Help interpreting these cards

  • A friend of mine asked me if I could practice on her with my new cards and her question was regarding her relationship. Since I am a newbie, I did one card reading for each question.

    1. How does she feel about the relationship : Wheel of fortune

    2. How does he feel about th relationship? The devil reversed

    3. Outcome for this relationship: The Tower reversed

    Clarification card regaridng outcome : the Moon

    Luckily, she was not present when I pulled the cards, but to me it seems that there is a major disconnect between them. Since all 3 cards are Major Arcana, this is probably the most important thing going on right now for both of them. Somehow I get the impression that the happy couple facade is not what it appears to be, or she wouldn;t be asking. I get further confirmation from the Wheel and the Moon. I believe that she thinks this is more of an bump, although major in the road for them, but it may be resolved, while I fear his feelings, are wanting to get out of the relationship, with further confirmation by the Tower. the moon makes me think someone is hiding something here, although I can't put my finger on it.

    Opinions, thoughts, advice, anyone ?

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