What's your superpower?

  • Leinida

    Your granddaughter's superpowers are courage, sensitivity, strength, a humanitarian and service-oriented nature, objectivity, raw creative energy, determination, incisive deep intelligence, skillful hands, an aesthetic private nature, independence, and a sense of adventure.

    Her Kryptonite is a need for suffering, a tendency to hang onto old habits and people and things that no longer serve her, self-distrust, needing others' approval, a tendency to put on a false tough facade (which blocks honest communication) rather than be her true tender self, a need to release negative childhood patterns of behaviour and belief, insecurity, and a deep need to feel worthy and indispensable and wanted.

  • Ragbag, I am here anytime you want a reading.

  • Good evening Captain Thank you so much for my granddaughters reading You have enlightened me on some things about her AND you have at the same time delighted me with your accuracy . She is very special to me.and I have,, and will,, always do my very best to be there for her. She is very loving and kind to me, and to that " I say WHAT A BLESSING ' Leinida

  • It's my pleasure, Leinida!

  • What are my superpowers Captain


  • Scully21, I have already answered this back on page 85 of this thread.

  • Hello,

    This sounds fun 🙂



  • Piggytoo

    Your superpowers are charisma, toughness, leadership, insight, depth, a loving supportive nature, a pioneering spirit, innovation, initiative, fairness, diplomacy, multi-faceted talents, adventurousness, a quick mind and wit, a fun-loving nature, passion, a love of variety, and sensitivity.

    Your Kryptonite is the need to win, self-negation/lack of self-love and identity, materialism (a hunger for power/sex/money), a preoccupation with other people's motives, a 'what's in it for me' attitude, a tendency to chase after fantasy or impossible relationships, emotional fragility/hypersensitivity/emotional extremes of dependence-independence, an obsession with human contact/loneliness, and not taking care of your body as you know you should/lack of discipline.

  • Hello, Captain

    What are my super powers? 06/24/1943 Thank you for your insight.


    Your superpowers are toughness, a service-orientation, accomplishment, commitment, charisma, tremendous creativity, entrepreneurship, objectivity, vitality, sensitivity, integrity, ability to produce quality work, presence, natural networking talent, endurance, and inspiration.

    Your Kryptonite is an insatiable need to receive love and/or sex to prove your desirability, a need for respect and approval, caring too much what others think, backing down from challenges, moral weakness, self-absorption, immaturity, clinging to people and attitudes that work against the natural flow of your growth and personal identity, and relying on charm or manipulation to get what you want.

  • Captain,

    I still feel the depression? moody the deep need for love, was in my past now,

    Need for approval only relation i feel is i hate confrontations, as i know what arguments like as kid, now i have faced that with assertiveness and its worked, the deep need to be loved as lesson as i know i am, i dont over examine my self any more as i confident and happy in who i am?

    Does this not change my super powers, is it not able to change as we do if we grow ND LEARN?

  • Scully21

    Your superpowers are brilliance, charisma, innovation, dynamism, a pioneering spirit, a natural performer, objectivity, altruism, the ability to see the future and predict coming trends, expressive creativity, a nonpartisan viewpoint, sensitivity (especially to others' pain and suffering), intuition, strength, and passion.

    Your Kryptonite is escapism/fantasy-prone, disappointment, moodiness, frustration, isolation, depression, negativity (criticizing or complaining), ungroundedness, a lack of structure or routine, getting swept up in the passions and causes of the moment/short-term thinking, impracticality, the need for others' approval, and allowing your personal life to interfere with the contributions you want to make to the world.

    That i felt more me

    Thanks Capatain

  • Scully, you don't change your superpowers as you grow and learn (they just get stronger) but you do (or rather should) get rid of the Kryptonite.

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