Gemini woman Capricorn man. Help please?

  • My fiancée and I have been together for about 9 months now and we are expecting out first child. We seem to be so completely in love with eachother but I'm just wondering if things really are capable to turn to the worst. So far I am the only reason we really have problems because he gets so jealous if I even glance at another man... But secretly I love it!! Could any one do a chart comparability for me? I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you so much.

    Ryans birthchart

    Sun: Capricorn

    Moon: Leo

    Mercury: Capricorn

    Venus: Pisces

    Mars: Pisces

    Jupiter: Capricorn

    Saturn: Scorpio

    Uranus: Sagittarius

    Neptune: Capricorn

    Pluto: Scorpio

    Jades birthchart

    Sun: Gemini

    Moon: Taurus

    Mercury: Cancer

    Venus: Taurus

    Mars: Virgo

    Jupiter: Libra

    Saturn: Pisces

    Uranus: Capricorn

    Neptune: Capricorn

    Pluto: Scorpio

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