What's your superpower?

  • Dear Captain!

    When/if u ever get the chance...

    My son, Rafi: 12/26/1976

    Boston, MA USA. 1:26 PM

    My sonshine Jesse: 12/2/1990

    Boston, MA. USA

    5:35 AM

    My daughter Anastasia: 3/4/1994

    Cambridge MA. USA

    1:35 AM

    thank you so very much, bless you!!!!

    Lisa πŸ™‚

  • Dear Captain,I would love to know how you do this ,you are good...... My husbands is 3-18-1950 Thank-You

  • Score, your Rafi's superpowers are efficiency, ambition, talent for critical thinking, charm, trustworthiness, power, creativity, persuasiveness, and practicality.

    His Kryptonite is being demanding of others and himself, being a stern taskmaster, repression of emotions leading to later explosions of temper, problems with authority, frustration, difficulty in relaxing and socialising, manipulation, and the need to control.

    Your Jesse's superpowers are innovation, brilliance, charisma, unconventionality, leadership, vision, excitement, enthusiasm, ability to influence others, and an electric energy.

    His Kryptonite is moodiness, depression, escapism, restlessness, no follow through for ideas, a lack of commitment, a scattering of energies in superficial efforts, inability to handle rejection, and aggression or other extreme behaviours.

    Your Anastasia's superpowers are empathy, sensitivity, psychic ability, nurturing ability, compassion, wisdom, endurance, reinvention, and passion.

    Her Kryptonite is avoidance of reality, retreat or isolation, overly self-protective, a lack of confidence, a lack of focus, flightiness, and a lack of commitment.

  • Jocagney, it's simple astrology and numerology.

    Your husband's superpowers are idealism, creativity, discipline, sensitivity, enthusiasm, charm, frankness, and a desire for order.

    His Kryptonite is being critical of self and others, being overprone to fantasy, superiority or high-handedness, perfectionism, repressed emotion, unaware of own needs, and a difficulty relaxing.

  • WOW! Thank you so so much, dear Captain!

    You are AMAZING!!! πŸ˜‰

    soooo, how could I forget--my Walter, my husband?!

    A piece of work, lol, rotfl!!!!!

    When/if you get a chance,( I realize you must be swamped! You and dear highpriestess!!! )

    anyway, Walter will be really fun...

    His data:

    Walter Michael Galkowski

    11/13/1952 ( What IS it about those 11/13 folks?)

    Detroit, MI,USA

    3:15 AM (as close as I can get)

    well, you take care, take it easy...and have fun!

    With gratitude, admiration and Love,


  • Hey there, oh Cap-I-tain!

    Y'know, it most likely is important to give you the person's entire name given at birth...and duhhhh, with my own kids, I didn't!!!

    You're dealing in numerology...

    Tell me it's ok that I forgot! Oh well, now it's going to bother me so I'll spill it!

    The whole world can see my neurosis!!! Lol!

    Rafi Eric Hopkins

    Jesse Chapman Galkowski

    Anastasia Susan Galkowski

    phew! Fwiw!!! No big deal, forgive me---I had to!!!!


    Much Love and admiration,


  • No Score I am only basing it on the numerology of birthdates, not names.

    Walter's superpowers are realism, courage, endurance, rationalization, a desire to support others and shoulder their burdens, loyalty, great concentration and focus, intensity, and diligence.

    His Kryptonite is a need for suffering, a tendency to project your needs desires and deficiencies onto others, self-deception, self-justification, pride, inability to let go of people/memories/bad habits, anxiety, and a lack of trust and objectivity.

  • Dear Captain i know some of my strengths which are negotiations, compassion, steadfast, compromise. my bd is may 3 1966 birth hour 1:45pm, please if you can help figure out the strenghts and weakness thank you.

  • Flexibletaurus, your OTHER superpowers are curiosity, communication, charm, energy, openness to new ideas, resourcefulness, stability, determination, and a sense of justice.

    Your Kryptonite is a fear of disapproval, trying to please everyone, repression/rebellion, maintaining an unnatural personal persona, feelings of unworthiness, manipulation, and a lack of trust.

    Now go and do good!

  • Thank you again, Dear Captain!!!!

    Verrrry accurate, once again, with Walter!

    Here's to Smooth sailing!

    Lisa πŸ˜‰

  • Dear TheCaptain,

    If you are still offering to do superpower and kryptonite reads, my children would deeply appreciate knowing theirs ... they think you are WONDERFUL.

    Girl: 30th June 1990

    Boy: 27th April 1992

    Boy: 23rd February 1994

    Boy: 29th December 1995

    Many, many blessings and thanks to you ... icearia xox

  • Icearia, say hello to your children for me!

    Your girl's superpowers are sensitivity, compassion, democratic attitudes, ingenuity, a desire to help the less fortunate, responsibility, and creativity.

    Her Kryptonite is a weak sense of identity (not knowing where others leave off and she begins), worrying so much about others' feelings that she doesn't express her own, a need to be popular but also a preference for study/career rather than human contact, insecurity, anxiety, and a fear of change.

    Boy One's superpowers are nurturing, creativity, sensuality, intensity, charisma, psychic ability, and empathy.

    His Kryptonite is security issues, rigidity, depression, laziness/apathy, withdrawal and isolation, and self-pity.

    Boy Two's superpowers are spirituality, sensitivity, generosity, imagination, an orientation towards service, courage, and an ability to be a catalyst for change.

    His Kyrptonite is impracticality, escapism, naivetΓ©, not knowing what he needs, flightiness, compulsiveness, and a lack of follow-through/commitment.

    Boy Three's superpowers are ambition, leadership, concentration and focus, structure, teaching ability, intelligence, and diplomacy.

    His Kryptonite is workaholism, neglecting the need to socialise, inflexibility, intolerance, over-seriousness, inconsideration, and withholding information.

    Bam - a whole family of superheroes!!!! Fly off and do good...but don't forget your chores. πŸ™‚

  • Dear TheCaptain ....

    My children are all chorusing their thanks to you ... they squealed with appreciation that you would do this for them. Thank you ever so much .... your kindness is heartfelt over here. My husband will feel left out now ... if you like to include my love his birthday is 24th November 1960.

    As a family we are going to put these superpowers AND kryptonites on our fridge and work on them together.

    We really, really appreciate your gift.

    Angel Hugs ... all of us xox

  • Oh P.S. .... you have my children's superpowers down pat and a few kryptonites are spot on for each of them .... wonderful gift you have. Thanks again

  • Icearia, your husband's superpowers are high ideals and lofty dreams, a yearning for a better world, courage, determination, devotion, spirituality, compassion, and psychic ability.

    His Kryptonite is unrealistic goals or standards, disorganization, escapism, being ungrounded or flaky, impracticability, indecisiveness, emotional over-sensitivity, and ignoring the health of the physical body.

  • Dear TheCaptain,

    May your life be blessed to the power of infinity and long may you walk amongst shining pots of gold.

    Heartfelt thanks ... icearia xox

  • Hi Capitain πŸ˜ƒ This is my first time in the tarot forum and SUPERPOWER caught my eye. I am soo interested to hear what you have to say!

    My Birthday is November 23, 1979

    My love Rockys is June 4, 1987 (yes I am 7 years older than my boyfriend..LOL)

    May the Power be with you


    ThAnKs πŸ˜‰

  • Brasilia, your superpowers are sensitivity, a desire to understand yourself, a desire to make the world a better place, passion, an attraction to spiritual exploration, inspiration, compassion, and good observational skills.

    Your Kryptonite is a lack of forgiveness, suspicion, emotional volatility, a lack of faith in and acceptance of yourself, and being overly self-protective and defensive.

    Rocky's superpowers are expressiveness, verbal skills, intelligence, charm, honesty, efficiency, responsibility, maturity, and dynamism.

    His Kryptonite is a need to order your world, not feeling safe to be yourself, forming relationships with people who you want to change or reform, defensiveness, wanting to win arguments at all cost, overly critical, poor self-image, and a fear of appearing foolish or unsophistcated.

  • Wow! I am truly impressed. No substance abuse here, although I deal with other's abuse daily. I do hold in all my pain, and try to save them! Am I doing good, or should I live my own life and try to be happy? That is the question! I am a workaholic, love that feeling of accomplishment. However, I am not happy in my current situation. Everything you mentioned is TRUE! It's funny how we need to hear it from others to confirm what we already know inside! Are you saving us from ourselves? LOL Thank you for the insight! You are a gifed hero!

  • I like this thread...Minez 26thDec1981

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