Hearing voices, psychosis or psychic?

  • Im writing this on behalf of my boyfriend. He is concerned he is 'going crazy' and I am just looking for answers.

    The other night after a big arguement he began having a full on converstation in the living room when he thought I was asleep. The conversation on his end (the side i could hear) was him asking "why you always ruin my life' and 'no Im not going to do that' and so on. It lasted for about 20 min. I was very afraid because I could tell the conversation on the other end was not a nice one.

    I got up and asked him who he was talking to and it took him awhile to tell me that he has heard a voice since he was about 13 (at 13 he was in a really bad accident and should have died by medical standards. He was supposed to bleed out with in an hour of the accident but instead lasted the full 6 it took for the rescue team to find him) He told me the voice was telling him to come 'jerk me out of bed' (I am not nor have I ever been afraid of him, he is a very gentle man and that is completely out of character for him)

    Also, he said he was having a feeling that there was a bad car accident happening and the people in the vehicle were scared. They would be okay but were very scared. They were teenagers. Very specific. I have checked the news papers but the police reports from that date arent published yet.

    He is constantly finishing my sentances or doing things for me before I ask him to because he said he heard me thinking it. On more than one occasion he has quoted word for word my thoughts without me verbalizing them.

    Could this be schitzophrenia(he doesnt have the other characteristics of this disorder IE disorganized speech, paranoia etc) or something more?? he is very very scared. Im hoping to find some help among this forum. If you have any incite please help us.

    Also, he is very native and I didnt know if maybe it has something to do with his heratige? Im trying all angles here.

  • Okay, Im begging here. ANYONE at all have anything that could help????

  • If the voice he's talking to is not a positive voice then it is not a guiding spirit. I am psychic and on ocasion when alone I might blurt out a remark or two outloud when hearing something but never a prolonged conversation because when you are psychic there is no need for that. You didn't say if the voice he hears is scaring him because it suggests things he would not do. There are many different kinds of schizophrienia and it comes and goes. It almost always runs in families along with bi-polar disorder. Sometimes it is considered the far end of bi-polar. Head trauma in childhood can develope into bi-polar later as well. He may not show all the symptoms as each person may exhibit one or all at anytime and also it is progressive--starting with voices then delusion and paranoia. Seems if he's always had this maybe it is just the way he internalizes his inner voice by speaking out loud. How long have you known him? If you know nothing about his past you should start asking family members if he's had any problems you don't know about. He may be just someone who talks out loud to themselves more than others. If he's never had any troubling issues in the past it is harmless. If you do think the voice in his head is giving bad advice he definetly needs to be checked out by a psychiatrist--not just a counselor. My intuition says he needs a sychiatric evaluation soon as possible. This is treatable but not as easy if he waits too long. Also, thought it odd how the add on this same page shows three links for info on schizophrenia! A coincidence?

  • thank you!! I just needed a second opionion on this. My gut feeling is telling me schitzophrenia...but Im not a doctor. I do work with alot of people with mental disorders so Im usually on my game with nailing this sort of thing. But when emotions are involved its harder.

  • PS-if these episodes happen usually after a stressful event--like your argument it does lean towards illness as stress is a "trigger" that can bring on a episode. People with brain inmpulse problems are very effected by stress. I deal specially with people affected by mental illness. I've been a caretaker as well. It does complicate things when it's a loved one. Spirit said remember to have see a psychiatrist and just a doctor or counselor. Best wishes.

  • so sorry about the horrible spelling! I did a intense healing recently and slower than usual in fact I was ready to stop when I saw your post and had to respond.

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