What's your superpower?

  • LOL...thank you, (again) Captain! 🙂

  • wow captain! that is so to a "T"....except the amassing wealth, unless that can be wealth of information, or wealth of unpaid bills....or wealth of gray hairs and wrinkles....lol

    thanks really. it is helpful to see positive and negatives listed to get focused. you rock!

  • wow this is amazing.can i join and know mine.

    my date is 12/08/89.thanks

  • Ok Captain...I am ready to see if I have Superpowers! My birthday is Sept. 17, 1960.

  • Dear Captain, this is my info, 8/26/66, San Bernardino, CA, 8:51AM

  • Captain, thank you for the replay to what my superpowers are.

    I agree with most of what you have stated. As for some of the others, I will have to think about them as I have not had them expressed to me before.

    As for my son, there are a lot I agree with. There are a few new words I will have to define first.

    Again thank you and may you be blessed beyond measure.

  • Loveo, are you 12th August or 8th December?

  • Edam, your superpowers are a talent for observation, quest for solutions, sensitivity, romanticism, practicality, thoughtfulness, creativity and imagination, discerning taste and appreciation of beauty.

    Your Kryptonite is repressing feelings and avoiding confrontation, being impressionable, suspicious or judgmental attitudes, being overly self-sacrificing and long-suffering, pessimism, loneliness/solitariness, and possible workaholism or substance abuse.

    Now go and do good!

  • Hello Captain!

    I feel a lot of energy - all the time - could you read for me please?

    September 1, 1989 (2:32pm PST)

    Thank you for your consideration!

    Love & Blessings


  • Terilyn11, your superpowers are understanding of what makes others tick, an inclination towards service, spontaneity, charm, goodness, resourcefulness, and determination.

    Your Kryptonite is too much ritual or routine, too much self-sacrifice and not enough self-care, tendency toward disorder and chaos, a mistrust/fear of life and of being yourself, and a belief in your own unworthiness.

    Now go and fight evil!

  • DJKAMEO, your superpowers are an orientation for service to mankind, awareness of others' needs, devotion, heroism, warmheartedness, inventiveness, self-assurance, and a commanding personality.

    Your Kryptonite is a fear of the cost of giving, fear of others' emotional demands, undercontributing in relationships, tendency to divide the world into absolutes, a need to be infallible, and being judgmental.

    Now go and do good!

  • captain, its December 8, 1989. thank you.

  • TheCaptain,

    I must say... When someone is good - they're typically great!

    The true definition of "hitting the nail on the head"...

    Thank You!

  • Loveo, your superpowers are sensitivity, sociability, unique philosophical perspective, tact, diplomacy, spiritual awareness, energy, flexibility, and intuition.

    Your Kryptonite is a fear of rejection, defensiveness, touchiness, frustration, self-criticism, self-consciousness, feeling out-of-place, lack of confidence, and depression.

    Now go and fight evil!

  • TheCaptain,

    my date is 10/27/50 9:16 pm thank you

  • Jocagney, your superpowers are talent (maybe even brilliance), good organisation, intensity, helpfulness, practicality, spirituality, realism, and philosophical fervour.

    Your Kryptonite is fear and negativity, self-imposed limitations, argumentativeness, intolerance, tendency to be judgmental, a need to control, and stubbornness.

    Now go and do good!

  • Hi Captain,

    my d.o.b. is 5/31/1987, 5:40 a.m.

    Thank you 🙂

  • wow that is very nice of you captain, my DOB is Dec, 11th, 1987, 5:16 p.m.

    thanks ahead of time

  • Hey Captain,

    I have loved he info you have provided for me on the other aspects of compatibility and meeting the ideal person. Would love for you to let me know my superpower.

    Love and light

    Tal x

  • JustineCleo, your superpowers are a love of freedom, wit, social conscience, sense of justice, versatility, diversification, charm, frankness, and dynamism.

    Your Kryptonite is criticism and fault-finding, not slowing down long enough to examine your deeper motivations and compulsions, neglecting your fun side and relaxation, dislike of mundane details and routines, and rebelliousness or fanaticism.

    Now go and spin webs and climb walls!

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