What's your superpower?

  • Darkness Angel, your son's superpowers are dynamism, sensitivity, communicative talents, vision, energy, resilience, a desire to win, passion, mental acuity, and creativity.

    His Kryptonite is a lack of grounding, unrealistic/impractical expectations, restlessness, volatility, oversensitiveness to criticism, a know-it-all attitude, a fear of being rejected, a tendency to be less than honest, and a need for recognition.

  • Greetings, Captain~

    you are amazing and I like your style!!!!!

    I'm in a weirdo place with life...

    And, well... I'll cut to the chase !

    Birth name: Elizabeth Chapman

    Birth data: 10-30-1955

    New Orleans, LA. USA

    5:36 PM

    thank you so much, in advance!


    Lisa 😉

  • Score, your superpowers are a singlemindedness of purpose, intensity, versatility, vision, courage, empathy, adventurousness, risk-taking, pragmatism, and the ability to live large.

    Your Kryptonite is a lack of emotional control, being judgmental, anxiety, self-denial and sacrifice, a belief in own unworthiness, wasting or scattering energies on too many projects/causes/people, and being easily distracted.

    Now go and do good!

  • Ha! Captain, you are a true visionary...


    Thanks for speedy response...accurate, spot-on.

    I had a miracle recovery from Anorexia Nervosa, am finally seeing the light at end of tunnel, in that my own daughter developed this heinous disease and we had to help her thru recovery. But anyway, I digress ( of course!) and you've helped a lot.

    Bless You, Dearheart!!!!


  • Hey captain!

    my birthday is february 1st 1992

    eager to hear back from you

  • Ay ay Capt'n...July 10, 1980, Cocoa Beach, FL 4:30 pm

  • Katvengo, your superpowers are flexibility, creativity, talent, psychic ability, empathy, sensitivity, idealism, compassion, and a nurturing ability.

    Your Kryptonite is a need for acceptance, a desire to please, changing yourself to suit others, being easily seduced/distracted from your purpose, a weak sense of ethics or personal values, a lack of identity, an inability to say 'no', and a need to be looked after.

    Now go and fight evil!

  • Crabbylove, your superpowers are imagination, creativity, originality, vision, inventiveness, leadership, charm, sociability, and dynamism.

    Your Kryptonite is conformity, self-destructive impulses, a fear of rejection, hiding your true nature, low self-worth, insecurity, approval-seeking attitude, and boredom.

    Now go and walk through walls!

  • Thanks TheCaptain for sharing your knowledge and gift with me.

  • Hey Captain,

    What a generous offer ... love to hear your thoughts.

    Birthday ... August 6th 1964

    With gratitude,


  • Thanks TheCaptain. I really do use my passion for my own healing and self-reflection, and I use it in order to evoke change within myself aswell as outwardly. And the change must be done from within. I am glad I am shown that it is a positive trait. Because I practice to surrender my will to that inner healing instead of actively using it. At the same time I have actively used it all the way in my process, from an intence will to become healed and do right in my life and the world.

    And it is true that my need to focus inwardly is a bit (an understatement) excagerated. I have intensely seeked isolation for most part of my life. There is an imbalace that must be corrected (healed). An excagerated need for self-protection.

    I have realised that I have mistakedly thought my self-protection is best for me. Now I must surrender it, ask the healer inside of me to help me to let go og it.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. I appreciate it. I gained knowlege about my path of inner healing. I think that this must be the way it is heading. As I am shown them, I will ask the inner healer to help me surrender these imbalances.

    Thank you.

  • It sounds right for me and I find it helpful for this advice!

    Thank you for sharing, Captain!

  • Dear Captain,

    Mymy! I have to say you're spot on here, as much as I hate to admit it! (That goes for both my superpowers and kryptonite) This is great information - my sincere thanks go out to you! 🙂

    BTW, I adore your new icon! So cute~

  • Icearia, your superpowers are devotion, creativity, intuition - psychic ability, insight, sturdy independence, a sense of self, generosity, ambition, and a capacity to be an inspiration to others.

    Your Kryptonite is a difficulty opening to the flow of your feelings and letting your light shine out, restrictions or hardships imposed in early life that are still affecting you, inflexibility, singlemindedness, making decisions based on others' expectations, not forgiving yourself when you let others down, and loneliness.

    Now go and do good!

  • Aye Aye Captain.

    Thank you for the time you took to give me such an indepth insight into both my Kryptonite and Superpower. This was incredibly generous of you and I hope the Universe returns your kindness tenfold.

    Blessings and thanks,

    icearia xxx

  • My birthday is 10/11/50, thank you very much.

  • Tonib3741, your superpowers are charisma, intelligence, energy, leadership by example, integrity, creativity, hard-working attitude, depth, and dynamism.

    Your Kryptonite is guilt, suppressed fear, insecurity, problems with money and/or power, a sense of heaviness, intimacy and vulnerability issues, and a lack of sefl-forgiveness.

    Now go and do good!

  • thank you Captain, you hit it on the nail.

  • Very interested to hear what my superpowers are, thanks - 2nd Sep 1964.

  • Hi Captain, would you mind doing one for my daughter, her birthday is 6/13/73. Thanks very much.

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