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  • Hi again bluewatermamma!

    I am regaining my health but slower than I'd like - patience is NOT one of my virtues! If you don't mind, I do have a question for you? I am training in hypnotherapy, to include spirit releasement and past life regression. I had already heard horror stories about Ouija boards and can clearly see how they can be dangerous, inviting negative entities to participate. However, many seem to feel that Tarot cards can do the same thing. I've always prayed over my cards and requested only messages from God, and truly believed that was a good way to communicate with God (or whatever name you choose to call the Great Spirit). What are you feelings about this subject? I MISS my Tarot cards! Unfortunately, I already have a nasty, negative earthbound entity attached to me from a past life who has done a very good job of destroying my self-confidence about the profession I want to follow. I would want to do nothing to encourage him or increase his strength at this time. I am lucky to know an extremely gifted, talented young man who can see earthbound spirits and we will be working together to convince the "jerk" to go into the light!

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  • Chironlady,

    I have alot to tell you but I'd rather tell you in a one to one email. pls send me an email at

  • Jlina,

    Ha, you have a dilemma 😉 I am very similar in that I am a Cap with a Scorpio Ascendant. Hmph. I am giving this some thought. First can you tell me why he doesn't think you should work? or doesn't want you to? and then if you will tell me why you want to work.

    until then 😉


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  • Hi bluewatermamma!

    I apologize for not responding earlier. Two people very dear to me crossed over in the last 4 weeks and my life has been so crazy that even I don't recognize it! Your message did not contain the contact information - I guess that is not permitted or something? I don't know exactly how to provide you with the information for us to email directly. I have an email account at rocketmail under hypnolady so maybe this will come through on the posting. Blessed be.

  • It's been a long time since you posted "I have alot to tell you but I'd rather tell you in a one to one email. pls send me an email at "

    Are you okay?

  • I hope all is well with you? My life has been so strange lately that I can hardly believe the odd things that are happening. At the age of 57, my rose-colored glass have been removed and I am seeing some people in an entirely new, NEGATIVE and unexpected light. I feel big changes on the horizon and just pray I can be strong enough to face them squarely and stay on the path I am meant to follow.

  • chironlady1953, if you can read the thread "MERCURY AND RETOGRATE"

    There is some interesting information as to why there is a lot of confusion for the next few weeks.



  • I can help. I can give great advice. I am a virgo. I am not psychic either but I am medium-istic (take that for what it is) Bluewatermomma- do you happen to know the words to Underdog? Maybe I am just strange, cause I do. I can give lots of advice cause I have experience in almost everything. I sometimes can sense the situation so give me a chance too. Everybody needs a little help sometimes

  • Thank you for your kind words! I know that Mercury is in retrograde and I am sure that makes the situation worse but it existed prior to this. Right now, I have two "addicts" living with me and my husband. One is my cousin and the second is her birth daughter (age 25) whom I adopted and raised. Neither one has anywhere else to live and I can't bring myself to throw them out. The mother has been stoned off and on since the end of February on pain pills and Kololopin, which was given to her following a minor heart problem at that time. She ALWAYS is in pain for some reason. "My" daughter is a stage 4 alcoholic and will do anything to obtain alcohol. She seems to do okay for a couple of days, then as soon as she is trusted with even $5 for a pack of cigarettes, she buys alcohol. In the last week, she has also started using marijuana and Xanax, when she can get them. When she is drunk/high, she is completely unbearable...crying, demanding attention, then cursing, threatening suicide...and if we are lucky, she passes out. We live in a small town and there truly aren't any free inpatient hospitals for someone with her problems. I even contacted the TV show Intervention!

    To complicate matters, my husband is suffering from PTSD following an attack by one of his students in December, has intermittent panic attacks and has become helpless, although I sometimes wonder how much is real and how much is fake. He is also being evaluated for Parkinson's disease. He still gets up at 4 am every morning to go to his teaching job, though.

    Further, I am the only person available to care for my father, who will be 81 tomorrow. He doesn't leave home so I do all of his shopping, pick up his medications, etc. I do some of his cleaning and help him with laundry when he needs it. I feel honored to be able to do this for the man who helped me through many rough times in my life.

    So, there is no "me" time left after I do my at-home transcription work. I also start back to work for 8 weeks starting next week for the U.S. Census. I am also studying hypnotherapy and shamanism so that I can eventually do what I want to do with my life.

    I am being drained psychically and emotionally and try to protect myself, but I am just so very, very tired. I am 57 years old and beginning to feel much, much older.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that two of my biggest supporters and favorite people, my mother's sister and her brother, passed away within 3 weeks of each other about 2 months ago. They were two of a very small number of people who loved me unconditionally.

    I am NOT asking for sympathy or pity; just strength and some skills to get through this rough patch. Thank you dear friends.

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