What's your superpower?

  • AngelBoots

    Your superpowers are grace under fire, steadfastness, magnetism, fairness, generosity, good taste, passion, good money sense, sensuality, understanding, presence, creativity, leadership ability, integrity, and powerful energy..

    Your Kryptonite is the need to hide, depression, worry, inflexibility, a need for harmony at any cost, emotionalism, a need for more awareness of your own needs and less conviction that you know what's right for everyone else, unwillingness to share oneself, seeking self-worth through others, and a lack of identity.

    Now go and fight negativity!

  • Thanks Captain its good to get the info in print to be able to focus energies in the right places thanks so much

    loving light

  • My Birthdate is February 23, 1997.

    Thanks, Captain!

  • Amused59

    Your superpowers are a goal-orientation and ability to implement your visions, courage, idealism, high sensitivity, devotion to career, independence, leadership ability, understanding, practical creativity, and intelligence.

    Your Kryptonite is selfishness, emotionalism, critical attitudes, difficulties with connection and socialization, suppression of your caring side, insecurity/self-doubt, fear of rejection, over self-protection or self-reliance, impatience, and a fear of bankruptcy/depending on welfare.

    Now go and do good!

  • Occasionally I do get a taste of parts of my Kryptonite... But I think most of the time my SUPER POWERS help me to "get over" it some way or another!

    Off to do good!



  • ReeseyReese

    Your superpowers are passion, sensitivity, commitment, compassion, philosophical thinking, artistic and religious and cultural leanings, devotion, desire for service to larger causes - a need to improve the world and oneself, intelligence, healing energy, and efficiency/attention to detail.

    Your Kryptonite is superficiality, chaotic energy, deviousness, material ungroundedness/impracticality, overidealism, thin-skin, a tendency to avoid confrontations, a fear of becoming dependent (especially financially), victim consciousness, overly critical attiudes, and perfectionism.

    Now go and save other people!

  • Captain

    Thanks again for your input. I agree with your findings except selfishness. I have never put myself first or desired to be the center of attention. Emotionalism, maybe but in my thoughts, rarely shown. Critical attitudes got that beat now. Does suppression of my caring side mean I don't easily reveal my feelings of love or as in compassion for others?

  • Yes Amused, and selfishness can manifest as too much self-interest or absorption in your problems.

  • It's also selfish not to share yourself honestly and wholely with others.

  • Thanks...I see more clearly & will work on these points....even the ones which make me feel vulnerable

  • Thanks, Captain!

  • Oooh!

    March 6 1987

  • Tooralooryeaye

    Your superpowers are a magnetic personality, a success-orientation, compassion, sensitivity, leadership qualities, a pioneering spirit, innovation, independence, initiative, diplomacy, fairness, strength, expressiveness, creativity, and resilience.

    Your Kryptonite is a need to fill others' expectations, complacency, irritability, self-centredness, unrealism/self-delusion, isolation, disappointment/disillusionment, lack of self-esteem/self-doubt, a preoccupation with justice, fear of being undesirable and a financial failure, a fear of being used and unappreciated, mistrust of self and others, compulsive/impulsive spending habits, and impatience.

    Now go and do good!

  • The Captain,

    Thank you so much truly I am forgive me for being so stubborn and over expressive turn to be a bad person sometimes.I really need to think and settle down before I speak to prevent disappointment and frustration.Your words hurt me and the truth hurts.LOL...I am so ungrateful person so selfish.I wish people on the past and present will forgive me.I now start to do things that I left to finish for the past few months my life is upside down and I am getting worst so rebellious and true hate myself and always gratify myself.Myself worthness is going down is not to late to get change and spread all the good in this world.My deep appreciation for touching my heart.BIG BIG HUGS AND KISSES LOVE YOU MORE AND ALL THE BEST OF EVERYTHING.

  • Hi Captain,

    Would you be so kind as to tell what are our greatest strengths and challenges please?

    Mine: Nov 8, 1963

    Him: July 8, 1954

    Thank you so kindly, in advance 🙂

  • TheTransformed

    Your superpowers are resourcefulness, determination, originality, strength, stamina, nurturing and supportive ability, sensitivity, negotiating and bargaining ability, creative inspiration/inventiveness, a powerhouse of energy, networking ability, and leadership.

    Your Kryptonite is anxiety, obsessiveness, depression, a need for material security, escaping through addictions or repetitive behaviour, repressing creative expression, emotionalism, a need for control, insecurity, a need to be validated and honoured by those who have mistreated you, and a fear of being taken advantage of then dumped.

    His superpowers are free-thinking, financial astuteness, determination, psychological insight,

    management ability/entrepreneurship, empathy, an incisive mind, sensitivity, expressiveness, creativity, strong physical health (unless stressed), and good structural sense.

    His Kryptonite is dependence, a fear of rejection or humiliation (not daring to be different), an attraction to the darker side of life, hubris, anxiety, a tyrannical attitude, conventionalism, over-fantasising, over self-protection, a fear of being controlled by someone who is not sensitive to his needs, and a lack of trust (both for himself and for others).

    Now go and fight evil!

  • Hello again, Captain. ^-^

    I suppose if I knew more of my superpowers I would exploit the knowledge by using them to the best of my ability, as I only seem to know so much of my capabilities so far.

    My birth date is March 21st, 1991. ^-^

  • Thank you Captain! You are so on point, as usual. Thanks again!

    Love and light belong to you!


  • OCain

    Your superpowers are diligence, persistence, persuasiveness, practicality, leadership and managerial ability, sensitivity, empathy, craftsmanship, idealism, intelligence, high standards, a drive for recognition and success, vision, integrity, and the urge to improve yourself.

    Your Kryptonite is workaholism, insecurity, isolation, tactlessness/bluntness, dependence, a fear of abandonment, self-sabotage, competing and comparing yourself unfavourably with others/undervaluing yourself, over-sensitivity to criticism, giving away your power or failing to assert yourself in emotional situations, feeling excessive emotion but having difficulty expressing your real feelings, and commitment issues.

    Now go and be super!

  • Hi Captain!!! You're awesome! Do I have a super power too? 4/20/1986. I'm thinking I have many 😉 but sometimes don't know how to use them properly... and I try to save the world with them too often!

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