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  • LaCaridura, DarknessAngel really really has it together she helps soo many on this forum those direct queries and also indirect( those of us who read her loving gentle supper to sooany others!!!

    Please forgive me I overstepped here just to clarify she really has it together!!!! : )

  • typos ugh! Meant loving gentle support!

    not supper or sooany


  • Thank you, Goldenhill, that was really sweet of you to speak up, and I deeply appreciate it. Love and Light to you! 🙂

  • It's me again bluewatermama,

    I've been looking over some of the posts in the "psychic" forums for the first time. Funny, isn't it, how we all KNOW what is right and the correct path to follow, but are afraid to trust our intuition? Or afraid of the unknown? I've made so many missteps in life that, at the age of 57, I am frozen with indecision for fear of making worse mistakes. But it's all good, isn't it? Even the mistakes are necessary to learn. My biggest problem, truly, is taking care of people who need to learn to take care of themselves, and I am totally drained from it right now. Blessed be.

  • Chironlady1953 helping others is a very natural way to feel like we are doing something in life. It feels good. Sometimes, once in a blue moon, someone actually benefits from our help but most of the time we are wasting our energy. Try to wait for the ones that come out of nowhere and REALLY need only the kind of help you can give. The totally random ones that drop right into your lap.

  • Jaqueline2008 there is a HUGE demand for nurses in every state right now. See how long classes would take and how much money you'd need. You need options and money and that is a good way to get both.

  • minnie pearl you need to literally fantasize about how you want your life to be and what kind of man you want in it. THEN you make a list on paper of what you need to do to make all that happen. THEN you do it. I've been in your identical situation (8 years ago)

  • Chironlady,

    Just saw this second post. You are a Capricorn for the love of God. Get your head out of your butt and do what you gotta do. Caps are the BEST at starting over, several times if need be. We are the goat who eat trash all the way up the mountain. (we prefer chocolate, red wine and good food but will eat trash if we have to. Do something Chironlady!!!

  • Lindy1941, hmph. I will tell you that I do have a good feeling about your situation but I am not really psychic. I do get "flashes" of insight but only like once or twice a year. Any developments since you wrote me last?

  • Hi bluewatermamma, see my question on page 1. Any advise pls?

  • Go Darkness Angel and Sacogirl, go forth and write those books. I will buy them! In fact I've been thinking about writing a book. Thinking lots..................... and never coming to much!! Good luck both. You rock!! You too bluewtermamma!

    happy smiles to you


  • Hi Fanofkmm

    Fantastic advice, spoken from the heart and experience. Loved it!

    may lovely people surround you


  • Darkness Angel is a good soul who has helped lots of people on this site. By the way I've always lived by the Nike advert "Just do it'. Love that caption.


  • Fanofkmm,

    So sorry I originally missed your post. You wrote:

    I am also Capricorn. I am so weighted down by anger, not being able to forgive and even non-acceptance that it is hampering my ability to flourish. Mostly these things are directed at me - but also at someone whom has passed and also my husband.

    Looking for practical advise on how to deal with these things. I feel if these things are not dealt with NOW after so long then I cannot grow and become the person I need to be.

    My advice:

    OK. Here's what I'm thinking...There is a side path to take regarding forgiveness that not too many people talk about. It means you say to yourself "I am not angry at this person but I do not understand how they could've treated me this way. It had nothing to do with me and everything to do with them. I will not allow this person to be in my life in such a way that they can hurt me anymore." Sometimes this means totally cutting them off. Sometimes this means keeping them at a good distance, forever. It's up to you. You make the rules.

  • fanofkkm,

    one more thing. you said you are mad at yourself. this is something I don't naturally experience myself so tell me why you are mad at yourself, then I can help...

  • dear bluewatermamma

    give advice about the future of my youngest child . . . . . please!



  • Lucky Mermaid,

    I'm not a psychic and my tarot cards are on hold for now. Just giving Capricornian advice. What's the problem?

  • Thanks Bluewatermamma,

    Good advice, unfortunately my husband is still very much part of my life - that's the problem I will not let him get too close because of history - keeping him at distance. Don't worry, it will work itself out - it always does 🙂 Besides it starting to sound more like his problem than mine. As a result of his actions I have had to adapt in order to survive.

    Anger at myself - firstly let me say that I am not a jealous person but that I am possesive. To me the differentiation is with jealousy you covet what someone else has, possesiveness is when you thinking is "whats mine is mine and dont anyone try to take it". LOL - sounds like a two year old. When someone tried to take my husband I became a different person. I became sneaky, suspicious, went through his stuff, etc. I don't like that "me" but sometimes have a hard time repressing her even now. That's when I get angry at myself, that I will allow myself to get caught in that negative downward spin. I don't lnow how to break the cycle.

  • fanofkmm,

    You are only trying to protect yourself and your marriage. If someone tried to "take" my husband I would tell my husband to take a hike if he was going to allow himself to be taken. You will do what you have to do to find out what's going on and if that means becoming an FBI member then so be it. It's just sad because then you don't really have a love relationship you have the FBI. A Cap will not usually put up with that type of thing for too long; we are too direct and no bs for all that.


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