What's your superpower?

  • Matjezreq

    Your superpowers are a pioneering spirit, leadership ability, innovation, diplomacy, natural magnetism, a success orientation, caring, unconventionality, superb imagination, creativity, psychological insight, good sense, financial acumen, and a love of home and family.

    Your Kryptonite is the need to fill other's expectations/trying to please all of the people all of the time, an unrealistic search for the perfect committed relationship, guilt, a preoccupation with people being fair to you, complacency, irritability, a weak sense of who you are or what you want to do, stuck in needing a secure job/stable mate/dull routines - lack of risk-taking and fear of abandonment, and mixing up dreams and goals with eccentric or dark fantasizings.

  • You offer the greatest things for people Captain,

    I'd be interested to see what you would have to say about me!

    25 January 1993

  • Mariapisces

    Your superpowers are studiousness, steadfastness, caring, helpfulness, creativity, imagination, understanding, sensitivity, psychological insight, thoroughness, determination, dependability, crisis management ability, and intelligence.

    Your Kryptonite is the need for an audience, a need to be needed, rigidity, didaticism, too much outer involvement/not enough inward exploration, fear of not being considered smart or competent, looking more to what you want than to what you already have, gullibility, impracticality, and being overly consumed with the acquiring of money and comforts and material security.

  • Thank you capt I guess I am still a work in progress 🙂

  • Greetings Captain! So very kind of you to do this for everyone.

    Could you check out two for me? mine is 12/12/75 and my husbands is 12/3/73

    Thank you!

  • FlutterbyeRabbit

    Your superpowers are imagination, intuition/psychic ability, resourcefulness, an ability to manifest your dreams, psychological insight, thoroughness, determination, dependability, financial acumen, personal magnetism, creativity, and humility.

    Your Kryptonite is an attraction to the wild side of life, rebellion, a need to control, insecurity, taking on too much, lack of spontaneity, tendency to overwork or agonize over problems to the point where solutions cease to be relevant, a tendency to choose incompatible friends and associates, an over-dependency on money/comfort/possessions, fear of poverty, and dark moods.

    Is your husband 12th March or 3rd December?

  • Hi captain,

    What mine DOB 16,4,72

  • Hi Captain,

    Can you tell me what my superpowers and kryptonite are? May 2, 1982


  • Scully21

    Your superpowers are brilliance, innovation, imagination, charisma, a 'mover and shaker' type of personality, vision, a highly developed intuitive ability, electricity, inspiration, passion, helpfulness, and a pioneering nature.

    Your Kryptonite is the desire to escape, moodiness, depression, a fantasy prone nature, frustration, emotional orgies of self-examination/self-loathing, impracticality, lack of objectivity, an attachment to taking risks (romance or gambling), the need for others' approval, a difficulty relating socially, and a deep need to be loved.

  • Mizgator

    Your superpowers are resourcefulness, determination, uniqueness/originality, ambition, patience, a philosophical bent, creativity, formidable energy, a hard work ethic, endurance, a caring/nurturing nature, empathy, and good instincts.

    Your Kryptonite is the need for material security, a need to be in control, agitation, fear of being thought stupid or different from other people, obsessiveness, overly concerned with status or fitting in, conventionality, linear thinking or an over-dependence on structure, repression, and a need for acceptance and approval.

  • Hello Captain

    here i am again asking something 🙂

    My DOB 20 Feb 1985

    Thank you

  • hELLO fISHYONE: I read your thread about Gemini. I need your insight please?

  • I will answer on your thread Gemini Male and goodbyes so that we dont spam this thread

  • FishyOne

    Your superpowers are steadiness, charm, resourcefulness, self-control, dignity, a highly refined sense of justice, determination, empathy, innocence, sensitivity, psychological insight, a romantic dreamy nature, compassion, financial acumen, imagination, and creativity.

    Your Kryptonite is a fear of disapproval, emotional repression/guardedness, a lack of trust, feeling unworthy of love/unlovable, fear of being yourself, working too hard to get people to like you, wearing a 'tough' mask rather than just behaving naturally, fear of rejection, not having allowing yourself to have enough fun, defensiveness, seeking self-worth through others, and a fear of being used (esp. financially) and unappreciated.

  • December 3, 1973, and thank you!

  • thank you Captain that is spot on, especially the kryptonite, i let it take over too much sometimes..

  • Thankyou Captain,

    The need for approval? I dont get that one, i always do what i want at the end of the day, generally, if given advice i do the opposite. or what i feel is right for me

    My moodiness i think has been a lot out of frustrations, and depression, probably was when i could see a way out from how my life was>

  • Captain, my date of birth is 12/2/1980. What is mine? I feel like I am really lost in life and just going with the flow.

  • FlutterbyeRabbit

    Your husband's superpowers are empathy, psychological insight, vision/prophetic ability, charisma, affection, avant-garde or original thinking, being greatly admired, technological or artistic talent, truth-seeking, highly developed intuition or psychic ability, and communicative skills.

    His Kryptonite is a tendency towards depression, self-pity, turbulent emotions, escapism/withdrawal/disappearing from loved ones, adolescent fantasies about relationships, fear of rejection, a need to prove himself to others, loneliness, being either too trusting or too cynical in committed relationships, and a fear of being cheated on or engulfed by another person.

  • Scully, the need for approval can manifest in many different ways -

    Working hard at being good at your job, in your home life, with your partner, as a parent or as an adult child with your own parents.

    Waiting for others' permission to give yourself recognition for what you do or achieve.

    Depending on others to give you a sense of self-worth.

    Being poor at solving problems.

    Avoiding conflict because of the fear that someone else will not approve of your point of view.

    Working hard at keeping "peace at any price'' in a relationship.

    Being a "People Pleaser'' - doing, acting and being for others what you think others want (romantically, socially or professionally).

    Having a problem letting others know how you think or feel about things.

    Having a tendency to be "over-responsible,'' taking on the responsibility of others (children, spouse, co-workers) in order to get things done.

    Lacking self-confidence in your skills, abilities and knowledge. You may tend to see yourself as "incompetent.''

    Displaying a tendency to "hide the truth'' when it is more convenient to tell a lie, especially when you think conflict will arise by telling the truth.

    Doing anything to avoid hurting the feelings of others, even if it means swallowing your own feelings or denying the reality of things.

    Fearing rejection, neglect, abandonment and disapproval so much that you give up your own wants, needs and rights, subjecting yourself to the wants, needs and whims of others.

    Having a keen sense of obligation and acting on this sense in all aspects of your life.

    Suffering from "paralysis of analysis'' and fretting so much over what the possible consequences of a decision will be that you never make a decision or take a "stand.''

    Being convinced that no matter what you do it "isn't good enough'' to gain approval so you either work harder or give up.

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