Didnt reply to me when i asked him out what do i do?

  • i wrote a letter to him and put my number on it and its been like 4 days now and he hasnt replyed? what does it mean does it mean he dosent like me or does mean hes still deciding? i dont understand he acted like he liked me even all of my freinds said so! please help!!!

  • Hi Pebbles, Some people wait a few days before responding. If he doesn't respond here is how I handle it. Forget it. It's like the day when you forget to set your alarm, or things keep happening to prevent you from getting somewhere. Or, you are postphoned somewhere and later find out there was a wreck on the road. Some things happen for a reason. You'll meet someone else your crazy about--trust me.

  • Hey Pebbles!!

    Have to agree with Dalia on this one, if he really was that interested in you as your friends claim he is, he would have jumped at the chance to call you.

    And bending and shaping things so you can get your wish or way usually doesn't end well.

    I would wait for a another few days and then take Dalia's advice.

    In the mean time stay open to others, you'll never know!!??


  • I think this depends on alot of things...his age and personality. If he is shy maybe he is scared to call you in fear of not knowing what to say. Also, if he is young he might be scared or nervous or he maybe is intimidated by your boldness of just giving him your number. Guys are that way sometimes. They usually are the ones giving out numbers not girls, so maybe he feels your a bit too much for him?? Good luck and I say give it a week, if nothing, move on!!!

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