• I've been very fond of a guy for 4 months now his name is troy, we havent spoke to a couple of days, as he stood me up, so i decided to do a reading on if we have a relationship together i pulled the cards at random i got

    1. The tower

    2.ace of sword

    3.king of swords

    4. the hermit

    5.the moon

    could someone please help me to interpret the cards i would be very grateful.

  • The Tower card suggests that he may have been involved in an accident, and indicated by the Ace of Swords, he may have needed a doctor or other medical help. The King of Swords represents Troy's personality--he is intelligent, respected, and is more likely to rely on logical solutions than intuiton. He is highly regarded at work, but in personal relationships, is secretly afraid of hurt and rejection. The Hermit card indicates that you both need time to think over and consider your relationship...you may question if it is worthwhile. The Moon card suggests things may be confusing for a little while, but keep hope and trust your intuition (sometimes more than other's advice as it is bound to be confusing now), and the truth will be revealed in time. Trust your own judgement now and you will make it through this trying time. Good luck!

  • Thanks Junemoon, i dont think hes in an accident as he was online on facebook this morning, and i did not no hes secretly afraid of geting hurt and rejected but hes been sningle for a long time thats maybe why, do you think its likely we get into a relationship with each other ?

    Thanks for your feedback many blessings to you

    • single sorry getting used to this new keyboard haha

  • You're welcome, AngelGirll. I could more easily see whether a relationship is likely if you can give me yours and Troy's birth dates. Thanks!

  • Thanks for replying JuneMon26, if you could do that i would appeciate it deeply, Mines 13 September 1991, his 15 October 1991


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