What happens when Fire & Water mix?

  • When a female cancer has a Aries moon, how does the result of that come out?

    Most matches for cancer are eath or water signs, but aries's best matches are other fire signs & air signs.

    What signs would be compatible with this sun/moon combo?

    Also, the rising sign with this combo is a gemini.

  • What happens when Fire & Water mix?

    ....don't know. but would love to find out. 😛

  • PisceaneseDream,

    what happens when fire and water mix, I am aries with cancer rising, my mother was cancer, and we truly had a great relationship,

    my husband was also a cancer, and the relationship was great also,

    my very best friend is also a cancer,

    and my moon is in leo, which is fire with more fire.

    blessings to you!

    blessings and light


    i got along with fire and water signs, and some earth like gemeni

  • sorry about that gemeni is not a earth sign it is a air sign


  • Ramonita, i see what you're saying. wow, that's cool. you get along great with water signs. i have quite a few fire elements in my birth chart (Sagittarius). i wonder if that might be why i am so attracted to one particular Aries. and why he's attracted to me.

    my mother is a Gemini and my moon is in Gemini. i seem to understand her better than anyone. i have a lot of Pisces in my chart as well, might be why i seem to get along better with my own sign than i do the other water signs. i get along great with the other water signs, but i'm only close to a GRIP of Pisces and one Scorpio female.

    i attract a lot of Taurus friends and family. yet i don't have any Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus traits in my chart. no earth signs whatsoever. maybe they each have water signs in their charts which would make sense why we hit it off so well. or maybe it has nothing to do with the signs, like i have been reading....but the individuals? no idea. but it's interesting.

    God blessings and light!

  • I get along with water signs, like scorpio (I always seem to have scorpio guys round)

    But I dont seem to get along with cancers at all, well cancer females, the guys are okay.

    Wat really confuses me is how everything I read about cancer females says their clingy & smothering in relationships, but I get moody when I feel like I'm being smothered. I have to have my own space. I dont know if thats because of the aries or not. Its a fire sign, so maybe thats a reason I can be such a hot head at times.?

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  • Hehehehe the question is a good one for me--I'm Cancer with Leo Rising!

    Love the comments--and Zephire--you are so right! Fire and Water make STEAM HEAT!

    I was gonna say what happens when fire and water mix? You get ME!!!" But that STEAM is right on the money:)

    Actually--it depends on which Fire and which Water! Is it cardinal, fixed, mutable?

    For me--Cardinal Water, Fixed Fire. But for the relationships--you really got to look at your Venus sign! For me that's Gemini!!! AIR! My Cancer/Leo mix work like this: the Cancer (Moon, Water, is my personal private emotional spiritual inner self that only a very few close personal few get to experience--as a Cancer--I'm not gonna show you THAT part--that's VULNERABLE!!! That stays in my shell! But my Rising sign--and it is this way for most of us--is the part of me I show the world--and as mine is that show-off performer Leo--I use that part of me to be "in the world." Helps I have 2 planets in my 12th in Leo conjunct with my rising Leo. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to handle the "public" I need to handle:) Helps ALSO--I have a Virgo Moon (Moon Cancer-ruled) in my first house to keep me practical and grounded--otherwise I'd be a MESS!

    But another version of what happens when Fire and Water mix???

    Just think of Pele--the Fire and Water Goddess of Hawaii--SHE is known as a Goddess of those two elements--but also has Earth and Air aspects to what she does--the FIRE heats up the Eartth--making lava which has a liquid (Water aspect to it) That Fire/Water thing (lava) makes for STEAM (Air!) and the liquid (Watery-Earth) lava flow down the mountain to the sea (Water--which cools it and creates new land mass (Earth.) Don't forget the volcano's different behaviors--sometimes oozing lava, sometimes dramatically erupting!!!

    Ultimately--Zephire's advice is really right: you really can't just "match' sun signs--you really have to look at the charts, the aspects, the houses--because what two sun-signs MAY work well

    "in general" it's really the whole chart that tells you about the whole person and how/what will work or what issues you may have to face to MAKE it work:) Remember--these are guidelines and information areas of compatabilites or areas of difficulty--we always have the FREE WILL to choose to work on something with someone or move on and choose someone "easier" to work with!

  • Rising Phoenix

    thank you for your input, i am just starting to learn, bieng fire with water, through your comments i learn alot, even though i always try to find the humor in things, i am able to comprehend why sometimes i make small lava while other things make me have a big erruption,

    relationship are like many other things, to make them work even the good ones, we must work on them.

    apart from our signs and natal charts,

    right now i am looking forward to reading into always astrology, because there is one sun sign i always bump heads with and that is virgo,, and it is not with the women of virgo, it is with the


    here at the forum i have read alot on virgo, and the forum that is dedicated to them, so i saw i was not alone.

    now you got me there i have to find out which is aries, and cancer,

    i truly want to learn more,

    thank you so much!

    blessings to you!

    blessings and light , may it glow very very bright!


  • Ramonita--I have a Virgo Moon (Moon being Cancer's ruler--so BIg for me)| i my first house--Again BIG! With all my Fire and Water--I always say the Virgo Moon saves me, grounds, me and makes a woman who could otherwise be VERY IMPRACTICAL--and all emotion and passion--that Virgo gives me a stable grounding!

    My Mom was a Virgo Sun sign too! Virgo's can be very critical and analytical as well as practical and grounded! Maybe its the male-female thing with the Virgo male criticizing you that bothers?

    Or maybe so much fire and water--you make their earth turn INTO thick oozing lava:)|

    Just remember--whether astrology signs or numerology numbers or Tarot cards--any oracle that give qualities--it is always the FULL quality--whether it "acts" positive or negative comes from how the individual is manifesting--and what the General Planetary aspects of the moment in time are! If one is in balance--one will have the BEST strength of all signs or numbers in a chart!

    if the Planetary Aspects of the day are challenging--even the best most balanced of us can have a bad day:)

    Good example of positive & negative individual manifestation: I had a friend who was an 8 Destiny (Power-Authority)|and positively manifesting Big happy popular successful Producer--good leader lot of power, and everyone liked him! Another friend with an 8 Destiny number couldn't balance himself and always always found himself in Power struggles WITH Authority! Seek individuals who are balanced and seek their oracles, and within their( and YOUR) chart info to see what areas you may need work in, get along or clash in and then be aware of and WORK on those areas! WE choose who we are and how we will be--the planets at our birth, the number influences--they are like the raw material we have to make ourselves from!

    Glad you are learning! I listen to Rick and Jeff's planet pulse every day over my coffee and keep learning a lot!

    Blessings to you too:)

  • How do you figure out wat your first & second houses are exactly?

  • christmasinjuly,

    go to astrogoly, get the samples readings, the birth essential report, it will come with your birthchart or that birthchart you want, it will give u the houses, i hope this information will make it much easier on you, the most impor tant detail you need is your exact time of birth, with this information, the birthchart will be exact as to where the planets where located.

    hope i was of help to you.

    have a blessed day and a blessed weekend,

    blessings and light to you!

  • So if you dont know the exact time you were born, you cant find out most of your astrology information like moon sign & rising?

  • christmas in july,

    i believe that then they used 12 p.m. as a standard time to do your chart

    blessings and light!


  • Chrismas in July--it is very worth it to find out the time you were born. If you know the hospital you were born in, you can write them and request "any and all records pertaining to my birth on or about...(the date)" and whatever info on your mother's name you have. They will send it to you. THEN you can do the (very inexpensive and cost-effective and valuable!!!) birth chart of your very own right here at Tarot.com! You will always HAVE it and know and will be able to learn and understand a lot more about yourself:) And that's why we're all here, isn't it?

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