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    Hello, and this is my first time posting. March 4th,1970 here . Reading ahead there was a mention about things being a bit strange? Well let me tell you: I went from being in what I thought was a pretty okay relationship for 22 years (off and on) with a Taurus male; to now realizing that I've been controlled, emotionally abused, and held back (all over the span of two months!) . We have a 20 year old Capricorn daughter that is all like ' hey mom, now that your finally awake, can we go now?!" . I am so confused, being a sponge is horrible. Not only do I feel and sense her anger and my family's, but I also feel guilty like I'm supposed to fix everything...all the while everything in me is screaming...RUN! On top of all this, I am planning on going to New Orleans, (a place I have never been) because I see an apartment with green walls, wood floors and a long hallway that my daughter, cat, and I are supposed to be.... without him. My heart changing, new goals and fears, and old relatives I've never met come to me in like a daydream warning me to go (I've described them to my grandma... they have been confirmed). What does this mean? HELP!

  • BohemianMother: Sounds like you know the answer. I would think that if even your child is telling you to leave, it means go. I understand how scary it is to realize that what you consider an okay relationship is actually not okay but emotionally abusive; I went through it myself this past summer in a very short time (around two months here too). As for wanting to fix everything, there is nothing to fix but yourself. Leave everything else up to the universe. I would say that with all the changes you are going through, the universe and your own intuition is giving you the go ahead to start a new chapter in your life. I wish you the best of luck!

  • Thank you! smiles 😄

  • Bohemian Mother I feel for you. I am also a fish with Leo which helps me but our birthdays are exactly 1 day apart. I do feel people often take advatage of me but that is ok I am not them nor am I going to act like them. I try to be true to myself. If you go to New Orleans you will love it!! I have been with my sag. sister and we had a blast it is my favorite city. Be careful and protect yourself there. It is a very old city lots of spirits and so forth. Lots of fun though. My boyfriend of 12 yrs is a Taurus! My daughter is a Sag. I dont know about bulls we get along ok but you need to put your foot down with them they can be lazy and very dominate. You will be ok go to New Orleans you will love it I bet it changes your life. In a good way good luck!!!

  • Hiya,

    I was in a relationship with a Taurean Lady for 14 years. The last 6 of it was her changing the whole relationship to what she wanted it to be and not what we wanted. She travelled a lot for work so did not want o go out when home, did not want to go to restraunts, Life (existence) ended up doing what she wanted as it was easier to go with the flow. I took a Birth, Death and Marriage in my family and friend circle for me to wake up and see that nothing was happening in my life and I needed to take control.

    I shut the door on my old relationship, my old friends found me on facebook, and my family, who I did not have a good relationship due to my partner, have accepted me back in the fold.

    I also am now engaged to be married to a lovely Sagittarian lady whom I have loved since we were teenagers. (I am 19/03/71). I made one decision and changed my life for the better.

    Taureans are too staid although we had a lovely home at the expense of a fully functioning relationship.

  • PiscesPiggy:

    Wow it sounds like my life. So maybe I have made the right decision to go. I second guess alot due to my hopeful nature. You know maybe they will say or do the right thing to make it better. It has been 12 yrs with my Taurus and I feel taking advantage of and the joke of the house. I just sit around waiting to be with him and he has his own life going on.

  • Thank you for posting this; being the way we are, of course the guilt was trying to creep in. Reading everyone's comments just confirms even more that I must keep "swimming" forward.

  • BomehianMother - my rising sign is Pisces and I think the spiritual nature of what you are going through, plus all the practical signs (your daughter, etc.) - everything is pointing to your spirit knowing deep down it is in danger and it is asking you to take it to safety.

    The psychic, "sensitive" parts of you, the subconscious, are speaking strongly, and probably have opened you up so much that family connections are even reaching out to confirm the message (relatives you've never met).

    The message is scary and hard to act on and comes with risks. But the worse risk is staying, and you could be damaged irreparably, and you have a daughter who could also be harmed, who may have also, to some extent, been harmed by this relationship (even if her relationship with her father is fine, she's seen what he's doing to you and it isn't good for her or your relationship with her).

    New Orleans is a beautiful, complex, and perfect place for an artist. It feeds the artist's soul. Whether you are melancholy or gypsy like, and I gather from your Bohemian name, "artsy" you will flourish, you will find laughter and warmth and new friends and create new family, and you will find a stable, fresh place to start in a regenerative, restoring, spiritual place that has real history, great culture, and a deep, powerful root in "the things unseen" (whether psychic, magical, spiritual, whatever).

    The perfect place for a Pisces to replant and regrow, stronger and better than ever. Make it happen!

  • Thank you 🙂

  • BohemianMother,

    It is funny, it took me 6 weeks to wake up and see the reality and it took you two months. I think the trouble with pisces is we live with rose coloured spectacles all of the time and if something so great removes them we do see reality for what it actually is and just deal with it.

    Our problem is just removing the specs but once we have everyone should look out as life will never be the same.

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