Please Explain "Pinging" Someone (Energetically)

  • A friend told me today that the man I love and not currently in contact with, who has been on my mind all day today (very frustrating for me when I am TRYING not to think about him) may have been "pinging" me. I would like to know please exactly what she meant by that. Does that simply mean that he was thinking of me or is it a little more than that?

    Thanks for any insight!

  • Sorry, I meant yesterday not today!

  • Hey Wenchie, I think it's when they are thinking of you. A LOT. I've never used that term before - pinging- but when I lived in London, I had gone out with a guy a few times who was nice but no big connection for me. He really liked me though and I would run into him literally once a week. In London. THis is a HUGE city. People just don't run into each other there. A psychic friend told me that NO, he was not stalking me! lol! He was just thinking of me a lot and that energy was sent out so much and so often that he would accidentally find me. Wierd. Also, I know he was just as surprised as I was because the look on his face when we would see each other was always shock and little embarrassed. Then, on the other side of things, I had gone out with another guy who i really liked and he wasn't into me obviously because he never called for a third date. I was totally bummed and obsessed with him and thinking about him a lot and the same thing happened! In London. HUGE city again. I kept seeing him around at different bars or restaurants in town. It was really wierd and embarrassing for me! I'm sure he thought I was stalking him but I wasn't! I made myself stop thinking about him and never saw him again. Anyway, that's my theory on energetically pinging someone. You think about them so much that you start bringing them to you or making them think of you. Sorry, kind of tough when you are trying to forget someone.

  • i want to run into my ex and i think about him all of the time but it never happens. why? ugh. i did think about his parents the other day and ran into them. it seems i can do it with most people except him. any insight?

  • Yeah, trying hard not to think of me because he says he doesn't feel about me the way I feel about him. So it's kind of frustrating, but add in to that the feeling that it is NOT over and that he will be back , AGAIN at some point! I just wasn't sure if there was a way you can reach out to someone with your energy to "ping" them or if it was simply thinking of them and having them on your mind.

  • Thanks for the info Stonyeye....RAR!!!! LOL!!!!

    Moonwomanme....I wish I could tell you, hopefully someone else who knows about this can inform us all! :-))

  • Well, that was the point of my story! In my opinion, when you are thinking about someone so much, you ARE unknowingly reaching out with energy to ping them.

  • Yeah yeah..... RAR!!! back to you! haha

  • wenchie. your story sounds very similar to mine. i also keep getting that he will come back at some point and that it isn't over. although i think he won't come back until i let go. maybe he can feel me still holding on? i don't know how to completely let go though.

  • Hmmm... i don't know moonwomanme. You think about your ex and don't run into him? I guess that blows my theory then.

  • but it works for everyone else i think about just not him. how does that make sense?

  • I don't know. Really odd. Maybe he is trying really hard to not run into you. He may be trying to get over you and is resisting your pinging? i don't know just making wild guesses here. I do think there is something to your idea that if you stop thinking about being back with him, he will come back. The only way I ever get over someone is by a. meeting someone else or a couple of someone elses and b. I think about the guy so much that I get sick of them and tired of wasting all my energy obssessing over some stupid man. It's not easy.

  • i think you are right about him not wanting to run into me. we have been off and on for 6 years and when we talk or see eachother we just get involved again. i think there is a good chance for us in the future but i think we have to each learn some lessons and live our lives first.

  • It is hard to not think about someone that you still have feelings for and I was doing so well this week, and then in he came to my head yesterday and just didn't want to go!!!! I have tried plucking the cord before but that made him contact me. So I'm not sure if I should do that again or just try to kick him out of my thoughts every time he comes into them.

    I don't know what is up moonwomanme with him being in your thoughts constantly and you not running into him or hearing from him. Stonyeye could be right in that maybe he is trying to resist you and your pinging. Normally with my guy, I can feel that he wants to see me and he contacts me.

    If anyone can give us the secret behind not thinking about them, that would be great hey?!!!

  • Moonwomanme, WOW 6 years on and off, I thought we were bad 13 months on and off! What suckers we are!!!!! LOL!

  • what is plucking the cord? is it just kind of like cutting the cord between you two? cause i have done that too. doesn't seem to work for me. ugh.

  • Kind of. I keep trying it to get him out of my mind and kind of break the connection between us, but then the thing is they can feel it and come back reaching out for you (energetically) or try to contact. Actually, this could be a really good thing for you guys considering how long things have been dragging on. I will post you the link here, quickly go into in and save it into your favourites before admin deletes the link. Funny how the do that but don't delete the spam stuff and consistant spammers.

    So here it is......

  • thanks wenchie! i read a little of it and will definitely try it. so you do feel that you and your man will get back together eventually?

  • You're welcome! Yes i do, and i've had some pretty darn good psychics tell me the same thing.

    I can feel how we are pulled back together time after time, I feel we will work it out. I also feel I am to have one more child in future which is his, maybe when I am 40/41, I turn 39 this year. I have 2 kids from my ex husband, my son turns 15 this year and my daughter turns 10! So it will be interesting to see what the future brings, this man is younger than me and has never married or had children.

  • Good luck with it all moonwomanme, I really hope it all works out for you.

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