What's your superpower?

  • OstrichGem

    Your superpowers are toughness, an action-orientation, a high level of skills and gifts, originality, tremendous creative energy, objectivity or good observational ability, a childlike sense of play and fun, leadership ability, enthusiasm/passion, a quick mind, and an adventurous nature.

    Your Kryptonite is caring too much about what others think, not standing up for what you believe, self-absorption, immaturity, inability to set your resolve/focus your mind/make a commitment, the need for acceptance or approval, fear of being yourself/trying to fit in, a scattered mind, fears or problems with communicating, fear of being laughed at or thought dumb for trying to say or do something meaningful, and a deep need to receive love.

  • Hi captain. My birthdate is October, 25 1993.

  • Cookiie24

    Your superpowers are honour, fairness, expansiveness, perception, insight, independence, passion, loyalty, creativity, high intuitive and psychic ability, vision, a desire for freedom, expreesive ability, sensitivity, management ability, and understanding of others' mindsets.

    Your Kryptonite is a fear of domination, volatility, impulsiveness, lack of self-control and discipline, a negative reaction to authority, emotional and intellectual oppression of others, bad temper, poor decision-making, theatrics/drama, short-lived or messy intimate interactions with others, fear of rejection due to body or performance issues, self-doubt, and criticism.

  • Captain. Thank you very much! 😉

  • Captain, your awesome! :0)

    May I ask you for two more dates.....

    1. January 26, 1995

    2. September 12, 1996

    This is exciting!

    Thank you, may you have a wonderful day!

  • oh my why didn't see this thread before??!

    my birthdate is August 18, 1987.

    thank you so much captain, you're amazing!

  • FlutterbyeRabbit

    Jan 26 1995's superpowers are technical ability, resoluteness, considerable powers of concentration, freedom-loving, fine intellect bordering on genius, energy, originality, creativity, vision, sensuality, psychological insight, thoroughness, determination, and investigative ability.

    Their Kryptonite is being distracted from their goals by short-term amusements, trying to be conventional so as to fit in, singlemindedness/fixation, retreating from the demands of material reality, unwillingness or inability to make their ideas manifest in the real world, absentmindedness, not enough regular work habits/proper rest and relaxation/social contact or alternately too great a love of comfort, equating wealth with emotional security and wellbeing, and a fear of poverty or abandonment.

    Sept 12, 1996's superpowers are enthusiasm, persistence, thoughtfulness, gentleness, helpfulness, keen observation and shrewd evaluation, a desire to right wrongs and solve problems, a fine instinct for getting to the heart of things, diligence, truth-loving, peacemaking, independence, decisiveness, and leadership.

    Their Kryptonite is setting overly high standards for themselves or others/a demanding attitude, lack of self-discipline, foohardiness/overzealousness, compulsions/obsessions, manipulation, excessive behaviour, inability to emotionally detach from a situation or person, a didactic or narrowminded viewpoint, selfishness, a dislike of necessary conflict and confrontation, and wanting to be in control/fear of losing control to someone else.

  • Cylll

    Your superpowers are charm, frankness, dynamism, confidence/faith in yourself, leadership, vision, perception, passion, imagination, spirituality, a philosophical leaning, innovation, a pioneering spirit, diplomacy, and initiative.

    Your Kryptonite is being critical of others, an overly exacting or controlling attitude, repression, an overly structured life - not enough time out for play or relaxation, assuming too much responsibility or work, an obsession with having someone to talk to/fear of being alone, and a preoccupation with justice and being treated fairly.

  • Hi Captain! My birthday is 10-19-1961, Thank you!

  • Thank you, Captain!

  • Lovetolearn

    Your superpowers are liveliness, inventiveness, uniqueness, originality, vision, leadership ability, emotional sensitivity, being able to inspire others through words or example, charm, versatility, persuasiveness, fine intellect, tremendous creativity, entrepreneurship, and objectivity.

    Your Kryptonite is an attachment to low self-worth, lack of confidence/lack of self-acceptance, insecurity, approval-seeking/needing others' acceptance, a sometimes cold or calculating nature, easily bored, wanting to be anonymous/not daring to be different, indecisiveness, needing an element of danger/outrageousness/disaster/loss in order to find a love relationship interesting, needing to receive love and be adored forever, infidelity, and a fear of being rejected emotionally.

  • Thank you Captain!

    Everything that you said is correct, I really need to work on all of the above. Thanks again for your insight!

  • What about his,D# D.O.B 6/05/65

  • Scully21's friend

    His superpowers are passion, innovation, mental agility, unusual or unique way of thinking and communicating, originality, individuality, a romantic nature, an inclination towards philosophy or religion, intuition, multi-talented capability, emotional sensitivity, and a desire for variety and adventure.

    His Kryptonite is a need to be accepted, insecurity, inarticulation/problem being understood, aggressiveness, uncooperativeness, defensiveness/taking things too personally, fear of rejection, idealizing others then being disappointed when they turn out to be not as expected, getting involved with someone too quickly or dumping someone who bores you, loving to get married but not be married, a need to be in control, and fickleness.

  • Good Morning Captin

    My DOB is 1/5/55

    Hubby DOB is 1/4/53

  • VLGintx

    Your superpowers are empathy, financial astuteness, caring, psychic ability, sensitivity, sweetness, astute perception of own and others' motivations, philosophical perspective, managerial ability, entrepreneurship, high standards, idealism, strong drive for success, and a hard work ethic.

    Your Kryptonite is a fear of being thought stupid or foolish/need for recognition, a need to be mothered or kept safe/dependence, an overly structured life, a weak sense of individual identity or sense of self (adapting chameleonlike to others), unassertiveness, hiding your talents under a bushel, desire to please/fear of rejection, and over self-protection.

    Your husband's superpowers are a pronounced interest in the metaphysical/spiritual/philosophical aspects of life, courage, hardiness, realism/practicality, tremendous powers of concentration, ability to promote harmony, objectivity, innovation, creativity, passion and enthusiasm.

    Your husband's Kryptonite is naiveté, a need for the approval of others, worry/self-imposed negativity, over-responsiblity, lack of objective self-assessment, low self-esteem, retreating or retiring too much from life, feeling undeserving of happiness/ease/fulfillment, insecurity, guilt, misplaced loyalty, a need for suffering/masochism, an overly long-suffering nature, fixedness, and a tendency to hold onto outworn habits/people/things/hurts.

  • Hi Captain

    My Birth date is 10/9/68.Thank you from Australia.

  • Gino26, hello back from Australia (me)

    Your superpowers are constancy, stability, humour and even zaniness, leadership and administrative ability, innovation, a pioneering spirit, strong creative and expressive potential, sensitivity, multifaceted energies, maintaining harmony, groundedness, and good analytical/observational ability.

    Your Kryptonite is being overly critical of self and others/imposing overly exacting morals and standards on others, frivolous spending habits, lack of self-trust and self-knowledge, having high expectations in relationships that only mask your fear of being unable to sustain them, too much work/not enough play, sublimating your own identity in favour of supporting others, and inflexibility.

  • Hello back from Australia Captain.

    Thank you for your insight. You are very spot on,on my superpowers. Thats me. For my kryptonite I have controlled most of them and understood them. The only things i could not by pass still is the lack of self trust and sublimating my own identity in favour of supporting others and working tooo much. How could i over come them?

  • Gino26, you have to recognise when you are slipping into these bad habits (maybe certain situations or people trigger them?) and make a conscious effort to reverse them by deliberately relaxing and not giving to others or trying to please too much, so that there is something left for you. Self trust will come when you rely more on your own strengths and abilities, and not that of others to get you through.

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