What's your superpower?

  • Thank you Captain. Ill try and take your advice. I do give to people alot, thats my main problem. Im working on relying on my own strengths and abilities. Thank you again.

  • hey there, my b day is 11/27/87 thanks in advance captain

  • Waltoy

    Your superpowers are fine aesthetic sensibilities, a mental orientation/good analytic ability, sensuality, idealism, independence, love of nature, passion, intuition, directness, leadership, innovation, a pioneering adventurous spirit, ambition, and initiative.

    Your Kryptonite is impatience, insecurity, living according to other people's rules or standards, detachment/frostiness, not knowing what really makes you happy, making judgments or having preconceived notions about others or situations, an obsession with beauty or fantasy, superficiality/snobbery, regret, rebellion, and a fear of being censured or ignored.

  • Thank you Cap. My kryptonite really made me think and I also realize that is not much I can do about it, it's part of what I am and the results of what I have been thru so far in my life. Some things I am already learning how to improve them and give them less importance that they really have.Thank you again

  • Mariapisces, you made yourself this way through how you dealt with your experiences and you equally have the power to re-make yourself in any way you want. There were times when you needed to be a certain way but you must continually reassess your situation to see if you still need those qualities in your life or whether they have become counter-productive.

  • Sept, 12, 1981 🙂 Thankyou for any insight.

  • BurningDream

    Your superpowers are innovation, brilliance, courage, logical and analytical ability, curiosity, rationality, practicality, investigation of the truth, serving as a catalyst for change, objectivity, diligence, being a born performer or creator, strength, earthiness, and a strong drive for success and security and creative expression.

    Your Kryptonite is detachment/aloofness, coldness or superiority, self-doubt, an underdeveloped intuitive or emotional side, lack of commitment, judgment and criticism, wanting/trying to be perfect, an almost insatiable need to receive love and adoration and recognition, a need for the acceptance of your peers, fear of being abandoned or ignored, over-seriousness or heaviness, and equating love with control.

  • (don't feel you have to answer this, its long and I am rambling)

    Thanks Captain! Do you know me or something? LOL Minus a few things, it fits like a glove...

    I def have a very intuitive side and emotional, maybe I think love should be more predicatble.....BUT like I find it very hard to commit to certain tasks. lack the acknowledgment/validation of my ideas and emotions from others. When I communicate sincerely, the reaction is often to ignore my emotions over theirs....and people constantly bark up the wrong tree, I get misunderstood....they hate my objectivity and my sensitive delivery even gives them courage to take a stab at me. (I feel sad today fyi)

    I guess if I strive for balance it will help, I get lost inside my head a lot....I'm thinking about writing a lot now, writing is the only way I can get everything out without being cut-off....I have this unbalance of being wanted me to listen to them more and that the discussion needs a winner. That has to be them btw esp when they know me and remember I don't tend to speak when I am not sure of my observation, They don't imagine me being helpful without a motif...knowing something they do not see offends them....etc.

    Oh yeah, and I feel lonely a lot.

  • Dear TheCaptain:

    Can you tell me what my surperowers are?

    05/08/60. Thank You

  • Sporty48

    Your superpowers are a fertile imagination, visionary ability, a highly philosophical mind, artistic/poetic nature, great drive and persistence, an inherent belief that anything is possible, creativity, curiosity, intellectual astuteness, healing energies, ability to bring order to chaos, and spirituality.

    Your Kryptonite is a difficulty putting down roots, a lack of discipline in setting tangible goals and achieving them, dreaminess or impracticality, lack of faith in yourself and your abilities, over-fantasizing/not getting out of your head and putting your plans into action, not making as much of yourself as you could/settling for less than you could have, absentmindedness, and feeling like a victim.

  • BurningDream, you need to stop expecting other people to make you feel better about yourself - only you can do that by loving and respecting yourself more. Instead of working so hard to make people like you by trying to please them, you must first like yourself. Other people can never give you enough support for you to break out as an individual and take advantage of the exciting opportunities life can bring. You must become your own best friend first and encourage yourself to go after the things that will bring you happiness. And you cannot wait until you have enough information or knowledge about how to behave to feel confident and to live your life. At some point, you must take a risk and start creating your own happiness. The irony is that once you take action and begin making happiness for yourself by doing the things you want to do, the knowledge you need to succeed will come to you effortlessly.

  • I am just tripping that this thread started in 2010 and is still going strong!

    For good or bad most my powers and kryptonite still seem to be intact!

    Hmmm...now what does that say about me? hahhahaa 🙂

  • Hello Captain, I would love to have your reading on my superpower

    2- 5- 1943 --- Thank you

  • Hi Ragbag, doesn't time fly when you're having fun? 🙂

    How have you been?

  • It sure does! I'm fine. How 'bout you?

  • Leinida

    Your superpowers are leadership ability, an unusual personality, inventiveness, sociability, charm, a loving nature, vision, objectivity, tremendous creativity, strength and precision, analytical ability, and being a born performer or artist.

    Your Kryptonite is a lack of faith or confidence in yourself, approval-seeking, perfectionism, easily bored, going along with the crowd/need for acceptance, caring too much what others think, a yearning for warmth and affection, a lack of direction or purpose, forming non-equal relationships, and equating love with submission.

  • Ragbag, I am so good I could burst. 🙂 How's life been treating you?

  • Thankyou Captain, that's right on, I do not need to rely on others for my happiness...in fact that's what's wrong with the world, if everyone controlled themselves instead of others, we all be happy. This is one of those things I "know" but sometimes need to hear it from another...maybe that validates it. 😄 Thanks again for your insight.

  • Goodmorning Captain, Thank you so much for taking the time to encourage me, YES I feel I must get back to my Art and writing. Much of your reading for me is so true,,, How it is that a person who does not know me,,,, is actually in tuned with who and what I feel, The people around me just don,t get me and all family members except fro my 22 yr old grandaughter think I am a know it-all. I am not I just feel like a sponge always wanting to learn. She was born Feb 22 1990, she is also artistic and seems to have difficulty being understood. Again Thank you very much......Leinida

    If you can tell me something about her I would be grateful

  • Some good, some bad. Such is life, huh?!

    Trying to remain strong and calm and help when and where I can. Some day soon I'm gonna need a reading! You knew that was coming, didn't you!? haha I learned a lot keeping up with some of these posts. Lots of info out there. Its the weeding it out that gets ME everytime!!!

    Rock on Captain!

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