About missing pets

  • I am sarita mohanty from India. I have kept so many cats as pets. I love them all. Since 6th january I am not finding one of my cats whose name is kalu, who is a black cat with some white portions on its face, belly and leg. He is a male cat. Will Kalu return to me. Before this he had been absent from home twice. Since 13th morning I am not finding another cat of mine, who is gray in color and a male cat. I am attaching both the cats photos with this. I am sending 3 photos of kalu and two photos of another cat who is with another cat in the photo, but I have marked yellow on this cats head in both the photos. Pleas help me.

  • Hi Leetaa, I'm sorry about your cats. I'd be very upset too if my guys went missing. Your photos did not show up here. You may want to consider a pet psychic. I know of a very good one who charges reasonable prices if you would like her name. Hope you find your babies.

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