Anyone feel the pull to live in or visit a certain place?

  • HI all, I'm wondering how many people are drawn to live in a certain country or city. Anyone feel like they should be living in a certain place or have you visited a place you've never been and felt like you had been there before or that you need to be there. I'm just curious to know who else has felt that way and if anyone has insight as to why? For example, I lived in London and felt like I should never ever leave. The minute I got there it was like I wanted to squish my feet into the earth (or rather sidewalks) and plant myself there. I did leave for a variety of reasons but miss it every day. Also, am really drawn to New Mexico but have never been. Just interested to hear from others who have felt the same.

  • Stoneyeye, yes was drawn from New Mexico to San Diego

    and then ended up on PhoenixNiw back in New Mex.

    Tucson calling for me, never been there

    I believe all happens for reason, as you move you meet all those who you are to meet

    ( or meet again...)

    best to you

  • Great question stonyeye. I have always wanted to go to:

    Washington state


    New Zealand

    Great Britian (especially to see Stone Henge)



    & I have always had a liking to people of Asian descent. I find them fascinating, exotic, and beautiful people.

  • Oh, I currently reside in North Eastern Ohio, on the Pennsylvania border.

  • Goldenhill, is New Mexico as magical as it looks in pictures? I've never been to Tuscon but am also kind of drawn the Southwestern states. Sedona is supposed to be pretty wonderful too.

    Amantim, any plans for visiting those places? I used to have dreams about Egypt. I went there about 5 years ago and it was literally a dream come true. I also noticed that the people there were so kind and seemed truly happy....even among a lot of poverty. I don't think this was a put on for the tourists either. Really made me think.

    Do you know, that I never visited Stone Henge? 5 years in the UK and never went. Shame on me. You'll have to let me know what it's like when you get there. 😉

    Hope you two are having a good day. x

  • Northern New Mexico,yes! Taos, Espanola, Santa Fe

    and also forest- area Eastern area


  • stonyeye -- I have been to New Mexico and the other southwestern states. They truly are beautiufl! The plateaus and canyons, and sunsets, sunrise...down right beautiful!

    Yes, I plan to visit them some day. I just don't have a date of when....which means, I can't fathom it right now. It's still just a dream right now. I feel like Scotland was a home to me too. I saw the house that I lived in (in a past life). Not the outside, but it was beautiful. It had to sets of stairs on either side right after you walk into the house. The created a half circle to the landing. There was a beautiful chandelier as well. I cannot remember much more than that though. It was nice.

  • New Mexico was calling me and I went to check it out. I have some friends around the Truth or Consequences area. I didn't feel good down in that town but once I got on higher ground it felt really good. But it was at a time that I shouldn't go so I am waiting to see just what happens in the future. I may have missed the good time to go. Will have to see.

  • LibrasLair, may have been more enjoyable North of Albuquerque,

    I am about 60 mi S. Of T or C

    Silver City may hav a nice vib too!

  • yes, I am drawn to Mexico but currently am living in Nothern California wherethere is alot od snow!!

  • Goldenhill I didn't want in the snow again yet I want to be at 2000 ft. level at least. I looked at property I believe a few years ago online in that area and that was before things fell through the floor and it was not as cheap for homes. But now it is way out of site around T or C. It was about $2000 and acre 5 yrs. ago and now it's $50,000. That's just the land now.

  • LibrasLair, that area may be up and coming, a Spaceport is to be built close by I believe

    check out property in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Santa Teresa,Hatch, RadiumSprings, Silver City ,Deming ,Mesilla, come down this way! : )

    good gosh! We had two snows Dec/Jan

    not sure where you're at but, snow is rare in south end of NM

  • Great question

    I've always had a pull for Scotland and Ireland and Wales. But not a city I live in a suburb now and that is too crowded for me. I've been to New mexico there is beauty there and some awesome history but it's very hard to get away from the tourism. It's gotten rather commercial, trendy. I thought Canada was beautiful the eagles and otters and water. I truly would like to live somewhere I couldn't see my neighbors out my windows. But I try to stay in gratitude so many people w/o homes Haiti etc.



  • I had always wanted to live in certain countries and places, mostly South America and Egypt.

    I found out that it's because I had lived in these places before. I had 4 of my past lives read, and since then I have been seeing more and more of other past lives. Some people have the ability to see their own past lives, some people are like me : have to be read first, and then we start to see more ourselves.

    Some of these countries still exist, with the same name and location. I never had the chance to visit any of them in this life time.

    I had lived in Egypt, a kingdom that is now within Pakistan territory, a place in South America that is now within Peru territory, somewhere in Saudi Arabia. I can't recognize the other places I was shown, or the languages. Either they don't exist anymore, or just remote places.

    Maybe it's the same thing with you. In the past, you enjoyed your life in London and so you don't feel like leaving it now. Or you just enjoy living in London, never have a problem with anyone there or something.

  • Hell o to everyone! This is a very good question to raise - thank you stonyeye for posting - and it has been lovely to read everyone's shared thoughts and feelings. Thank you to all of you.

    I, too, have this call. They say 'home is where the heart is' and, at times, that does not necessarily mean where one currently lives does it? I am an Australian who has always felt 'out of place' ... that sense of belonging ... of 'home' has never been something I have had living here. Canada is 'home' for me.

    Like so many of you, I have a pull towards various places which, in my experience, is always a past or future life thing ... it's a connection that helps you uncover more of the 'real' and authentic you and, as some of you have said, it is definitely a purposeful aspect of being who you are. Calls like that are uniquely special because they move you to feeling and that moves you towards experiencing your life. I encourage you all to listen to your intuition on where you are drawn to ... do some research, delve into the past if necessary but do find out why it means something to you.

    I have no Celtic heritage and yet, I called all 4 of my kids Celtic names. I have never been to lands connected with Celtic lore but I pursue Celtic Astrology and tree lore. My ipod is filled with Celtic music too. Yet, I don't call that 'home' ... Canada is.

    I finally got to go there 4 years ago now and I miss it as if someone has ripped my soul out. Feeling called or connected to other lands is a deeply personal and meaningful path and one we all owe it to ourselves to pursue ... just why do we feel something so powerful to places we may never have been to? I believe it is an intrinsic part of who we are and why we are here ... it is what we need in order to complete our life upon this earth.

    I wish you all the very best kinds of wonderful in discovering who you are and why these palces mean so much to you. I truly look forward to reading what you love to share about your discoveries.

    Angel Hugs,


  • Really cool to hear from other people about this. I always wondered if a pull to a certain place had something to do with a past life and it seems that many people feel that too. It is VERY interesting LeoScorpion about your past life readings. I have always wanted to get one of those done but want to make sure it is someone legitimate.

    I know exactly how you feel ,icearia, about feeling out of place even if you were born there. Really enjoyed reading your post.

    I've noticed that many here are or have been drawn to New Mexico. Pfree, I didn't know that tourism has taken over so much there. Shame. I guess lots of other people felt the "pull" to be there too. What areas did you visit?

  • Goldenhill, I just re-read what you wrote earlier about going places where you are meant to meet certain people. Yes, that does seem true! I have allways marveled at the luck of meeting a person and how I never would have known them if I hadn't traveled to their location.

  • Stoneyeye, yes , I believe it all has to do with the synchronicities of life, when I moved to San Diego planned to be there the rest of my life, then became engaged and went to Phoenix


    Yes there is a definite syncronicity to "The Plan",

    I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, I met all whom destined to meet in San Diego and Phoenix

    ws shall see if I am t heed the call to Tucson!!!!!

    Although San Diego is sooo Beautiful, I found Phoenix to be my Soul Place, much healing took place and I felt sooo welcome there. People are sooo welcoming and friendly!!!

    Awesome friendly customer service wherever you go!

    Best wishes on your travels

  • stonyeye

    I can recommend you the person who did mine. she keeps things confidential too.

    it is a paid service. I did it in 2006. let me know if you want her name.

  • Thanks Stonyeye ... pleasure reading everyone's thoughts because I am a very firm believer in "once you have read, seen or heard things, you are never the same again." And, whilst destiny plays a part in our lives, we are the masters of our own destiny too. Yes, I now live on the other side of our country after spending my whole life in one spot and this place is so against every intrinsic intuitive part of my being but ... there is a purpose to all things. I have met the 'right' individuals - even if they caused great pain - for this part of my journey ... we all do.

    There are definitely people we are meant to meet ... good or bad because all of it teaches us about ourselves and the more we learn about what we really are, the closer we get to understanding the purpose of our particular life-time.

    I recommend past life regressions with a reputable psychologist who does hypnotherapy - great starting point. However, I advoctae learning from self so much more. We all have answers we want, sometimes desperately so, to various things in our life. In many ways, this is why we use, psychics and the like ... but they can never be definitive because we are infinitely more complex than that and, the more answers we get ... the more questions we have. Use these places and others as guidance ... you were lead to them for a purpose ... and they will allow you to intuit what feels right and move away from what does not. That, for me, is their whole purpose. Your personal work begins at the end of a session with the intuitive.

    Goldenhill ... synchronicity is exactly how the universe works ... we only realize this when we see it and remember it, otherwise, we drift and wonder about everything. Remaining open is key and your posts read as if you are truly living this. Fantastic! This is the kind of belief that will open one's internal doors to why they are called to distant lands. Great post!

    This may seema little left of centre and I'm sorry if it is but I work intuitively and this is what I have gleened from those of you posting here ... please know this is only shared as a spark for whomever it is meant to spark. Unfortunately, I am unable to comment on the whole New Mexico thing as I don't have this call but I do feel that ceremony, natural medicines and the knowledge of a land at peace with itself is important for all of you. I have no idea what each of you do - but I sense from all your posts that the need to live simply, at one with all and using old knowledge and wisdom is very important to future paths. Perhaps a love of crystals for some of you pulls you to certain places ... especially those of you who love Sedona and the desert region. Lots of information is stored underground and, if you have gifts that can access and use this to serve others with, it is worth paying attention to. I feel one amongst you is native already ... not so much to these regions but native in alineage of knowledge. Your thoughts would really add to this post I believe. There is also someone here that I truly 'get' in their need for great space from others ... the life of a hermit is tempting to those of us who have done them before ... oh how I get that one. I strongly advise - though I think you do it anyway - deep meditation and music ... especially music from where you feel the most drawn to.

    And on that note ... my heart is with all of you who feel called ... it is a wondrous thing we all share.

    Angel Hugs ...

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