Anyone feel the pull to live in or visit a certain place?

  • Icearia, Thank you for your insight!!!! : )

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  • Hi Stonyeye,

    What a great thread! I am still learning just from being in here with all of you! Never thought of it, but I feel drawn to Sedona, possibly because of the energy there. I came to Pittsburgh on a feeling that didn't make sense, and it appears to have been a good move. Met good people, have had good support systems when my youngest two children were born with Down Syndrome and Autism....There are a lot of services here that's not available in too many other places, so i am wary of moving, but I've been feeling it for a while, just not sure where I need to be. Following everyone's comments in this thread shows me that I am not unique in that aspect.

    Thanks, Stonyeye and everyone posting here, I get an education everytime I come into this place.

    Blessed Be!


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  • Hey LeoScorpion, Yes, if you wouldn't mind posting it, I would like the name of the person who did your past life readings. Thank you.

    Great insights Iceara. I think a lot of these answers are inside and we do all "know" in some way or another about places or people that feel right....people we have learned from through good and bad experiences. They are all mean to teach a lesson of some sort. For me, it would be fun and interseting to get a starting off point with a reading.

    Yes! Sunshine and coffeegem, it's good for me to read these posts as well and know that other people have felt them. I kind of feel the same way Sunshine about feeling the urge to move again but don't really know where for sure yet. I keep telling myself that when the time is right, it will all come together. Until then, I'll stay put here. It seems that Pittsburgh has been a good match for you for this time. I'd also love to visit Sedona. I hear that is becoming a little too touristy as well but would still love to go there.

    VERY cool story coffeegem about meeting the man from Seattle!

    I'm also starting to think of places where I was drawn but for one reason or another but it never felt right when I got there. Have planned on moving to San Francisco at least three times in my life and each time something held me back or a better opportunity came along. Also, Sweden. I was so excited to move there and lived for a few years. It was a pleasant and easy life but no earth shaking love of the land that I thought i would feel or need to stay long term. These things fascinate me. Love hearing everyone's experiences.

    I hate flying too Soapmaker. HATE it! I definitely understand the fear. I even sought out a few pilots and all assured me that it was safer than taking a bath! lol! That's what they said. You had a greater chance of slipping and hurting yourself in a bathtub than anything happening while flying. Made me feel a little better. Sounds like you need to get to Wales and Ireland!!

  • sunshine I understand there is a vortex in Sedona and that also could be what pulls you besides the fact that you were there in another life. I have also heard that your drawn because you were some place in another life. Goldenhill I knew about the Spaceport going in but I was told it has been planned for a very long time and not much has been done. I went on and looked again at the real estate and it is even higher than the last time I checked it. They put in that new Walmart in T or C and it has gone crazy.

  • Stonyeye

    this is her website :

    You can add www in front of it if you need to.

    on the left side of the page you will see a list of services and products she provides

    I recommend that you have a good read of Spiritual readings, Animals Services and Holistic Healing. I know she is not a scam, but this is about you. See how you feel, after reading them.

    Once you are sure you want her to do your reading, you can contact her for more info about it.

    Her contact info is on the first page.

    You don't need hypnosis/ regression to have your past life read. She can do it long distance, you don't need to meet in person. Ask her for more info.

    Also you don't have to mention my name, I'm not getting commission out of it. It really is just you and her. Take care Stonyeye. I hope you will benefit from her help too 🙂

  • Thanks so much Leoscorpion. I value and trust your recommendation. I will make sure to visit her site and read through it all before deciding whether to initiate anthing. I'm really excited to see what it is all about! Thanks again. x

  • LibrasLair, wish you only the best with your search

    there are truly some beautiful places in NM

    and of course AZ.

  • stonyeye, I kind of go where I'm led, lol ! Twenty years ago, I had heard of Sedona and it's still on my list, even if it has changed as people said. Ireland ! Great-Great Grandmothers place is still in existence and my Mom went about ten years ago thru a freak coincidence. My Uncle ( Missionary Priest) was in Africa and met another priest there; in chatting, Uncle found out that this priest brother had just bought G- G -G-mother's house & land. I'd love to go with her.

    CoffeGem -- A similar story : I was dating a man that lived a couple of hundred miles away for a year & a half. On a drive to his place, I passed thru a state ( I live in NE so states are close together) and Knew with 100% certainty that a man I had dreamt of @ ten years earlier was in that state. One month later, the other guy broke it off. After a year, I healed and ran a personal ad looking for " The One", lol !, in that state. No luck !

    I flew to Germany to visit old friends and on the return trip met a really nice guy. We dated for 8 yrs., long distance ---- He is from that state! We are now married. What I found odd was other things also:

    1.) As an infant, my parents actively sought a home here because my father was offered a job here.

    2.) At 14, I took a business trip with my father here (didn't know the above story then) When I invited my father here for the first time he knew exactly where I was talking about because he too remembered that trip taken more than thirty years ago!

    Both #'s 1 & 2 were in the exact town, the exact state, that I now have permanent residence in.

    CoffeeGem -- best wishes for you ~ I really, really, like going where I'm led! LOL !

  • Stonyeye

    you're welcome

    hope for the best

  • Great to read new people's thoughts on the topis and even more interesting to see the patterns emerging between you all. I like how you all seem to have definite connections to the same sorts (if not the same) of places ... you have a lovely mutual admiration society going on ... cool.

    Leoscorpion ... no-one HAS to do anything ... least of all anything I say. Hypnosis is but one tool in life, there are many others. It is always someone's free will and right to do what feels right for them. There was nothing else to this comment.

    Stonyeye ... thanks for having me on your post. Best of luck with your past life search ... hope it fulfills your soul.

    To all who have shared their life here ... thanks so much. It was a pleasure being surrounded by like-minded, fellow path travellers. May all your journeys be wonderful ones.



  • icearia

    I never said there is anything else to the comment either

    I'm just saying she doesn't have to meet in person for hypnosis because the person that did mine can do it long distance

    and I didn't say she has to get her reading the way I did either

    that's why I recommended her to read through and see how she feels

  • Leoscorpion,

    I take things as I read them and do not look for agendas in things. I hope Stonyeye finds what she (I didn't know she was a she) is looking for in any way she needs to find it. I hope everyone does ... including you.

    This has been a great topic and one very, very close to my heart. I have enjoyed being a part of it.


  • Leoscorpion, would you mind if I look into the person you recommended for past lives?

    as a courtesy I am asking as your referral was for someone else.

  • icearia

    I enjoy many threads here, that's why I joined in the first place

    and not the first time I responded to Stonyeye either


    of course I don't mind 🙂

    I am recommending it to stonyeye because my post is a response to her

  • Leoscorpion, ok, thanks!

  • You're welcome Goldenhill


    sorry I didn't see your post for me on this thread until today

    I must have missed it ! I've replied to you there

    bye now and take care

  • leoscorpion

    I have NEVER been on any forums ever in my life and I am understanding why. This was the first post I have made in my life and it does not matter how many times you have made a response to stonyeye to me. Not sure why you even felt the need to write that either. Being defensive is not necessary. Yes, I have noticed you on many things I have read. I found something I thought I could contribute to & get something from, and did.

  • when i was a teenager between the ages of 13-16 i was drawn to Italy and all things italian the at 16 i met my husband to be and it wasent untill after we were married that i found out that his ancesters were from Italy

    for the past 5 years i have been drawn to newzeland and new england i have never been there but it's like a magnetic pull

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