• I am somewhat new to astrology. Except for reading my daily horoscope:) What do the houses represent? How many are there?

  • Hi Karen! There are 12 houses. I'll list my understanding of them (briefly!) in order:

    1. represents physical body, self, and early environment

    2. money, possessions, and earning ability

    3. siblings, short journeys, and communication

    4. home, end of life

    5. children, pleasures, social life

    6. health, work, service

    7. partnerships, public relations, open enemies

    8. death, regeneration

    9. philosophy, religion, long trips, law, higher education

    10. profession, status

    11. friends, hopes, wishes

    12. limitations, secret enemies, self-undoing

    Basically, astrology is defined by the Earth's (yearly) revolution around the sun, and by its daily rotation on its axis (your normal 24-hour day.)

    Your "Sun signs" are the 12 signs you're already familiar with -- and they correlate with the Earth's yearly revolution around the sun, roughly one sign per month.

    The houses are defined by the Earth's rotation on its axis: so your 24-hour day is going to be divided up, 2 hours per house, giving you 12 houses. Each house kind of explains different traits about you, your characteristics, or the characteristics of your life.

    Your birth chart or natal chart is going to be a snapshot of what was happening when you were born, including where the Sun was in its rotation/revolution and where all the other planets/asteroids/etc were in relation.

    The tricky part is deciphering what it all means! 😉 Welcome to the forum!

  • Oh shoot! I meant to say where the EARTH is in its rotation/revolution, not the Sun! Sorry!

    I was expecting the computer to spit me out but it didn't so I'll talk a little more.

    I forgot to mention, the houses correlate with the 12 signs, and I'll try to explain this next.

    To represent where everything was when you were born the chart is illustrated as a circle separated into 12 pieces like a pie. Midnight is at the very bottom of the circle, and then time progresses in a clockwise fashion, every two hours, around the circle (so you end up with 12 noon at the very top of the circle, 12 hours later.)

    Your ASCENDANT or "rising" sign is very important, and it's going to be located at the very left of the chart, at "sunrise" or along the Eastern horizon, physically, or I guess spatially. It's at the first house, and it's going to represent your self-expression (plus the other things listed above.) Then, you will have other signs at your other houses.

    Next, your birth chart will show where all the planets were.

    So you will have relationships between the signs, the houses, and the planets to take into consideration!

    And this is about all the information my little pea-brain can hold, so now hopefully somebody with some real knowledge can take over! 😉

  • Thank you so much. It helped a lot on the subject.

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