• Hello all, about two weeks ago I lit a candle for my ancestor's and one for the Holy Spirit. Right after my husband saw and heard spirits in my house, can anyone tell who they were? Or were there just wandering souls? Thanks for your help! Have a blessed day! 🙂

    P.S. He won't tell me because he is afraid of them.

  • BUMP

  • bump

  • bumpp

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  • (^^)

  • Who is JOSEPH?

  • Don't know a Joseph on top of my head. Let me think. I wander if because I lit the candles some strange spirit taught maybe I could help them into the light?

  • My Step father's father's name was Joseph. hhmmm

  • This about the second time in this particular house, spirits have come, he thinks they are my relatives coming to "get him." Like revenge, lol!

  • I'm not going to lie I did get scared and kept waking up thinking someone was standing near my bed, slept with the lights on a few nights. Thank you so much for trying to help me. God bless you!

  • hello

    am not certain about this but after reading your post poetic,i immediately got a wartime vision ,pearl harbor(?) as the helmets wear of that period.Perhaps a soldieror medic,disabled veteran...not certain but it was the only vision i got

  • Wow there was a guy who owned the house previous to us and I believe it was an older guy, I'm going to try to find out his name! I don't know if he was a vet, this is so interesting! One of my neighbor's knew the guy I'm going to try to find out something about him. I can't help him though.

  • Hey wolfie should worry about the relatives coming to get him. But I think Blue may be onto something. I bet if you ask your neighbors about the guy you may be able to find out his name, you can probably look up military records on him. Think of it from another view point, the energy there was a bit riled up I think, perhaps he was trying to protect you, you just happened to be in a place familiar to him. I for one would not worry about the presence, they are not there to harm you and perhaps on some level if they bug your hubby perhaps he needs to recognize a bit who he is dealing with. You deserve to be treated well, everyone does. Alas we put up with a lot especially as women.

    It may not be your place to help them find the light so to speak. When I get freaked I sleep with the light on too and you know what I think I often prevent myself from being enlightened by doing so. If I can't see what is coming to see me, how can I accept it's presence there and learn from it. Just a thought.

  • Yeah, I have relatives that were in the military too, I'm going to see if there were any Joseph's almost said Roberts.

  • BUMP. I think he is gone now though.

  • I think it was the guy who used to own the house.

  • HE'S BACKKKKKK! I don't know what he wants, he slammed the kitchen door yesterday and made noises in the Garage. I wasn't afraid I prayed to the Arch Angels to protect me. What does he want? Thanks for any Insight.

  • poetic, it could be that he is just not pleased that he is being noticed. He may feel it is his house and you are the intruders. Slamming the door may have been a reaction to you or wolf taking note of him being in the room. The noise in the garage is a just a way of disturbing. For what it's worth I don't get the impression he wants to cause any harm. Our friend here likes to scare my granddaughter. He doesn't mean any harm either so far, he just freaks her out when she mentions him and being two she doesn't understand that the rest of us in the room may or may not see what she sees. Sorry but I don't get the feeling he is looking for any money but if you think he is start digging. I get the impression you have lived there for some time. Do you know his name? I mean the name of the previous owner to be exact.

  • No but I'll try to find out.

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