What are the chances??

  • My cancer and I are apart 5-6 months now, hes been dating somone else. we had a commiunication srecently hes sayas he thinks about me even when hes with her... but if he comes back wont he do the same when we're together, how can i have that not happen.???? should I forget it, ?? HELP !@ I want my cancer baby back!

  • Hi . I know how you feel .I've been apart from my cancer guy for 3 months now . I miss him terribly . but he is with a girl who his parents have arranged for him . he comes from India . I am gutted as I still love him very much . Please pop over to my thread " Have i lost my cancer b/f for good " there I have had a lot of support and very good advice . Join me on there ,I know the the great people will advise you too , we also have a laugh as well . Looking at you two Cancers and Scorpios are compatible . Do you know what his new g/f star sign is ? ((( HUGS )))

  • yea, shes cups, gemini cancer.... uugghhh.... Idk how to get onto your thread?? I need help for sure... i didi read your story... soryy for you.... hugs 🙂 dont know what to do , to make a move or not????? be bold or wait cuz we did talk but he said not inhis immediate motives>>>>

  • Hi again .Go to Forum Main Its under Love & Relationships . See you there soon .

  • This post is deleted!

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