Looking for advice on my heatlh

  • I have not worked in almost ten years. I have not been well physically or mentally. I lost my hair totally and have lots of nerve pain in my feet and tailbone area. Have been to many types of doctors and have had many tests and several massages. I just want to get on with my life and work and feel comfortable in my own skin. I am freezing all the time and have had several bouts of depression. For years, I was lucky to get a couple hours of sleep each night. Things are better than they were, but it's been a long road.

  • if and when you do find a job that suits you, take it easy, dont bust yourself doing whatever it is as you could wear out very quickly, take on work that is suitable for your disability, dont feel tpressured by anyone to do more than you could and do not push yourself too hard, just have faith in yourself and whatever you do, the spine is a very serious area to contend with, very delicate any wonder you have been depressed, and not sleeping, i really hope that you find your neice in life and can get on with things now that you are feeling better than before, sounds like you had a really bad time of it, what courage and determination you show in getting up and continueing on, i wish you all the very best of goodluck and success, and keep on thinking positive, well done and many blessings asked for you

  • Virgo It will happen my friend. Herbs a great way with different teas and rubs for your skin and muscles. I am not even near a specialist or expert in this field but I feel you will regain hope and strength. My parayers are sent your way my friend. And never forget you have what it takes. Just listen and keep an eye out, the oppurtunity will arise. Remember docters are there to tell you whatthey know, so if it comes out not in the most positive way you can make it through.

    Gob bless, P.S. Meditate as well and ask for your angels for healing.


  • healing is a good way to assist pain also, reiki, has helped me many times as i suffer with neck pain and back pain and when i have had reiki and massage it has assisted me in the past another therapy which is also good is hydrotherapy, which can be quite relaxing and the water does take the weight of your body, at the moment i am avoiding a neck operation and having a c4-5 disc removed, i have found that the pool therapy is okay for excersising the muscles but you have to stick at it, i guess it depends on what your trouble is also, however i hope this helps you and you are getting ontop of this, goodluck

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