What's your superpower?

  • Ok, I'm good with the Wonder Woman bustier but not so much with the tights...

    I'm July 25, 1970 @ 4:37 am, outside of Chicago, IL

    My Kryptonite's bday is May 30, 1968, time unknown, also Chicago

  • MystoBlueStars, your superpowers are leadership, original vision, creativity, drive and determination, responsibility, and healing ability.

    Your Kryptonite is insecurity, taking yourself too seriously, an inflated ego, allowing your sense of worth to be determined by what others think of you, and extravagance.

    Now go and do good!

  • Bornbeautiful your superpowers are compassion, wanting to be of service, vision, inner strength, easy sociability, vitality, artistic ability, and idealism.

    Your Kryptonite is unrealistically high standards, not focused on or unclear of goals, dependence on others' opinions, low self-esteem, escapism through drugs, sex or fantasy, family issues, and impatience.

    Now go and do good!

  • Captain what timing, thank you very much for doing this!


    Love & Light

  • Annamg, your superpowers are creativity, sensitivity, strength, refined intuition, healing ability, dependability, pragmatism, and high energy.

    Your Kryptonite is a need for safety and self-protection, emotional blockages or repression, inflexibility, intolerance, a fear of what you can't control, and negative beliefs about money.

    Aren't you eligible for retirement, Annamg?

  • Hello Captain,

    My DOB is 03/08/49. Do I have a superpower? 🙂

  • Hi Captain,

    I would be very interested to see what you could find out for me.

    My birhtdate is 05/17/1967 do not know the time.

    Thank you very much 🙂



  • Stclaire's friend's superpowers are passion, a belief in higher truth, leadership, courage, sensitivity, creativity, and wisdom.

    His Kryptonite is deeply rooted insecurity, aggression, competitiveness, a volatile temper, lack of self-trust, selfishness, and an expectation of betrayal.

    Tell him to go and do good!

  • Dear The Captain,

    Could you give me some insight on me. My birth date is July 6, 1957.



  • How nice of you!

    December 24, 1959 23:45

    Thank you.

  • Sunshine7959 (I hope that is 1950 you were born in, and not 1050 - otherwise your superpower is immortality 😉 ), your superpowers are an attraction for the unusual or unconventional, creative and expressive energy, sensitivity, strong ambition, strength, and physical ruggedness.

    Your Kryptonite is suppressing your most creative or innovative ideas, being content with fantasies, clinging to tired old beliefs, self-doubt, a difficult past, and a lack of commitment.

    Your friend's superpowers are intelligence, idealism, artistic ability, high ideals, acute sensitivity, individuality, and prophetic ability.

    His Kryptonite is difficulty with socialising and connection with others, difficulty expressing feelings, pettiness, criticism, selfcentredness, and perfectionism.

    Now both of you, go and do good!

  • Elvissykes, your superpowers are a way with words, a love of travel adventure and variety, keen observation and understanding of others, diligence, curiosity, and motivational ability.

    Your Kryptonite is a lack of trust, self-deception, adapting your personality to suit other people and playing a role, secretiveness, over-confidence or superiority, and a non-sharing tendency.

    Did we have the same idea about your superpowers?

  • Sammysocutehuh91, your superpowers are strong powers of persuasion, financial astuteness, determination, intelligence, versatility, ambition, and curiosity.

    Your Kryptonite is manipulation, cynicism, game playing, problems with communicating, a need to feel safe with people and situations, fear of disapproval and rejection, and self-sabotage.

    Now go and do good!

  • Cyw39, your friend's superpowers are intelligence, love of debate and discussion, democracy, ingenuity, giving his all, and a love of adventure.

    His Kryptonite is insecurity, intellectual snobbery, a need for teacher-student type relationships (where he is the teacher), know-it-all attitude, role-playing, and a liking of drama.

    Tell him to go and do good!

  • Hello Captain,

    My date of birth is September 25, 1965.

    Thank you.

  • Thank you , I will tell my friend to go and do good. I love the post of the super heroes, I must get my cape and get going.:) this is great.

  • Gjay, your superpowers are spiritual wisdom, integrity, charisma, loyalty, devotion, teaching ability, and a compassion for mankind.

    Your Kryptonite is issues of mistrust and betrayal, guardedness, trusting mind over heart, seeking guidance outside yourself, need for privacy, overtalking, and lack of identity.

    Now go and do good!

  • Thisscorpion, your superpowers are great powers of concentration, fine sense of detail, good sense of humour, responsibility, creativity, easy sociability, and investigative talents.

    Your Kryptonite is an overly emotional outlook, an attachment to idle hopes and dreams, over-sensitive to criticism, impracticality, impatience, and a need for material security.

    Now go and do good!

  • Hi, Captain,

    I would love your input. DOB Oct 15, 1993. Tlalnepantla, Mexico

    Have an amazing year!

  • Phoenixlyhenry, you seem to have a very positive outlook on life so I guess that's one of your superpowers. You also have a Master Number 22 lifepath. Your other superpowers are playfulness, revelationary ability, courage, inspiring vision, idealism, intuition, and ambition.

    Your Kryptonite is an attraction to chaos, tendency to be unrealistic, gunshy of relationships, tendency to nurse old hurts and wounds, moodiness, and aloofness.

    I think you are already doing good.

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