The Cards Revealed

  • Everyone has had a Tarot reading that has made a strong impact. Some readings are particularly accurate or helpful, whether by helping you perceive things in a new way, predicting something that would occur, or encouraging you to action. Tell us about a reading that really worked for you.

  • Hi,

    This was an excellent reading, that took me out of the dark mentally and into clarity. I was wondering what or how to deal with my financial crisis:

    These are the cards I pulled:

    challenges/opportunities: nine of coins

    allies: death

    self: three of wands

    situation: king of swords

    advice: two of wands

    U used the dragon deck and the financial bottom line 5 card spread. I think it basically told me that if I wanted it then I have nothing holding me back, I can try for abundance and prosperity with no obstacles 🙂 that's all i can recall....

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