I'm new and need help!

  • I'm not new to having my cards read, but to being the one to read them...I'm blank. My mother was awesome and read my cards from the time I was 13 until just before she passed away. I have her deck but have not opened the box they reside in since my mother left us back in 2004. My mother and I were very close and yet I seem to be the only one in our family who hasn't felt, sensed or at least dreamed of her. I've been given conflicting information and need some help. I've been told that once I open her cards and start working them that I will open up what seems to be clogged and I will begin to feel, sense etc., my mother. On the other hand I've been told not to touch her cards that to do so could and or would bring about a world of negative that I'm not prepared for. They were my mothers and she used and loved them very much so. She shared with me many pieces of information with respect to the use(s) of the Tarot, but this is one she did not. Can anyone please help me with this. I would be so grateful.

  • LadyNells45, I can understand why people would say these things, although I have to disagree with them for the simple fact that you are your mothers daughter and have a precious bond with her like no other. In times past it was required that the daughter learned these skills, and many will disagree, I hope that you see through this nonsence for yourself. Your Mothers deck is infused with her essence, and it can be cleared with sage or white light. There are many ways to clear a deck, but do you really want to? You can learn from her in so many ways from just laying out the cards one by one until they are all spread. I suggest doing this on the floor or on a table that will hold all of the cards and do not move them. As time goes by maybe years, you will understand how precious this information is, don't leave it to chance and let a stranger tell you what to do! My advice is to get another deck to use and to also have another on hand for reading for strangers. Keep this deck when you want to know how your mom felt in simular circumstances. This info is invaluable! Lola to you and yours, and mom!

  • I am also going to suggest a book for you to get called Tarot Made Easy by Nancy Garen, this book is so accurate it is like a magical world of information, I hope your mom would approve, although reading intuitively is the goal, this book will open up your eyes!

  • Thank you for your advice and help. My mother would have without a doubt would have given you a thumb's up I'm sure. Her birthday is/would have been, Feb 12. I think that would be a good date to open her cards for my first time since she passed from this world. What do you think?

  • Thank you LadyNells45, I feel a warm loving energy from your response. I feel that your moms birthday is perfect for you to open the cards. I also feel that your mom might have given you that message, and that you will be guided in many ways with love. Lola for love to you and yours. Elizabeth.

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