What's your superpower?

  • Greetings, TheCaptain!! My birthday is August 28, 1956 at 6:45 p.m. Thanks in advance for your time.

  • Wool2bears, your superpowers are sensitivity, creativity, talent, wisdom, intuition - psychic ability, insight, generosity, and inspiration.

    Your Kryptonite is feeling defeated or inadequate, a need for too much self-protection, shyness, chaotic emotions, trying to control others' emotions rather than your own, mistrust, and hurt.

    Now go and fight eveil!

  • Tonib3741, your daughter's superpowers are financial astuteness, intelligence, practicality, creativity, sensitivity, intuition, expressiveness, romanticism, and service to the world.

    Her Kryptonite is an inability to totally connect with others, not letting her heart get involved, withdrawal, perfectionism, neediness, self-doubt, manipulation, and depression.

  • Chris777, your superpowers are setting up systems to effect change, great concentration and focus, courage, originality, intelligence, passion, leadership, and dynamism.

    Your Kryptonite is buckling to emotional pressure, emotional instabilty, fits of temper, liking for drama, rigidity, hypervigilance, and a tendency to cling to outworn or outmoded traditions.

    Now go and do good!

  • Wow, Captain, you are really, really good!! You could not be more on target!! Thanks and much appreciation!!

    And thanks for the inspiration, I do intend to go and do good....I guess some of us are just born to be catalystsa shaking the trees of adversity for change with systems that need reform for the good and well-being of disadvantaged others and children in society.

  • Hello Captain,

    My goodness , you are oh so generous with you time and abilities ...Thank you and yes I would like a reading as well , when you have the time . I think I know my Superpowers and weakness . But it wouldn't be the first time I am wrong or the last , that is for sure .

    Take Care and God Bless^A^


  • thank you Captian I appreciate it, will show it to her.

  • Doves46, what's your birthdate?

  • Oops sorry Captain , I wasn't aware you needed that . It is 7/20/63 . I am having probs with my internet this evening . so I have been popping on and off line .

    Take Care and God Bless You


  • Doves46, your superpowers are communication, compassion, psychic insight, observational skills, persuasiveness, goodness, devotion, an ability to overcome difficulties, and responsibility.

    Your Kryptonite is being too preoccupied with trying to understand yourself and neglecting the need to develop understanding for others, mood swings, emotional outbursts, stress, depression, and anxiety.

    Now go and do good!

  • Hey captain ! Could you do one for my friend' she's and aquarius like me, this should be interesting . 01-25-1981 thankksss !

  • Phoenixlyhenry, your friend's superpowers are intelligence to the point of brilliance, originality of thought, passion, individuality, imagination, independence, a love of fantasy, and communication.

    Her Kryptonite is restlessness and boredom, a tendency to isolation, absentmindedness, disorganisation, a lack of focus, lack of grounding, trying to do too many things at once, and stubbornness.

  • Thank you captian !!!! I just have to get passed my kryptonite....

    You truly know what my strenghths are,, I just need to show it a little more.

    I'v been unemployed since march , tried being a sales rep .. What a

    mistake !!! But I now know my gifts are to lead and motivate...

    Thanks ...

  • Hello Captain ,

    Well , you head the nail right on the head when it comes to my Superpower and

    Kryptonite .Looks like I have alot of work to do on myself thou, when it come to my Kryptonite thou huh . I like to say that the Good Lord isn't finished with me yet . :O)

    Thanks again for your time .

    Have a great day !

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • Could you please tell me my super powers? I would like to go and do more good by using them. DOB Nov. 30, 1962 11:01 am Topeka, KS

  • Dear Captain my b-day is Jan. 4, 1972

  • Problemuser, your superpowers are individuality, independence, generosity, compassion, a fine sense of justice, innovation, courage, and intelligence akin to brilliance.

    Your Kryptonite is difficulty with human interactions, over-idealism, being emotionally out of balance, doing everything your way without help or input from others, an inability to express your deepest needs, and a fear of commitment.

    Now go and fight evil!

  • Melito, your superpowers are a sense of mental freedom, resilience, intelligence, philosophical ability, spirituality, an ability to learn from experience, ambition, ingenuity, and a sense of democracy.

    Your Kryptonite is a set of unfortunate/restrictive early circumstances or conditioning, approval-seeking/need to be popular, insecurity and feelings of unworthiness, and an inability to admit failure and to start over.

    Now go and do good!

  • Thanks, TheCaptain! You were right!

  • Thank you! You are right on the money on all counts! I'm grateful and amazed.

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