who posts what etc. Seeing things as a whole is just how my mind works. Peace & Joy!

  • icearia

    I'm not sure where am I defensive

    I have been on many forums, nothing spiritual

    I am responding to Stonyeye, I don't see why that sounds defensive

  • Hey Leoscorpian...i would love the name of your regressionist...if you dont min..kittybonne

  • Oh, icearia -- i rushed the above - yes, like bowling for soup because of their word play! To their music I'd be dancing with the paintbrush!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dearest Leoscorpion

    thanks for website and yes am happy for you to follow me

    if I need yiuwill catch you on that thread re: vibes

    best to you always, and I always enjoy your posts no matter where or what topic is.

  • Stonyeye ... many thanks for the welcome. I wish you all the best with your reading ... it is something I would do too. I look forward to reading anything you feel like sharing about it and your insights ... shall check back to see if you have posted. I have a parrot ... pink & grey galah (probably doesn't mean much to Americans because it is an Aussie bird) ... very noisy sometimes ... best to be a pirate with a sword lol! 🙂 And on that note ... there are no accidents in life me hearty!!! There's lots of meaning in things that just sort of seem to happen. Best wishes.

    Laie4 ... I dance to B.F.Soup all the time ... fabulous driving music too! No probs with the other stuff ... all good. I like what you write ... it's fresh and honest. Enjoy reading your thoughts. Enjoy reading everyone's thoughts.

  • icearia -- glad to hear all is good, fly your own kite! heehee You did get that correct --- I am very fresh and very honest, LOL ! Seriously, thanks. Don't even get me started on driving music!

  • goldenhill

    you're welcome. thanks for the well wish you gave me the other week.

    I replied to it. and see you next time

  • Ive always been drawn to england my whole life. Thats where my soulmate is, I think! Or it could just be the accents :). As well as california.

  • serious7 ~~ Be happy > Go,Go !! lol

  • serious7 "it could be the accents :)"

    I like their accents too. I like Japanese food for some reason, but it could be because I don't eat it often so it's good variety. was thinking it would be nice to live there since then I can eat their food every day LOL

  • I have always been drawn to visit england or ireland, but I am drawn to anywhere that there is a beach. I find the ocean so healing and beautiful, it really gives me serenity and I feel at home and homesick for the beach. I got depressed this summer after leaving the shore for three weeks. I just feel so connected to it and just love to be silent and listen to it.

  • Cheers Laie4! Driving music is legendary ... have a car stacked beyond full. Perhaps we can swap names of stuff we like ... even if I am probably decades older than you darl 🙂 You are a bubbly soul ... are you an American O joyous one? Look forward to more chats.

    Hi forsui9 ... nice to read your thoughts on this topic. Do you have some CD's with ocean sounds on it? It would make an awesome meditation partner and help soothe you till you can get back to the beach.

    Hey there serious7 ... am a sucker for Canadian accents. I just close my eyes and all but drink it in it's so cool. Like music to my soul. I think this is part of the attraction to places ... it's comfort food for the heart. And, if past lives are why we are drawn to spaces ... then it's no wonder the whole package makes us feel so much longing. Laie4 is right ... go! if you can ... do.

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