What's your superpower?

  • Thank you yet again, Captain. That is really interesting now. My curiosity definitely has my super-sensitive Superman ears perked up. These Super Power readings are well within the bounds of, "Oh, geeze. That was close. Glad I ducked in time, even if I lost a clump of hair instead." I am sorely tempted to ask for ze secret plans and blueprints of ze top-secret machine of personal profiling (Imagine it in a horrible Russian/French/Swiss accent.. yes, mix them together, and you get the insane mess of voices I tried to repeat it with)!

    Those results definitely deserve a score of 2.7 / 3. Now, if only we could make that the standard score for Olympic diving.. I'd have a full book, and then some!.. or maybe not. I'll stick to the deep sea diving rather than the stylist stuff.

    Thank you, Captain Reddy!

    P.S: Red Wonderwoman leotard? Just a thought.

  • Red leotard, Kusumura? As long as you don't make me wear matching leg warmers and headband!!! 🙂

  • Librabutterfly

    Your superpowers are passion, mental agility, innovation, a fun-loving and social disposition, diplomacy, originality, a wealth of plans/ideas/projects, talent, a will to win, philosophical inclinations, spiritual and intuitive awareness, ethical and moral awareness, strong analytical and structuring processes, and truth-seeking.

    Your Kryptonite is a need to be accepted, over-cooperation, over-analysis or constant worrying, inarticulation/lack of straightforwardness, focusing on self too much/not listening or tuning in to other people, resentment and withdrawal, impulsiveness, aggressiveness/abrasiveness, fear of rejection, scattering your energies rather than focusing on one thing at a time/inability to prioritize, fear of being controlled mentally or psychologically, and a fear of being misunderstood on every level.

    Now go and do good!

  • Would it be possible to revive this thread??? 🙂 It sounds so fun!!

    8/07/1985 Page Arizona 5 am

    🙂 xxcrossing fingersxx 🙂

  • this sounds like great fun and its always good to know are weak point is so we can work on it so

    birth date is 10/30/93

  • LeoLight

    Your superpowers are steadfastness, personal magnetism, fairness, balanced strength, toughness, endurance, leadership by example, compassion, generosity of spirit, charm, grace, sensitivity, protectiveness of loved ones, and empathy.

    Your Kryptonite is a need to hide, depression, worry, self-pity, inflexibility, taking yourself and life too seriously, failure to appreciate what you have, negative emotional thinking, a sense of suffering, abandonment or emotional abuse issues, and an inability to relax completely and let go.

  • Mooncharm

    Your superpowers are a love of freedom, honour, fairness, expansiveness, hope, thoughtfulness, a philosophical nature, independence, sense of humour, a feel for the truth, loyalty, passion, deep thinking, intuitive ability, and an understanding of the mindsets of others.

    Your Kryptonite is a fear of restriction/domination/control by others, volatility, impulsiveness, rebelliousness, lack of self-control and discipline, a negative reaction to authority, rootlessness, rigidity of thought/lack of forgiveness, possessiveness, jealousy, fear of rejection, and problems with intimacy/body or performance anxiety.

  • This does sound like fun!!!! my dob:12-1-58

  • 11/15/54 8:10am cst - I would love to see what I am or could be !

  • thank you very muchTheCaptain now i know what to work on

  • o TheCaptain i have two more dates if you don't mind 122694 and 7695 but only if you whant to thank you

  • Shadowmist, are you 12th January or 1st December?

  • PattySings

    Your superpowers are empathy, financial astuteness, caring, sensitivity, psychic ability, charm, a desire for greater self-knowledge, leadership, self-control, a goal-orientation, ambition, and responsibility.

    Your Kryptonite is the need to be mothered/dependence, living a life that is overly structured, miserliness, ungroundedness/unrealistic approach, impressionability, lack of personal identity, moodiness, lack of self-esteem (through a lack of an authentic career or purpose), fear of rejection/abandonment, secrecy, and a desire to be liked and accepted.

  • Mooncharm

    12/26/94 - Your superpowers are studiousness, steadfastness, caring, dependability, capability, intuition, dedication, ambition, honesty, leadership, financial acumen, ability to read people's emotions and minds, and counselling ability.

    Your Kryptonite is the need for an audience, stubbornness/rigidity, telling others what to do, lack of self-understanding, resistance to change and other people's input, closemindedness, disconnectedness from feelings, not relaxing enough, workaholism, possessiveness, and overattachment to pleasure/status/comfort/money (equating being a lovable worthy person with wealth).

    7/6/95 - Your superpowers are charisma, creativity, persuasion, power, sense of adventure, curiosity, being a natural psychologist, insight, tolerance, unconventionality, financial acumen, and a love of home and family.

    Your Kryptonite is a need to control, moodiness, a deep need for love and intimacy, overcritical tendencies, addictions/obsessions, manipulation, fascination with the darker side of human nature, belief in own infallibility, and overattachment to pleasure/status/comfort/money (equating being a lovable worthy person with wealth).

  • thank you and my friends say it as well 🙂

  • Good morning Capt its December 1st 1958

  • Hi, my B'Day is 8th July 1968 and im in dire need of knowing what my super power is, well maybe not quite in dire need but would definetly be a help at the moment 😉

    Your talents continue to astound me and your helpfulness is sooo appreciated and inspiring, thankyou!

  • Hi, thank you for this its always helpful to know more about ourselves

    my DOB is 18 March 1976 at 8.05 AM

    Could you, if it can be check 2 more dates please, 9 September 1972 and 22 March 1981

    Thank you so much

  • Thank you Captain! You hit the nail on the head - I can see all of that, good and bad, and I have had to overcome some of my kryptonite already because when my husband died a year ago, I HAD to change. I had to learn to do alot myself. Now, I need to work on the rest!

  • Shadowmist

    Your superpowers are a goal orientation, courage, idealism, independence, a strongly nurturing nature, fairness/sense of justice, a love of freedom, generosity, enthusiasm, risk-taking, performing, peacemaking, and diplomacy.

    Your Kryptonite is the need for vanity and ego affirmation/a need to be admired or be the centre of attention, overemotionalism or overagression, selfishness, criticism, pettiness, not enough analysis of people and situations, generous to a fault, excitability, and a fear of being unworthy to be loved the way you need to be loved (thinking you are jinxed in love).

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