Need Some Advice Please.

  • I'm 28 and male. I've fell in love with a girl over the weeks and months we've been talking and meeting up, she loves me too but the problem is she's already in a quite bad relationship, he doesn't treat her right and there's no passion or trust, she's wants to leave him but is scared of the fallout it would cause plus she has a young child with him.

    I know deep down she wants to be with me because we make each other so happy. It's not a sexual thing, when we meet up we just kiss, cuddle, talk and have a great laugh, it's like the world has stopped turning and we have no worries in the world, but eventually she has to go and it tears us apart having to leave each other.

    My question is... Do we have a future? Will she ever be truelly mine? I've never really cared about anyone before and I've breezed through life without a care in the world, I haven't been a really nice person, but now I feel like somebody else, I'm in love and I just want to be happy with her, I thought I was happy before I met her but she has raised the bar so high, I don't want to go back to my old way of life.

    The reason why I'm here is she got a Tarot reading done and the reader knew about the situation and even mentioned her partner by name (how is this even possible?) and basically said she should stay with her current partner and that I'm surrounded by lies, will hurt her and with me she's bitten off more than she can chew.

    I would never hurt her, I love her more than life itself and told her I would walk away if the situation is making her unhappy, even though it would tear my heart out and I never tell lies, I'm so straight forward with everyone and just speak what's on my mind. I'm sometimes too honest for my own good.

    From what I gather, readings are open to interpretation, but it feels like the whole world is against me, all her family are trying to convince her to make another go at things with him and now this reader has put the icing on the cake.

    I know she'll never be happy with him, he treats her like a prisoner and I want to treat her like a princess.

    I just need some help or advice please.

  • Hi Mackins,

    I am no astrologer or tarot card reader, but it seems to me you told the most important fact: That you've never really cared about anyone before and you've breezed through life without a care in the world." your world is upside down.....because you've changed your own started caring about someone!

    I think that is a good thing, and so, no, I cannot predict what will happen or suggest what should happen, but I think it is really important that you celebrate this new beginning for YOU -that you have started to care about someone as deeply as you do.

    My experience with relationships is they are more like steps of personal growth, not sealed deals of some unknown fate or destiny of who should be with whom.

    Just enjoy what you have and learn everything you can from it.

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