What's your superpower?

  • Captain, thank you very much for all of this insight. I will certainly use it well. ^-^

  • Hello,Captain, Are you still doing readings on others' "gifts"? I am sure that I have at least one very special gift... and have used it to help others. I have not been able to use it to get any answers for myself, though. I have tried for years to find someone to help me "find" what or if I do have other yet undiscovered Gifts. Thought that maybe you, or some else out there may be able to help? I was born 11-20-1963 @ 8 am in Eustis, Fla. Marci. If you need more info, let me know.

  • Dear TheCaptain:

    Can you tell me what my superpowers are 05/08/60? For the negative side, if I understand and earlier post, I think that you told me that in this lifetime I needed to learn to follow through with things that I start, please correct me if I am wrong. Thank You

  • Captain I would like to know if i have any powers or anything Thank You Tooter

  • Also... one more if you didn't mind. A good friend of mine, I guess we'll say ^-^"

    Her's is October 31st, 1993.

    Just... curious. Very curious.

  • Meganism

    Your superpowers are charisma, formidability, insight, power, magnetism, worldliness, wisdom, highly tuned sensitivity, strength, intuition, expressiveness, diplomacy, leadership, innovation, and pioneering instincts.

    Your Kryptonite is the need to win at all costs/mercenary attitude, self-negating, addictions, lack of self-esteem and self-acceptance, perfectionism, mistrust that leads to isolation, negative thinking expressed as criticism or complaining, a preoccupation with being treated fairly, and lavish self-indulgent tastes and tempestuous romances used as poor substitutes for inner peace and comfort.

    Now go and do good!

  • Irishelf

    Your superpowers are resourcefulness, determination, magnetism, originality, innovation, passion, adventurousness, cleverness and wit, a fun-loving nature, nurturing and supportiveness, business acumen, psychological discernment, and a shrewd bargaining and negotiating ability.

    Your Kryptonite is a need for material security and control, anxiety, boredom/addicted to drama, obsessiveness, lack of discipline and focus, being too busy revolutionizing the outer world and not spending enough time on your inner world, fanatical inclinations, needing to be honoured and validated by people who have betrayed you, self-indulgence, dependence/independence/cooperation internal conflicts, problems expressing your true feelings, and thinking that real freedom is connected with the material world.

    Now go and spread the love

  • Thank you, Captain. Any advise on how to crush my "kryptonite?

  • Sporty48

    Your superpowers are a fertile imagination, creativity, vision, a highly philosophical mind, an artistic/poetic soul, intellectual astuteness, the ability to manifest big dreams, powerful energy, inspiration, healing ability, networking ability, a service-orienation, efficiency and attention to detail and order (when focused), and compassion.

    Your Kryptonite is victim consciousness, a weak sense of identity, a lack of discipline and commitment and persistence to reach tangible practical goals, lack of self-confidence and conviction, disorganization, absentmindedness, complacency, a tendency to be critical of others' ideas and methods, escaping through addictions (especially food), feeling unappreciated by those you make sacrifices for, disguising love as friendship because you are afraid of love, and disillusionment with everyone and everything.

    Now go and fight negativity!

  • Delbertc

    Your superpowers are devotion, resilience, practicality, spirituality, sensitivity, an ability to systemize and structure life and to notice pertinent information, an analytical incisive mind, perception, generosity, compassion, strength, courage, gregariousness, a hard-working ethic, and creativity.

    Your Kryptonite is the fear of the unknown or what you can't controlor being controlled yourself, anxiety, rigidity, insecurity/self-doubt, being overly self-sacrificing, getting bogged down in mundane details or safe ordered routines and rituals, secretiveness, mistrust, conflict about making money/material security vs. being spiritual leading to compulsive/impulsive spending behaviour, impatience, and a difficulty sharing your feelings and being entirely comfortable with others.

    Now go and do good!

  • Irishelf, by finding the cause/sources of your Kryptonite.

  • OCain

    Your friend's superpowers are honour, fairness, integrity, expansiveness, intelligence, a superb sense of humour and grasp of the ironic, intuition/psychic ability, being a good problem-solver, having an understanding of the psychological mindsets of others, communication skills, charisma, and a love of nature.

    Her Kryptonite is a fear of domination or being controlled by others, fear of being rejected and judged, volatility/intensity, a tyrannical streak, a tendency to follow mind rather than heart, a lack of self-control and discipline, irresponsibility and lack of accountability, problems with forgiveness, inflexibility, impatience, mistrust and suspicion, sexual commitment and desirability issues, secrecy, mixed feelings about money and success, and indecisiveness.

  • HELLO AGAIN CAPTAIN,and thank you:)

    only when you have time:) if you could tell me,

    My Sag

    December 20,1959

    though i probably know, but a gentle reminder is always good for me or a kick in the butt lol.

    Namate Captain


    peace,love and light

  • MyJourney

    Your friend's superpowers are passion, sensitivity, strong sensuality, an incisive mentality, idealism, kindness, depth, understanding, originality, enormous energy, magnetism/presence, healing ability, efficiency and attention to detail (when focused), a service-orientation, and creativity.

    His Kryptonite is an attraction to the more primitive apects of life, addictions, deep feeling of inferiority and chronic shyness, aloofness, superficiality, chaotic emotions, deviousness, a misunderstanding of what real beauty is or what he really values (which can lead to a descent into worship of the flesh), rigidity, a fear of being unworthy of being loved the way he needs to be loved or believing he is jinxed in love, not being grounded enough in the present, problems manifesting his dreams into practical reality, a hesitancy to reach for what he wants that keeps him tied to less-than-satisfying people and places and situations, and not listening to his intuition.

  • Thank you once again, Captain. ^-^

  • Thank You Captain Love Ya Tooter

  • thanks again for all your time,energy and gifts Captain..i have gained some new incite...

    Namaste Captain


    peace,love and light to surround you always

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank You Dear Captain.

  • April 15, 1986 🙂

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