Where to What to do?

  • Hi Captain,

    Could you when you have time do a reading for me please? Lots of problems and been trying to do Internet Marketing for some time now, shd I continue? Not having much luck for the last 2 years already?

  • Chappies, I feel you need to reach out to others for the help you need - particularly charitable organisations or churches. The area you are in feels very bad and lacking in energy at the moment and you won't do well there by yourself. I feel there is a good job for you in another town but not where you are. Are you able to move to be with friends or relatives?

  • Hi Captain,

    What do you mean the area feels very bad? I have lived here for the last 7 years and are in no way able to move to another town, as we own the house and cannot sell at this time. I do not work due to health reasons but my husband has a job here and jobs are very hard to come by in SA these days so........ Is that also why what ever we try to do, there are always some kind of obsticle? Is that the lack of energy? What can I do about it?

    Thank you


  • Hmm, it might not be your whole town that is low in positive energy but certainly the suburb where you live is very negative. It will be difficult for you to get what you want there. You can certainly rid your own home from the negative vibes of the area though.

    Ways to cleanse your home of bad vibes -

    Physically clean the place. This removes the old energy and keep the place in high vibration.

    Don't allow people with negative attitudes to enter your home.

    Get rid of anything that is old and no longer serves you. Any clothes, possessions, photos etc that are just cluttering your space. Free yourself and your home of anything that is no longer useful or has bad memories.

    Clear stale energies from the house. Open everything that is closed. In short, you should open all doors, all windows, all cabinets, all boxes, all cupboards and closets, anything that is closed should be open. Then, walking from the front door and in a clockwise pattern, circle each room and go into the next while ringing a bell. Be sure to ring the bell in the corners of rooms and in closets where negative energy can remain trapped. You can also use salt to cleanse an area and remove negative energies. Place bowls of sea salt in your home to protect you - the salt acts as an absorbent to negative energy. You can wipe the walls with salt or sprinkle salt into the corners of the room. Be sure to sweep up the salt and throw it into the trash outside of your house afterwards. If you feel extreme negative energy inside your home, you can also try sprinkling rice around the perimeter of your home beginning at the front door and walking in a clockwise fashion until you come to the door again. The rice will draw the energy outside and away from the interior of your home.

    Smoke from incense or from herbs such as lavender will drive away problems. Eucalyptus scent will be conducive for healing while mint will attract prosperity. The scents of incense or herbal essential oils are all excellent ways to introduce beneficial energy. Go and buy a sage smudge stick. Burn the sage and let the smoke go around every corner, and make sure you hit every outside door and window with the smoke.

    Light and sound are two very effective treatments that help to dispel negative energies. Take a drum and go around making as much noise as you can, but make sure you end at your front door. Tinkling windchimes and bright crystal rainbows or lit chandeliers are both excellent ways to introduce beneficial — and cleansing — energy to your space. But do not overdo!

    In the process of cleansing your home, it might also be a good idea to cleanse yourself (and other members of your family) as well. It is possible that you or someone else is bringing negative energy home from work or from the outside world. Soak in a tub with sea salt or dry-scrub with aromatic, purifying sea salt and wash your body in the shower afterwards. Salt will purify you and remove negative energies from your body. This is especially helpful if you or your relatives work in a hostile or gossipy environment and will help you rid the energy from your bodies. Also wearing any silk fabric (esp. around your stomach area) deflects negativity. Carry something RED on you at all times to keep those bad vibes away.

    Remember: Negative energy grows and grows. That’s why it’s important to stop it immediately. To ignore it is to cause more negative energy to build and this can affect your health, your career, your finances, and your relationships. Regardless of your beliefs, if your space doesn’t feel quite right, consider these tips to help you clear out the negative energy in your house and invite the good energy back inside.

    Burying some quartz crystals at the four corners of your property can help protect your house from outer negative energy or from those that wish to do you harm. You can even use Turquoise or Tourmaline to help deflect the negative energy around your home by placing it outside your front door. If the crystal has a pointed end, place the point away from your own home to help deflect the negative energy or to transmute it into positive energy.

    You don't have to do all of these things if you can't manage them, but you do to need something to protect yourself and your family from all that negative energy in your area.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Captain, Sorry only back now and read what all I have to do but just lost a good friend that past away so soon in a matter of 2 weeks?? I know I am going to miss her and just hope she is happy where she is now. She would have been 78 in Oct now and I always visited her to have a cup of tea and a chat as she could not get around. If I knew my mom (she died when I was 9) I would have wanted her to be just like Aunty Tienie. May she rest in peace.

    OK back to my problem THAT IS A TASK AND A HALF you are giving me!? But just waiting for the rain to settle the dust here after winter and going to spring clean and "try " and do what you are saying. Thank you so much I appreciate what you are telling me


  • Good luck to you! Let me know how things turn out.

  • Hi Captain hope you well. Cant wait for the rain to come so I can do all this cleaning!! No good doing it now as it is soooo dry and you can dust now and 5 min later can dust again and thats why we always wait for the 1st rain to settle the dust here in Africa.

    To get back to my "problem" and being inquisitive really? What do you feel or see when you do this reading for me? Why I am asking is that I have in the meantime done some 'research' as to our 'suburb' and specially our house?

    Our suburb was a huge farm long ago and parts was sold off to develope suburbs. There use to be a river on this farm and our house (about 20 years old so not 'old' for a house?) is actually build on this river 'belt'. We have a lot of clay ground and our house is 'cracking' like you cannot believe and now we know why??

    Now the people who was living in our house before just bought a house up the road so I sometimes see them at the shops and have a chat. The married couple that lived here got divorced and another woman moved in with the man. The wife did not like this and apparently the girlfriend told me when we moved in here "if ever you find strange things laying around just throuhg it away" as the wife was involved in some kind of witch craft to get her out of the house to get back with the husband. Apparently the wife passed away about 2-3 years ago. Has this anything to do with our bad luck that started about 3 years ago? In the back yard there is a slab of cement with her name written on it and I have wanted to break and taken out since we moved here but have not done so. Now the husband and girlfrien has since gotten married got divorced and is now living together again!

    What do you make of all this?? Thats why I am asking about what you feel or see ? I would really like to know as I have never really felt very happy here but have made it our home as I said and in no way able to move from here in the near future.

    Thank you for your input



  • Yes there are certainly bad vibes where you are living - you must make sure that everything from the old tenants is gotten rid off. You are right to want to get rid of that slab of cement. You need to clear out your home of anything left behind by other people so you can get a 'fresh' start there. That is why you need to do a complete cleansing.

  • Hi Captain, NO there is nothing of theirs here? When they left I cleaned out, fumigated and everything before I moved in! We changed the whole look of it as well and looking nice but for that slab! Could the bad vibes not be from us then? Like I said we have been here 7 years and all our problems started about 3 years ago? But as I said after the rain I am going to be very very busy!! You dont tell me what you feel or see? Sorry but trying to understand what is going on? I know SO MANY QUESTIONS HEY?


  • Even if you get rid of other people's material possessions, their bad energy vibes can still linger in the air. That's why you need to do the cleansing rituals I suggested. There is also someone (A couple, I think) you know projecting bad thoughts at you - which started three years ago. The bad outside energy is stirring up the old energy from past inhabitants of the home.

  • Thank you for that Captain, yes the ( couple ) I have known her for about 30 years and sad but also in a way happy to say that we had a bit of a diffrence Nov last year and have not spoken since. I have now started cleaning like you said and will take me a while to go thru the whole house but will get there asap and will let you know



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